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Question: How did Karen know there was a game on if the players hadn't yet come out of the corn?

Answer: As was demonstrated throughout the movie, different people had different perceptions of what was happening in the magical field. Ray Kinsella, for example, heard a disembodied voice urging him to take action before (and after) the ghosts made their first appearance; Terence Mann, also, heard a disembodied voice half-way across the country and long before he ever arrived at the field; meanwhile, Ray's cynical and skeptical brother-in-law couldn't see or hear any players, even when a full ghost-game was in progress right in front of him. Apparently, whatever supernatural things you perceived were dependent on your level of belief. It's most likely that Ray's young daughter, Karin, received her own private disembodied message or precognition telling her the game was about to begin.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: The players could have emerged and begun playing and Karen saw them, and then went and told her father. We may have been shown the events out of order for theatrical/dramatic effect which directors sometimes do in movies.

That could be. But within the movie as it's given, the players were just coming onto the field from the corn. So it's a good question.

Question: Hopefully this is not a silly question. What is the meaning of the title "Closer"?

Answer: No such thing as a silly question. The title refers to the central theme of the film and the play upon which it is based: Knowing the truth doesn't bring us closer together. It is meant to be ironic, truth offers clarity but actually drives people further apart.


This makes sense. Dan insisted on knowing if Anna had sex with Larry, when she met with Larry to discuss the divorce. Later on, Dan kept asking Alice if she slept with Larry. Neither truth made him happier.

Answer: It usually just means seeing something weird or unusual, perhaps something someone wouldn't believe you saw without proof. The phrase is usually "haven't got your gun", although some people replace "gun" with "camera." Basically think about a hunter spending all week in the woods looking for the biggest [fill in the blank] and the one day he goes out into the woods without his gun and then finally sees it.


Answer: I would also interpret it (metaphorically speaking) as when someone has a gun in hand, there is a specific target or intent they are so fixated on, that they block out everything else around them. Without a gun, one would see their environment more comprehensively, noticing details they would otherwise overlook. To clarify, someone who has too narrow or fixated a focus or perspective, misses other important things going on around them that might affect their opinions or conclusions.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Yes. Many things that would have been in the sixth season would have had Norman Osborne returning from limbo and reclaiming the title of the Green Goblin, Richard Fisk, the son of "The Kingpin" Wilson Fisk would return as a crime lord known as "The Rose", Ghost Rider would have appeared to help Spider-Man stop Dormammu from returning to Earth and Madame Web and Spider-Man would rescue Mary Jane from limbo.

Answer: Yoda isn't "better" than Sidious, they are at roughly the same power level. Sidious and Yoda fight to a stalemate. Yoda leaves because he does not believe he can kill Sidious. Yoda chooses to go into exile and regroup with Obi-Wan to develop a plan to be able to stop Sidious in the future.


Answer: Murray Franklin is loosely based on Johnny Carson. He can also be seen as sort-of a general reference to nighttime talk-show hosts. Robert De Niro has also said he played the character as a bit of an homage to his character Rupert Pupkin from the 1982 film "The King of Comedy." (Though he stresses they are not meant to be the same character).


Question: What was that stuff that Swagger used to treat gunshot wounds?

Answer: QuikClot dressing, which has blood thickening agent (coagulant) in it. I've treated more than a few wounds with them.


Answer: It's a bit complicated, so here's some online info on how the gunshot wound in the movie was treated. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

raywest Premium member

I'm not asking how he treated his gunshot wounds, I'm asking what he used to treat his gunshot wounds?

The link I gave you lists the materials used to treat the wound. Please check it.

raywest Premium member

I've looked at the sources. He used quick clot to treat his wounds. I have a problem with that because he opens the quick clot bag with his mouth. Wouldn't he risk getting cotton mouth if he opened the bag with his mouth since he was risk quick clot getting in his mouth?

That's why someone put this in as a mistake (listed as factual but should be a character mistake). Some say the way he handles the quick clot is wrong and/or dangerous.


Question: Why did Erle try to kill himself?

Answer: He hated the way they were living. Acting human, hiding who they truly were, integrating into "normal" society. He wanted to be wild and free. When they were feared and worshiped.

Answer: It was one of the hoses connected to the engine, nothing specific, but to indicate that Al tampered with the vehicle.

