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Question: After Sweeney kills Signor Pirelli, why isn't Toby curious about where he is/why he's missing?

Cubs Fan

Chosen answer: Because Toby is glad to be free of him; Toby doesn't care where he is, just so long as he's gone.


Question: At the end of the film, when Jack dies, one of Davy Jones' crewmembers says, "Not even Jack Sparrow could best the devil," and suddenly Jones becomes worried and demands to see the heart in the chest. Why did he get so worried?


Chosen answer: Jones knows that Sparrow is a cunning adversary - while he knows that the Kraken has taken Jack into the Locker, his crewmember's words have suddenly put an element of doubt in his mind. Has he really beaten Jack completely, or has Jack pulled off some last minute trick involving the heart to spite him? Hence his sudden desire to check on the heart, to make sure that it's safe.


Question: What are the infected humans doing when they are huddled up together when Will Smith first finds them in the abandoned building? Are they sleeping? But then how is the deer killed?

Answer: When Sam chased the deer into the bank, Robert was terrified. Yet his love for Sam outweighed those fears and he enters the bank anyway. As he is looking for Sam he encounters the deer lying on the ground (now dead) As he peers around the corner he sees one of the infected feasting on the entrails of the deer. He continues to look for Sam and it is then that he finds a hive of infected "sleeping" within a bank vault.

Question: If so many famous, high-ranking people were involved, and many of the records of the heist are classified, how did the complete story become known? It would seem no one should have known about the photographs and such.

Answer: The complete story isn't known. There was a bank robbery, and after a few days of press coverage there was a gag order put in place to keep the press from talking about it. No one knows for certain why other than the people who were involved. This film is speculation, a possible reason for why there was a gag order. The producers of the film claim to have been working with an inside source who knew the truth for the gag order and cover-up. Whether the producers really did have an inside source, or that the source was telling the truth, will likely never be known for certain.

The Blaze of Glory - S2-E16

Question: When Julie comes to Alex and Marissa's apartment and they argue, Marissa says that she'll just steal if she can't get a job, and says that Julie knows she is good at that. What is she referring to?

Answer: She is referring the episode entitled: The Best Chrismukkah Ever, episode 13, season 1. She goes out christmas shopping with Ryan and gets stopped by a security when she is out by Ryan's car. He asks to look inside her bag and finds a stolen watch and some other stolen things.

Question: What was it in the book that Mulgrath was after? Something about destroying the fairies.


Chosen answer: The book was full of the secrets of the hidden world. If Mulgrath had it, he could destory all the other creatures.

Chosen answer: If I remember correctly, it's because the book contains information on how to destroy them. Had the book fallen into Mulgarath's hands, he would have been able to eliminate them and rule over the rest of the faeries.

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Yes! you are right.

Question: Was the bank employee who was taken into the back room and "beaten" one of the robbers? If not, was he actually hit or was it fake like the "shot" hostage? I couldn't tell if he was one of the ones in the car at the end.


Chosen answer: The beating was real and no he wasn't one of the robbers. The men who participated in the hold up along with Clive Owen's character were all much younger than the employee who was beaten up. The much older guy in the car was not part of the robbery.


Actually the guy that was beaten WAS part of the robbery. The four involved were the guy that was beaten, the guy that was Algerian that asked for a glass of water because his throat was "parched," the big-breasted girl that said she violated "Section 34 Double D," and Clive Owen, obviously. If you check the credits on IMDB, you will see that the guy that was beaten was Steve-O. They are all listed. The girl was Stevie and the other guy was Steve.

What about the rabbi?

I think he means Peter Hammond.

Not Algerian...Armenian. They asked if he was Albanian. He said no, Armenian...but I was born in Queens, I don't know the difference.

The bank employee who was beaten up was not one of the robbers because later in the film he attempts to pull the tray out from box 392 before Detective Frazier prevents him from doing so.

Answer: The Algerian guy was not Algerian. He was Armenian. And no, they're not the same thing.

