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Answer: "It" appears to know that Henry and his gang are "The Losers" antagonists and is using him as a weapon against them.

raywest Premium member

Question: Are lightsabers capable of cutting through any substance, or are there objects in the franchise (even if the examples are no longer canon) that have been specifically mentioned as being resistant?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: There are several substances in canon and non-canon that are resistant to lightsabers. Beskar, also known as Mandalorian iron or Mandalorian steel was used to make armor and weapons by the Mandalorian people. Cortosis was an ore that, when heavily refined, stopped lightsaber blades and blaster bolts. Phrik was another metal, used in Darth Sidious' lightsabers and the electrostaffs used by Grievous' robot guards. Neuranium was a very, very dense and heavy metal that was partially resistant to lightsabers, but was more often used to shield from scanners. The species orbalisk and vonduun crab had carapaces that could withstand the blow of a lightsaber.


Answer: The Force Awakens features stormtroopers using the "Z6 riot control baton", which they use to block the lightsaber when Finn uses it.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Is it the baton itself that is resistant, or the energy surge around it? Because I know Snoke's guards were able to block lightsabers with energized weapons as well.

Phaneron Premium member

Yes you see them in Episode III as well when fighting on the bridge of the chancellor's ship. My guess is the energy blocks the lightsaber. It's logical they would come up with some sort of technology to block lightsabers if materials that can block them are that rare.


Answer: There are a handful of items, but I don't believe any have been mentioned or shown in the film series (other than another lightsaber itself). Mandalorian Iron (also known as Beskar) and Phrix are resistant to lightsaber attacks and have been mentioned in the TV show "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", but I don't recall if their resistance is specifically mentioned in the show.


Question: Did Harry ever find out of the truth about how his father died? If so, then how?

Answer: Yes, it's shown in the film. The butler tells him, and it's why Harry decides to help Spider Man at the end of the film. In fact, this is one of the plot points that caused such derision of the film because it was so ridiculous that the butler would have waiting so long to tell Harry what really happened to his father.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

I'll bet Harry couldn't believe he hated Spider-Man for something he never did.

What about the fact that his dad was the green goblin, did Harry ever find that out?

Well, yeah, after his death everyone knew Norman Osborn was the Green Goblin. If you have watched the movie, Harry finds his father's secret room where he stashed the goblin suit, glider and weapons which he later uses when he becomes the Goblin himself.


Too bad he never found out his father was trying to kill Peter.

One would think Harry would realise the error of his ways if he found out how his father really died.

Question: In the first classroom scene with Mr. Morgan, what does he call Joey?

Answer: He calls him "Chachi." This seems to be a reference to the "Happy Days" and "Joanie Love Chachi" character Chachi, who was played by Scott Baio. Joey (played by Andrew Keegan) looks like a young Scott Baio.


Question: How could WOPR not know the difference between a game and real life?

Answer: While merely speculation, the WOPR is not alive and knows only what it's been programmed to do. It would have no concept of life or death, and as such would see no difference between the simulation and the real thing. That being said, an easy way to make it see the difference would be to program it to not waste physical resources. It would then see the use of all its actual warheads as less desirable.

Answer: This film is science fiction and hardly reflective of a real-life scenario. The WOPR is depicted as being almost semi-sentient that is flawed. The movie employs an illogical, suspension-of-disbelief plot line.

raywest Premium member

Question: Did the black soldiers ever earn the white soldiers' respect?

Answer: As the soldiers marched toward the hill in the final battle, the white soldiers yelled, "Give them Hell, 54." Everyone knew it was a suicide mission, they saw them as brave and honorable men.

Question: How did the new gauge in the car read the boiler temperature? It wasn't connected to the train at all.

Answer: It was based on the speed the train, and therefore the car, was travelling.

Question: Who taught Annie to read, and how come Annie's parents never signed the note she keeps?

Answer: Some people can teach themselves to read. Also at one point in the movie you can see a classroom of some type so at one time they may have been taught how to read.

Nightwing - S2-E13

Question: So Dick breaks out of prison...and then stays out with no problem? They know his name, who he is, that he's escaped, now he's just hanging out as usual? Did I miss something?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: He was granted a full pardon.

Question: If someone could confirm these 2 continuity errors...The soldiers move the tree from across the road and they all jump back in the truck. The shot then looks back to the scene of the farmhouse but the tree is not there. Also the last scene where he walks towards the tree, I am sure the tree had no foliage in one split second or looked quite different. I thought it may have been on purpose but I found no reference to it. Are these valid?

