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Question: The father seems to be a very scientific guy. But why hasn't he built some "sound-grenades" which they always carry around and throwing them away to distract the dangerous aliens when they are near? (for example loud toys, egg timers, etc.).


Answer: Possibly because it would be too dangerous. Most times an object like that could not be thrown far enough away to allow the family to escape, particularly in a panicked situation. A creature might be momentarily distracted, but would quickly zero in on them as very frightened children would probably be yelling, screaming, and crying.

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Question: Did Lane intend for Ilsa to enlist Ethan's help all along? What does he want with Ethan, why does he tolerate him still being alive, why didn't he kill him in the beginning?

Answer: Lane is an expert in manipulating people, and he is using Hunt's skills to get what he wants. As he says at the end, whether Isla killed Hunt (and therefore became further embedded within The Syndicate) or let him go, sooner or later he would have got what he wanted. If Ilsa became loyal to Lane she would have worked to get the red box for Lane. If she helped Hunt, she would work with him to stop Lane getting the red box. Either way, the red box is extracted from the vault.

Question: In the end of the first movie Paul is safe in the hospital, so why has he come back into the forest and gets hit by a truck in this movie?

Answer: Spoiler Alert: At the end of the first movie, Paul was not safe at the hospital. The doctors inform the sheriff that Paul needs to be transferred. We then see Deputy Winston take Paul, but instead of transferring him, Winston dumps Paul on the side of the creek. In the 2nd movie, Paul is alive, but just barely as he's badly infected. He's trying to get help and finally manages to make it to the highway, where he gets hit.


Question: How does MI6 put pressure on Ilsa? Why is she without citizenship and why can't she defy Atlee?

Answer: Ilsa went undercover within The Syndicate. As part of the cover, she was disavowed (effectively being branded a rogue agent and a traitor). If she attempts to leave The Syndicate she would have nowhere to go, as she would be considered a criminal. She could choose to stop, but would spend the rest of her life on the run, being in more or less the same situation as Ethan Hunt is during this film.

Question: Why couldn't Darth Tyranus sense that he was going to be betrayed by Darth Sidious?


Answer: It has been established that Sidious knows the Force extremely well, if not better than anyone. Perhaps he was able to shield himself using the Force in a way that prevented Dooku from sensing he was going to betray him.

Casual Person

But Tyranus is powerful. Even Sidious feared him when he was a Jedi.


Question: What chord does Miguel strum in De La Cruz's mausoleum after he steals his guitar?

Answer: G.

Question: How did Vader know Han and the others would go to Lando?


Answer: The Falcon had a damaged hyperdrive (hence why it needed to go to Cloud City). As they fled the Star Destroyer, Boba Fett managed to determine the trajectory and deduce the destination. The Star Destroyer and Slave I were then able to set a course for Cloud City and arrive there first.

Question: Did General Grievous know Palpatine is Darth Sidious?


Answer: No. It was a well kept secret that only his apprentice knew.

Who is that apprentice?


Count Dooku.

Question: How come Fred can't accept the briefcase from Barney and Betty at his promotion party?

Answer: When Fred received said promotion, the first order of business Vandercave gave him was to fire Barney. Since Barney would thus have no source of income, the order comes into conflict with his loyalty to his friend; his guilt makes him feel that the gift is something Barney can't afford and which he, Fred, doesn't deserve.

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Question: Could you really modify a fan into a drill, like Frank does in the movie?

Answer: It is possible and there is even a YouTube video showing how to do it.

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Could you tell me the name of the video please?

Question: When Frank is delivering books to inmates' cells, he reaches D block, but a guard stops him, and tells him they are not allowed in those cells. Were books really disallowed in D block cells?

Answer: Those were the solitary confinement cells, with no light and no luxuries of any kind. So yes, they did not allow inmates on that block to have books.

Question: When they are in Paris trying to get Solomon Lane, shouldn't the signs on the police cars have been in French, not English?