Answer: Peter Frechette played the bank employee, Pewter Hammond. Who was beaten. Stever was played by another actor. To me, this was the weakest point in the movie. 1. It turns them all into bad guys for the beating. The move tried to make them into good guys (caring about violent games, etc) 2. The police would not have dropped it since there was a badly beaten victim. 3. He could have been another accomplice who didn't join them in the "pick-up" car a few days later. It was pretty weak.

Chosen answer: Jenifer Aniston injured her wrist outside of filming and had to wear it for a little while.


Question: Maybe I missed it, but how did Peter prove Eddie's photos were fake?


Chosen answer: Peter showed Jameson that Eddie's photos were composites taken from pictures that Peter had snapped. He proved it by showing Jameson the originals.


Question: Can someone please explain to me what Violet says when she frees them from the prison? No matter how many times I see this movie, I still don't get it.


Chosen answer: She says "Well, I think Dad has made excellent progress today, but I think it's time we wind down now". It's a joke, pretending to be winding down a counselling session, based on the fact that her father has been baring his soul a bit while imprisoned.


Question: This is for the movie and the comics. Can Jon hear Garfield? I'm asking because in the comics, Jon responds to what Garfield says, but Garfield's speech is always in thought bubbles. But in the movie, Garfield's lips are moving. Can someone please explain?


Chosen answer: Jon makes educated guesses in the comics based on Garfield's body language and surroundings, he doesn't actually hear Garfield in either medium.


Question: What was going on with John Michael Kane's body in the morgue? Nicky said that Wombosi saw the body and didn't buy it. Were they trying to pass off the dead man as Bourne?


Answer: In fact Wombosi had shots 3 times at Bourne, and he sees that the corpse has no impacts. That is how he understands that the Americans try to fool him.

Chosen answer: Yes, exactly. Kane is one of Bourne's identities and apparently one that he used extensively during the preparations for the mission to eliminate Wombosi. Wombosi goes to see the body, but, having seen Bourne, albeit relatively briefly, realises that the body in the morgue is not the same man.


Chosen answer: Gauntlets that look cool and would help him block blows in hand-to-hand. (If he wasn't so bad at it, anyway.)

Grumpy Scot

Question: Is the montage of murders before the re-opening of the restaurant supposed to be shot in real time or is it going over days around the same time of different days?


Chosen answer: It is over several days.


Question: How come Lisa's presentation was changed from "An Inconvenient Proof" to "An Irritating Truth" for the DVD release?


Chosen answer: I saw the movie at the midnight showing on its first release in Michigan and it was "An Irritating Truth" for me there. It still says the same thing for my DVD.

Question: I'd like to know what happens to Pyro in the final battle. He is knocked pretty good on the head by Iceman, so does he get obliterated by Phoenix? Also, once Professor X has transferred himself into the body of the other man, why does his voice still sound the same?

Answer: Pyro's fate is unclear in the film, although the novel (which differs in places from the film and therefore may not be canonical) states that Iceman dragged him clear of the battle site after defeating him. As for the voice sounding the same, it's suggested that, should there be a fourth film, the comatose patient will turn out to be Xavier's twin brother (a departure from the comics, where Xavier has a twin sister), thus allowing Patrick Stewart to return to the series if he wishes to.


Question: How come the movie was rated PG-13 for the theatrical release, but was changed to PG for the VHS/DVD release?


Chosen answer: IMDB has the movie listed rated at PG, not PG-13.


Question: I'm still confused about something. Why was Fiona turned into an ogre in the first place? All she says is that a witch cast a spell on her, but they never mention it again.


Chosen answer: The Fairy Godmother curses her so that her son, Charming, can free her and become king. This is made clear in the second movie.


Answer: Actually Fiona says that when she was a little girl a witch cast a spell on her.

Chosen answer: Quinn didn't die until three years after being written out of the show. According to Joss Whedon, the character, while popular, simply failed to mesh well with the pre-existing characters brought across from the Buffy series, and the reluctant decision was taken to write the character out of the series; it was also mentioned by producer David Fury that Whedon liked the idea of messing with the audience a bit by introducing a main cast member, then defying expectations by killing them off swiftly, although he also mentioned this was not the original intent with Doyle.


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