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Question: When Mort is talking to himself and figures out that he is John Shooter, he looks to the side and yells/makes an odd noise. It almost looks like he's calling out to something. Why did he do that?

Answer: Johnny Depp said he based it on the noises made by his toddler, who could not yet speak words. The idea behind this was that, confronted with the realization that he is Shooter, Mort would regress into a toddler-like state of confusion.

Answer: I don't think this has been explained in any episode. At some point, he most likely asked people to use his full name. Perhaps he wants to highlight the "Redcorn" at all times, out of pride for his family history.

Answer: John is a common enough name that they might know several other Johns that we've never met, so they're being specific.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: During Anastasia's ballroom daydream, why is it everyone, except her father, are wearing different outfits than the ones we saw them wear at the beginning of the movie?

Answer: As noted, this is her daydream, not reality. She has a particularly strong mental image of what her father looked like, which is what she sees in the daydream. Also, her father is dressed in a royal uniform reflecting his rank as the czar, so it would be something he consistently wore during formal occasions. As a plot device, it also identifies for the audience that this is her father.


Question: In both Anastasia's ballroom daydream and nightmare scene, why is it her sisters are the only ones who age and not her brother?

Answer: Dreams are not reality and are subject to an individual's interpretation. Anastasia's brother, the youngest sibling, was sickly and physically weak. (In real life, Alexei suffered from hemophilia.) Anastasia apparently always sees him as an innocent, vulnerable child needing to be protected.


Question: Near the beginning, before Air Force One is even an issue, Hauk stops Snake's march along the orange line when he arrives, then it fades out. Later he's let into Hauk's office after Air Force One crashes. Was that previous scene meant to be later and flow into the office scene? As it is, it confuses me as to why it's at that point in the movie.

Answer: Exactly, this was John Carpenter's first big film after "Halloween", and he was still used to doing his own work on a movie: writing, producing, directing and editing. As a matter of fact, Snake's arrival at Liberty Island was supposed to be longer but was cut for time; most were never filmed.

Answer: He did. His eyes scanned each punk and calculated which one would fit the best.

The Tale of the Dangerous Soup - S3-E13

Question: A bowl of the soup costs $100. When a couple wants to order second servings, Jersey says there is a limit of one per customer. This does not make sense when Dr. Vink is trying to operate a successful restaurant. Jersey, a server, is probably hoping to get a tip. It would just be good business to let customers spend another $200 on soup if they wanted. Did I miss something?

Answer: The other answer here, about too much soup being potentially harmful, is basically correct. When Dr. Vink tells Nonnie and Reed about the secret of the soup, he says that a drop of the elixir can "make the pulse quicken and blood flow." In addition to that, setting a limit can make the soup seem more luxurious and exclusive.

Answer: If I remember this episode, although it's been almost 30 years, the soup caused the heart to race so a second bowl may be dangerous to consume.

Texas City Twister - S2-E2

Question: Why is Luanne being pursued for back rent that her parents owe? I know she is eighteen or nineteen years old, a legal adult, but that doesn't automatically make her responsible for paying family members' bills.

Answer: Luanne's parents are the kind of people who might have signed their daughter's name to the lease. A decent lawyer could get her out of it, but that's beyond the scope of this episode.

Captain Defenestrator

Also, she might have chosen to sign that lease if she was 18 at the time. Maybe her parents asked her to do it, and she didn't fully understand the responsibility.

Answer: In the first season, Steve and Marcy are portrayed as being more proper and "straight-laced", compared to the following three seasons (and Marcy's later personality, after they divorce). I think Steve is having more "exotic" urges than usual, after going to Buffalo. If I am correct, it's not considered a very wild and intense place, but it was a change from the Rhoades' well-managed routine.

Father's Day - S1-E14

Question: When the family is having dinner, and Ed tells them about how he almost invented rear windshield wipers, he mentions that at the time, Dan was three years old and Audrey was eight months pregnant and required a bathroom break, so he lost his train of thought on the wipers. For the rest of the series, Dan is portrayed as an only child until his father marries Crystal. So, what happened to that sibling? Was anything else ever mentioned over the course of the series?

Answer: It was never mentioned again or explained, and Dan was always portrayed as an only child until Ed married Crystal. There could be any number of explanations, such as Audrey had a miscarriage or stillborn, the baby died shortly after birth, etc. Ed's colorful stories are usually so embellished, it's hard for the family to know what is true or accurate. The show may also have been intending for Dan to have a previously unmentioned sibling to be introduced as a new character at some point. However, this likely was a continuity error.


Peggy the Boggle Champ - S1-E9

Question: Bobby points out the adult situations and profanity in the movie "Risky Business." Luanne says, "Not anymore," because she rented it from Blockbuster. Did Blockbuster really have edited movies? I went there in the mid- and late 2000s, and I definitely watched some movies with profanity, nudity, etc.

Answer: Blockbuster was somewhat notorious for carrying edited films or simply choosing not to carry a film, especially in smaller cities, to be more family-friendly. However, this was more for NC-17 films and unrated films that were deemed to get an NC-17 rating if they were rated. But even some controversial R-rated films weren't available unless the studio provided an edited version. For example, "The Last Temptation of Christ" wasn't carried when it came out on VHS. Edited R-rated films usually had controversial scenes cut out, rather than have swear words dubbed and nudity removed (although allegedly there were edited films where the nudity was pixilated). But Blockbuster never did the editing. This line just seems to be an exaggerated joke about how far Blockbuster censors films for small, conservative towns like Arlen.