Question: What's the rush to get back to the public library?

Answer: The North American storm was approaching and freezing Manhattan solid. They had to reach safety before being frozen to death.

raywest Premium member

Question: How fast do the satellite readings say the temperature is dropping?

Answer: I think the question is asking how fast is the temperature dropping as reported by the satellites. I did not review the data from the computer screens shown in the various scenes, but the dialog indicates that the temperature was dropping unusually fast and at a rate without historical precedent.

Answer: Most weather satellites are in geosynchronous orbits, about 25,000 miles above the earth and use infrared cameras to detect temperature changes. The satellite detects these changes almost instantaneously, but then has to transmit this information to the ground. Taking into account receiver, processor, and transmission delays, the satellite would report that the temperature is dropping in about a quarter second.

Question: What attacks the teens aboard the ship?

Answer: Wolves that had escaped from the Central Park Zoo.

raywest Premium member

Question: What are Sam and his friends looking for on the ship?

Answer: They are looking for penicillin to treat Laura's injury.

raywest Premium member

Question: It's been a while since I've seen the movie, so I could be forgetting something. But why do Maurice and Brian say a sad good-bye at the end of the film? Sure, Brian can't go down to the monster world any more, but there's theoretically nothing stopping Maurice from coming up to visit him in the future pretty much whenever he wants. Does Maurice just think he shouldn't see Brian any more or something?


Answer: It was time for Brian to grow up, to stop believing in childish things, like monsters under the bed. When you don't believe, it isn't real and anything that isn't real can't hurt you.

There's a big problem with this answer. The movie has shown that monsters are totally and objectively real. How exactly can Brian "stop believing" in something he knows to be 100% true.

Answer: It was not meant to be literal, like pretending your toys are real or having an imaginary friend, you block it out and become an adult. "Christopher Robin." That movie had him growing up and believing his friends were imaginary. Same thing with, "Hook"

Answer: After causing Norman to overload, all of the other androids shut down. The same could be said for the androids on the Enterprise.

I, Mudd - S2-E8

Question: Mr Sulu appears in the beginning, but disappears throughout the rest of the show, where to?

Answer: It's not explained. If a character is not integral to the plot, there's no reason for them to reappear.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Apparently the characters were eliminated due to cost-cutting measures by Netflix and after salary negotiations with the actors failed.

raywest Premium member

Oh. That makes the most sense. I also forgot to mention Kirkman's brother.

Show generally

Question: Over several episodes we see Captain Holt in competition with other Captains for the position of Commissioner. However, we have seen several Deputy Commissioners on the show. Is Commissioner a position that only Captains are eligible for? Are Deputy Commissioners ineligible? How realistic is this?

Answer: In reality, the Commissioner is a civilian administrator, appointed by the mayor of New York City. He (as of this writing, the role has always been filled by a man; the show gets that part right) is usually someone who has risen through the ranks of the NYPD, but upon becoming Commissioner, is no longer a sworn member of the force (the highest sworn rank is that of Chief). Since Commissioners are appointed, technically anyone can serve in the position, including Deputy Commissioners (who are appointed, in turn, by the Commissioner himself).

Update: On 1 January 2022, Keechant Sewell became the first ever female commissioner of the NYPD.

Question: When Max met Flexi, Flexi tells his guys "if he messes up kill him". Apparently the last target wasn't killed and Flexi's guy recognized Max as Vincent, then why didn't his guys kill him?

Answer: Vincent killed Felix's guys during the club shooting scene. One of them even had his red dot sight on Max before Vincent gunned him down.


Answer: I watched the clip. Hermione does not appear to be smiling, though if she is, she is probably reacting to Ron's usual hyperbolic reaction to many situations. Hermione had said his leg looked "painful," so Ron then exaggerates, saying they might have to "chop it," as a means to elicit more sympathy. Both know the injury is not that serious.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Based on the way Hermoine's head is positioned in the shot, it's kind of hard to tell. Though a closer look will show that she does smile a bit after Ron says "They might chop it", just before the shot cuts. She likely found Ron's belief that he might lose his leg to be somewhat amusing. In the following shot, when Harry approaches Sirius, Hermoine can be heard off-screen saying "I'm sure Madam Pomfrey will fix it in a heartbeat", so she must have thought he was worrying about it too much.

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