Question: Why on one DVD cover for this did they remove the axe Harriet's holding behind her back?


Question: How does anyone know Billy's story? He doesn't seem like he'd tell anyone.


Question: Just how could she rise up so high in a publishing house way before this citizenship problem began? Clearly she took maybe ten years or so to achieve this, so how is this possible without the immigration problem beforehand?


Answer: Margaret's visa apparently expired and she had failed to get it renewed, so she was being deported to Canada.

raywest Premium member

Question: Does Carrie's mother in any of the versions (mainly this one) truly love her? I mean she's nuts but surely wouldn't it be possible for her to love her daughter?


Answer: In her own twisted and demented way, she did love Carrie and believed everything she did to her was to protect or cleanse her of sin.

raywest Premium member

Answer: I only know that they wasn't Ash's Pikachu because he is very powerful. I don't think it was ever said as to what Giovanni would do with Pikachu though. He may want the Pokémon for its powers kind of like how he had Mewtwo and used the armour to help him control his powers.

Answer: A quick google brings up a ton of results ranging from keeping Jesse, James and Meowth busy to Pikachu having extra powers. Feel free to read more from this article that provides many detailed answers

Ssiscool Premium member

Their goal is basically to capture pikachu so they can present him to their boss. Now I sort of have a problem with that because would their boss want pikachu?

You really need to be more specific.

Ash's pikachu has more power as a pikachu than a Raichu (his evolved form) as such, this particular Pikachu is of interest to Team Rocket (as stated on the link) However, Rockets reason for NEEDING a Pikachu with all that extra power is unknown.

Ssiscool Premium member

Team rocket seeks rare valuable, and powerful pokemon. Their objective is to steal rare, valuable, and powerful pokemon, and bring them to their boss so he can use them to take over the world. Pikachu is a rare, valuable, and pokemon. Of course in my opinion, if team rocket managed to steal pikachu and give him to their boss, it would probably make sense for him to sell pikachu for a high price because there would be no way pikachu would ever obey him.

Question: Who was the girl said, "Sh-Shark! Shark in the estuary!" in Jaws? Does anyone know the character and/or actress' name?

Erik M.

Thanks, Super Grover! Now I know the character was known as Artist Hippie Girl thanks to you! Cheers and awesome job spotting her!

Erik M.

Question: Why didn't they stay in the store with all the food? The one guy suggests it and they bring up the fact that some others are still at the house and will starve... But couldn't they have just used the car to go back and collect them and bring them to the store? Alternatively, why didn't they make multiple trips to the store to bring back as much food as they could? They could have come back, unloaded and then gone straight back out again (meaning the car couldn't have been stolen). By this point they knew it was safe, they could have even have just sent 2 people giving them more space in the car to load it with supplies.

Answer: After what happened to Charlie, they were discouraged from staying or returning to the store.


Question: Just how did Charles explain Raven showing up when they were kids to his parents? What could he think up and why would they even adopt her, maybe they only wanted one child?


Answer: It is never explained, but the speed and confidence in which Charles offers his home to Raven suggests that all Charles would have to do is ask his parents if Raven could stay and they would allow it. Why this is the case is again, not explained but it could certainly have something to do with his powers. He could influence his parents to allow Raven to stay quite easily with his telepathic abilities.


Show generally

Question: I seem to recall seeing an episode of this show when I was a little kid that featured Bull being involved in an elevator crash, and when he emerges from the elevator afterwards, he is drastically shorter. Did this actually happen, and if so, what episode was it?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: I just saw the episode again; it's "Blues of the Birth" (original airdate May 2, 1990), which was the same episode in which Christine gave birth to her baby boy. Bull rushed into the broken elevator in which Christine was forced to give birth to retrieve her shoes; the elevator then plunged from the 18th floor to the ground floor, which then resulted in Bull apparently losing at least two feet of height.


Answer: The scene did in fact happen, as I distinctly remember it; I don't, however, recall the specific episode.


Question: There is a scene where after Dillon accidentally kicks a log down the hill, Mac says to him, "You're ghosting' us, motherfucker. I don't care who you are back in the world. You give our position one more time, I'll bleed you, real quiet, and leave you here. Got that?" What did he mean by that?

Josh West

Answer: To translate: "Making noise like that could get us killed. I don't care that you're a CIA agent, if you give away our position like that again, I'll kill you quietly and leave your body here. Do you understand?"


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