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Question: Was it a coincidence that Professor Plum's informant showed up to the mansion? Or was she lured there? This is never explained.

Answer: It is explained in the "real" ending. Wadsworth explains that he's eliminating his network of informants. Everyone killed was invited/lured to the house intentionally.

Question: In the "Real Ending", if Mr. Green was actually an undercover FBI agent, who was the fake informant that gave fake info to Wadsworth to make him invite Mr.Green to the party in the first place? Wouldn't Wadsworth have thought it was strange that that was only informant that didn't show up to the mansion that night?

Answer: All the informants showed up. They were the murder victims. The Cook, Yvette the Maid, the Policeman, the Singing telegram girl, the Stranded Motorist and Mr. Boody. Each of them were the informants to the guests.

The questioner is asking why there isn't an informant for Mr. Green. The Cook informed on Peacock, Yvette on White, Policeman on Scarlet, Singing Telegram on Plum, Motorist on Mustard. "Mr. Body" wasn't an informant, he was the real Mr. Body's blackmailed butler.


Show generally

Question: If Gary can read tomorrow newspaper today since early 6:30am, why does it seems most of the rescues he does that he is running late? He should be there early enough.

Answer: He only runs late when the newspaper headline changes unexpectedly. If a headline reads, "Man hit by car," It could change to "Woman hit by car." He stopped the individual from getting hurt, but not the event itself.

Answer: Shes had it on her all year. And better to have it in case she needs it and to stop people finding it by accident if left in her dorm.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: In the book, Hermione had to receive special permission from the Ministry of Magic to use the Time Turner and then had to abide by strict rules on how and when to use it and to keep its use a secret. As noted in the other answer, she would keep the Turner with her at all times to prevent it from being found and misused by other students (like the Weasley twins). For the purpose of the movie, Hermione is more prominently shown wearing it which is meant to be a clue to the audience about its existence and purpose.

raywest Premium member

Question: Near the end, when Scrooge is in the toy shop buying lots of toys, the shopkeeper has a shocked look on his face throughout, especially at the bit where Scrooge asks how much all the things are all together. Is it shock because Scrooge is suddenly nice, shock because Scrooge is buying up most of the shop and he's got to add it all up in his head quick, or both?

Answer: Most likely because he's buying the shop's entire inventory. That would be shocking enough to explain his reaction.

Payback - S2-E13

Question: While trying to keep Terry busy at the gym, Jake is on the treadmill and believes he has burned 200 calories, until Terry corrects him and tells him 200 is his heart rate. I know it's a joke, but in reality, could a person even talk with a heart rate of 200 bpm? (00:16:20)

Answer: She did remember him and what had happened.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Nothing is mentioned of her afterwards. She has no comic book counterpart either. Since she did put Dustin in a coma because of her attack, it's possible she was sent to Belle Reve after being released from the hospital.


Question: Realistically what would happen when Cheryl cashed that check?

Answer: What happened in real life was the bank informed her a few days later that the check was counterfeit, and she called the local sheriff who called in the FBI agents investigating the case. It was part of his capture, as before her they were looking for someone considerably older.


Answer: Not only is it a real game show, Danny Osmond was the host of the show at the time. And that was the real actor Leslie Charleson from "General Hospital."


Answer: A very simple google search reveals it is real. Here is the wiki page

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: When Dorothy picked an apple off a tree, she was reproved by the tree himself. And the Scarecrow says, "It's just that she doesn't like little green worms." What does he mean by that?

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: He's insulting the tree by saying its apples are infested with worms.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He's tricking the tree by insulting it so that it will become angry and retaliate by throwing the apples at them, which it does, and Dorothy can then eat them, which was the intent all along.

raywest Premium member

Question: Just how would Krang know about Shredder's history with the Turtles?


Question: I recently saw this film at a local cinema and I noticed that there was a scene missing from when I first saw this film as a kid. In the aforementioned scene, Dallas is on the main computer (Mother) trying to get information about how to destroy the Alien. The computer just keeps responding with "Can not compute." He finally asks "What are my chances" and still gets the same response. I was wondering if anyone remembered this scene and knows why its been removed?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: If I'm not mistaken, the scene you're talking about (where Dallas consults Mother before going into the vent) was removed from the Director's Cut version of the film (which did get its own theatrical release in 2003). Perhaps that's the version they showed. I couldn't find the scene in its entirety, but is this what you're referring to?


Question: When Elliot grabs Gertie's doll and tosses it to Mike, he says, "Do it, Mike. We have to." What does Mike start doing with the doll that brings Gertie to tears?

Answer: It sounds like they're fake-threatening to damage the doll, like pulling its head off, or something to that effect. Naturally, Gertie would be upset.

raywest Premium member

Question: How, after tearing apart the Lincoln while looking for drugs, are they able to get it back together with no damage and hand it back to the Frenchman, including welding in the door panels towards the end of the movie? (02:00:00 - 02:45:00)

Answer: This has been asked and answered before. It's not the same car, it's a replacement of the same make, mark, and color.

Question: I have been trying to obtain a copy of this movie with English subtitles that is available to watch in my region. I live in the UK and I own a Region B Blu-Ray player. This means it can only play Region B Blu-Rays and also Region 2 DVDs. Are there are any versions available in a Region B Blu-Ray or a Region 2 DVD with English subtitles, or places to watch it online with English subtitles?


Answer: Google your player model, you may be able to make it region-free by pressing certain keys in a certain order. The home media of this film has what it says "New and improved English subtitle translation", but it's almost certainly going to be either Region A (Blu-Ray) or Region 1 (DVD). It is part of the Criterion Collection, spine #576. All of this being said this title is showing on, the DVD rental company, with English subtitles and in Region 2.

Neil Jones

Answer: It's typical for TV shows to undergo changes and be retooled after the initial pilot episode. Some characters are deleted while others are added, depending on how producers evaluate what does and doesn't work, how test audiences react, how well the actors work with one another, cast salaries, and so on. The Marianne character was probably dropped for one of those reasons and the Dylan character was added later.

raywest Premium member

Question: Later on Poppy's hair is brown - was that a wig Emma was wearing?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why did king Triton have to destroy all of Ariel's stuff? That only makes it worse.

Answer: Because he was angry. People sometimes overreact when they're angry.

Question: When the Marines first enter the hive and encounter the cocooned colonist, at what point would she have been trapped there before the chestburster emerged?

Darth Crucible

Answer: As seen in the first Alien movie, once infected, the gestation period seems to be a matter of a few days. However, considering that Newt appeared to have been alone for a period of time, the colonists may have been cocooned for a longer period before the alien queen "impregnated" them.

raywest Premium member

Answer: No one can say for sure. In the first movie I don't think we really know how long Kane had the facehugger on him before they rescued him, so with this colonist, she could have been there for months.

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