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Question: What is the film called that B-Rabbit's mum is watching on the telly when her son comes in?


Question: Why exactly does Obi-wan go have a drink at the bar in the club, while Anakin is looking for the person that tried to kill Padmé? It seems strange that he would do that in a serious situation.

Answer: He's giving the impression that he's letting his guard down, relaxing while Anakin does all the work. He's hoping, correctly, as it turns out, that their quarry will take advantage of his apparent lack of caution to try to take him out, giving herself away.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: It is stated that Optimus is a descendant of the last remaining Primes which sacrificed themselves to stop The Fallen from destroying the sun. If the Primes were all dead, how could he be 'descended' from them and how can he himself be a Prime?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Chosen answer: We don't actually know how "descended" works in Transformer terms, but presumably the original Primes created descendants in some manner before their sacrifice. The original Primes all gave their lives to stop the Fallen, but that doesn't mean that there couldn't have been descendant Primes created prior to that point.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: During the first film, there is a huge battle in the middle of downtown L.A. (Mission City), witnessed by thousands of people and causing millions of dollars in damage. In this movie, this is just an Internet rumor? How did they cover this up? Did the government pay off thousands of people and repair all the damage that quickly? And, most importantly, in the first movie didn't Jon Voight go on TV and tell the whole world they were dealing with a superior technological civilization?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Chosen answer: Per IMDB Trivia: The novelization states that the government created a fake corporation called "Massive Dynamics" as a cover for the events of Transformers (2007). The cover story stated that Massive Dynamics had developed robotic search-and-rescue robots which malfunctioned during tests and caused the damage seen in that movie's finale.

shortdanzr Premium member

Chosen answer: It was never stated directly in the series, although Lister does mention at one point that it was Kryten's fault. The first book based on the series states that the ship crashed after Kryten carefully washed the navigation console using soapy water, but it's unclear whether this is intended as a canonical explanation.

Tailkinker Premium member

Chosen answer: Their bodies have simply decayed to dust over the intervening three million years.

Tailkinker Premium member

Chosen answer: They reconstructed Red Dwarf as it was supposed to be, hence going back to the original plans, rather than the cut-down versions that were actually used to build it. A ship without a crew isn't much use, so they brought the crew back as well, possibly using the physical and personality information stored by the ship's holographic recreation unit as a template. How they might have restored the prisoners is another matter, probably best explained by the venerable science-fiction standby of "don't ask, they just did".

Tailkinker Premium member

Chosen answer: In-universe, after leaving Red Dwarf after his first appearance, Kryten managed to crash Lister's space-bike into an asteroid. Lister found his remains and decided to rebuild him, however, due to the high level of damage and Lister's questionable repair skills, he was unable to recreate Kryten exactly, leading to changes in appearance, personality and accent. In reality, the original actor wasn't available, coupled with presumably practical concerns about one-off makeup as opposed to makeup for a regular cast member, so some visual changes were made.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: Who made the handprints on the inside of that old house at the end?


Chosen answer: Presumably it was the children being held there.

JC Fernandez

Show generally

Question: When exactly was Harold born? Throughout the whole show, both Harold and Albert give conflicting answers about Harold's age. For example, Albert states that Harold was born in 1932, yet in earlier seasons, it's said that Harold fought in World War 2. Could someone please explain?


Chosen answer: There is no definitive answer. In the original run of the series in the early sixties, Harold was given a birth year of 1925, matching that of Harry H Corbett, who played him, making him old enough to have fought in the war. When the show was brought back in the early seventies, his birth year was, for no immediately obvious reason, revised to 1932.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: Was there anything illegal about Windows' relationship and attempted rendezvous with Rogue Leader? Would he have gotten into any serious trouble had her parents decided to take any legal action?


Chosen answer: It would depend on what they'd discussed online and his intent. If they'd planned to meet for sex, then yes, that would be illegal and charges could be pressed. Since we didn't learn the details of their conversations, we can't be certain.

Captain Defenestrator

Chosen answer: The details are never made particularly clear, except that the ship was, at some unspecified point, stolen by Kryten's rogue nanobots while the crew were away from the ship on Starbug. A short online comic produced by the BBC suggests that this happened directly after the events of the fifth series' final episode "Back To Reality", that the crew returned from their encounter with the despair squid to find Red Dwarf missing, although events in the recent revival, "Back to Earth" appear to contradict that.

Tailkinker Premium member

Chosen answer: It measures a number of involuntary physical responses, like heart-rate, breathing, eye movement and pupil dilation in response to questions designed to provoke an emotional response. By examining the intensity of these responses over a series of different questions, the subject's empathy and emotional response levels can be measured, allowing those running the test to determine the true nature of the test subject.

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Question: Why are obsolete programs given the choice of deletion or exile? Why aren't they just instantly deleted?


Chosen answer: All programs are destined for deletion, however a quick witted program would realise their time is up and try and make an escape (exile). The programs aren't given a choice, the programs make a choice.


Chosen answer: Report 30185 is a joke report referring to the time when SG-1 go back in time to 1969 in the episode '1969'. The joke is that Colonel O'Neil knocked up a hippie and made sure Mitchel was taken care of throughout his life, like how he got into the 302 program while his buddy, a better pilot, did not.

Question: What did Mrs.Loomis mean when she said she had a make over? Did she mean plastic surgery?


Answer: Sidney did eventually recognise Mrs Loomis. So it's also likely that she changed her hair. Style and or colour. She also could have put on weight or lost it accordingly. Plastic surgery is expensive so it's possible that she could not afford it. That being typed, a nose job is not entirely out of the question. Or any number of facial adjustments.

Alan Keddie

She is implied to have some kind of money, as Mickey says she paid for his college tuition.

Chosen answer: Yes, she had plastic surgery to disguise herself so she could get close to Sidney.

Answer: I've known people who are influenced by a "leader" friend. They don't make many decisions for themselves. Stu seems to have latched onto Billy at some point, and is willing to join him in the murders. There are real-life cases in which murderers had associates who obeyed them.

Chosen answer: Billy told Stu they were going to be famous as the sole survivors of the massacre. He believed Billy and went along with it, wanting fame.

Chosen answer: Danny's middle name is Anthony and "Tony" is his imaginary friend. At first Danny fears Tony, but he later becomes Danny's source of strength.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Tony was a god-sent to change the course of history, which ultimately saved Danny and his mother in the 80s compared to the 20s when both of them were finally killed and eaten by Jack. Tony appeared in Danny's life when he started reading alphabets and his main message was 'REDRUM'. This was critical in the movie, as its mirror image 'MURDER' saved Wendy's life in the 80s.

Chosen answer: There is nothing in the story to suggest what the "goo" is so we can only summarize that this is simply the remains of the master after his execution. Why he would become "slime" is debatable but as the air of Skaro created the Dalek Race, it is fair to assume that a prolonged exposure also mutated the Master's body in some way.


Chosen answer: To stop him from traveling around Time and Space and causing trouble, he even says it as he is disabling it.


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