Question: During the ending credits, why are the actors listed completely out of order? Damon Wayans is the star of the movie so he should be listed first but his name is either seventh or eighth.

Answer: The credits are in alphabetical order (according to last name). He did get top billing in the opening credits though. Damon is actually listed 25th in the end credits, after his nephew, so I don't know what you saw where he was listed 7th or 8th.


I have the movie, and his name is right after his nephew's, so I guess I got the place wrong.

Question: When Han goes out searching for Luke at the beginning of the movie, why does Han's tauntaun (which is native to Hoth) freeze to death, but Han remains largely unaffected by the cold?

Answer: Anything can freeze to death, regardless of whether it's endemic to the area or not if it is exposed long enough to the elements. The tauntaun had adapted, yes, but it still had a limit to how long it could survive in a particularly bad blizzard before it succumbed. Left to its own devices, the tauntaun surely would have stayed in the cave to preserve its body heat and not take unnecessary risks. Unfortunately, it didn't have much choice in the matter. Han, on the other hand, adapted to the cold the human way, which was to add layers and take extra precautions afforded us by our intelligence and ability to plan ahead. He was still affected, but he (unlike the tauntaun) knew exactly what he was getting into and was able to put on enough layers to survive the frigid conditions.

Answer: It's not unusual for kids and teens to prefer a chosen nickname. As a kid, I had more than one classmate named Elizabeth who wanted to be called Liz or Lizzy.

Question: I'm curious, what does Madam Pomfrey put on Hermione's hand in the hospital wing? It doesn't look like a cast. Also, what did she do to the wounds on her face?

Answer: She's not in a cast. It's just a gauze bandage wrapped around her hand and wrist, probably for cuts and scratches. It looks like her face has what is called "butterfly" bandages that go over a cut or gash, essentially acting like stitches, holding the skin together while healing.


Question: According to the shop owner, Princess Nawa didn't know that she had to bring the earrings back together. She spent the rest of her life as a servant. However, in the past, Princess Nawa tells her servant, "Soon you will live your life in jewels and not chains," as if she expected the servant to remain in her place. Was she just lying and hoping to change back after the wedding?

Answer: She was lying to the servant. Most likely, the servant was terrified and might have run away from the situation. But according to the shop owner, the rich husband died on the wedding night, so the servant remained the Princess and lived in the lap of luxury.

Question: Why does Jennifer at the end never seem surprised or even question Marty over why he is dressed as a cowboy (even though Marty's family does and Dave even comments on it)?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: Not sure why it's suggested that Jennifer knew about Doc and Marty's time-traveling. She immediately wakes up and tells Marty that she "Had the worst nightmare," and then in the truck, she starts saying, "That dream I had seemed so real. It was about us, and you got fired." She then asks Marty to confirm if it was a dream. Marty only had to inform her and show her the remains of the DeLorean because she still had the "You're Fired" paper in her pocket, neither of which Marty or Doc knew she had. At that point, it would've confirmed to her that she wasn't dreaming.

Answer: Jennifer was already aware of Doc and Marty's time-traveling, while his family knew nothing about it. She'd been to the future with Marty and Doc, and previously saw Doc wearing futuristic clothes. There's no reason she should be surprised, and Marty quickly updated her about everything soon after.


Season 1 generally

Question: What are the quotes that are written on the side of the fridge? And who wrote them? In every episode.

Question: What is the title of the book written by Chovil or Scovel that is referenced by the old gunny to Bob Lee Swagger? (01:14:00 - 01:18:00)

Answer: The author's name is Schofeld. But it's a fictional book made up for the scene, so there is no title.


Question: According to the Baroness, Henry was planning to choose Marguerite as his bride before Danielle arrived at the ball. If it's true, why does he almost marry the Spanish princess instead of Marguerite?

Answer: Rodmilla is an untrustworthy source of information. Rodmilla arrogantly tells Danielle, "I have it on good authority that before your rather embarrassing debut, the prince was about to choose Marguerite to be his bride." I believe Rodmilla is lying to Danielle only to further torment her. Rodmilla plunges the figurative knife into Danielle by declaring her a "pebble in her shoe" step-daughter, before she's taken away by the repulsive Le Pieu. When Henry made the deal with his father, he was given the choice of finding "love" or to marry Spain's Princess due to the marriage treaty. Right before the ball, Henry in despair, thinks he failed at finding love, and King Francis tells him it may have been unfair to put so much pressure on him about Spain's marriage contract. Francis says, "We don't have to announce anything tonight," and Henry replies, "I've made my decision." Their conversation implies Henry agreed to marry the Princess of Spain, and the announcement was to be made at the ball.

Super Grover

Answer: The Baroness says, "I have it on good authority," about Henry almost choosing Marguerite. Her source could be wrong, but if it's true, he was probably so upset about Danielle deceiving him that he wanted nothing to do with anyone from her home anymore. Especially if Marguerite planned to bring Danielle and other servants to the palace with her. Danielle might have hoped to stay at her father's property and manage the place herself, but Marguerite could probably arrange for her to work in the palace.

Answer: Henry was to be betrothed to Princess Gabriella of Spain, though he did not love her. When Henry's father said he could choose his own bride, the Baroness then lied to Danielle, saying the Prince intended to choose Marguerite, and also falsely told the Prince that Danielle was already engaged, all to put Marguerite into a prominent position to be chosen. After discovering the Baroness' deception, Henry would not have chosen Marguerite. Henry would still have married Princess Gabriella, but after learning she loved another, he freed her from their engagement. He later chose Danielle.


No offence, but this is not answering the question. You're re-hashing half the plot.

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