Answer: They are in France. The French word for police is "police."

Question: After Gabriel becomes human and John punched her in the face and walked off, why does Gabriel just climb back into the pool?

Answer: Well, far be it from us to second-guess the motives of angels; however, considering that Lucifer had just burned Gabriel's wings down to stumps a few moments earlier (and the angel was now feeling intense mortal pain), Gabriel retreated into the water to soothe the burns.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: Why did Jim go over to Tom's side at the cemetery?

Question: What does Ethan mean when he offers The Fog that "my friends will become your friends"? What friends does Ethan, a disavowed agent, have to offer to this super well connected arms dealer?

Answer: The Fog doesn't seem to know or care that IMF has been disavowed, as he says to Ethan "You work for the American government?" So Ethan then implies that his contacts in the U.S. government or the intelligence community can benefit him in some way if he helps him.

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Question: Who does Ethan call from the train car? Is it Bogdan? Is it Max? "The Fog" (the arms dealer)? I don't understand how Bogdan, who we last saw completely confused about his friend "Sergei", is now suddenly Ethan's hot secret agent contact. When did that happen? The eventual meeting in Dubai suggests that Bogdan liaised between Ethan and The Fog, suggesting that it was Bogdan who Ethan was on the phone with. How does Max's former henchmen with the long blond hair fit into this? Why is he working for The Fog now and why would they blue ball us that hard? Was Vanessa Redgrave (Max) at one point supposed to appear in the film?

Answer: Ethan called Bogdan, who would have been debriefed (and given a phone) by the IMF sweeper crew whose van they transfer him to. The henchman played by Andreas Wisniewski just works for whichever arms dealer will pay him, so Max and later The Fog. If you recognised him, you were probably supposed to think Max would be the contact, so it was just a bit of an easter egg and subtle gag by the filmmakers, but there has been speculation that Redgrave was supposed to reprise the role.

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Question: What's the deal with Russia having sold their old satellite to Brij Nath in Mumbai? The Fog explains this but I didn't understand at all. How did this sale happen and why?

Answer: The Fog implies that he brokered the deal for the Russian government to sell an obsolete tactical satellite to Brij Nath's telecom company. Russia didn't need the satellite now the Cold War was over, Nath needed one for less than the cost of building and launching one, so both parties benefited and the Fog was paid a commission.

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Question: What's The Fog's angle? Why does he tell on Ethan to Sidorov? Ethan intended this so that Sidorov would later find him. But as far as The Fog is concerned, what does he gain?

Answer: He considers Hunt to be a friend, so did what he asked. In addition, by carrying out the deal he has ingratiated himself with Sidorov as well.

Question: How did Ethan know the location of the meeting between McCloy and Ambrose on that island?

Answer: Luther brings up the schematics of the Bare Island facility when they are looking up the plans for Biocyte's headquarters. Also remember that Ethan and his team abducted then released McCloy earlier on to find out about the cure, so they could have copied and analysed the contents of his briefcase such as his diary and phone to pinpoint the meeting with Ambrose.

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Question: When Ambrose noticed the envelope was in the wrong pocket, and was thus tipped off that Nyah was a spy, how did he jump to the conclusion that Ethan was her contact? Did he play a mere hunch when he impersonated Ethan in front of her?

Answer: Ethan was the most probable candidate. Remember that Ambrose and Ethan had specifically worked together a few times with IMF in the past, as stated in the film, with them body doubling each other. Once Ambrose had his suspicious raised by the envelope, he decided to test Nyah. So showing up to her with Ethan's face would indicate if she recognized Ethan, or thought she was being approached by a total stranger at night.

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Answer: Ambrose has stolen Chimera, a virus developed by Dr. Nekhorvich. Dr. Nekhorvich was an associate of Hunt, and trusted him. This is why Ambrose had to pose as Hunt to extract him at the beginning. Given that Ambrose was posing as hunt on the mission he went rogue, it is logical that Hunt would be the one sent to take him down.

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