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Question: After the subway ghost shows Sam how to move things, he gets angry at Sam's question about his death, making him kick a cigarette dispenser. After kicking the dispenser, why does the subway ghost suddenly not recognize Sam?

Answer: The subway ghost was a paranoid schizophrenic who committed suicide by throwing himself in front of the train. As a ghost, he still has extreme mood swings that range from denial to grief to anger and even violence, and he apparently suffers short-term memory loss, as well.

Charles Austin Miller

The subway ghost told Sam that somebody had pushed him.

As I said, the subway ghost was a paranoid schizophrenic who is in denial. He insists that he was pushed; but his odd insistence implies that he actually committed suicide.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: The ghost is mentally unhinged with periodic lucid periods before lapsing back into unstable rants.

raywest Premium member

Question: On the Russian vessel, shortly after Ryan boards via the airlock, there's a readout in English concerning oxygen. Shouldn't the readout, and indeed virtually everything on that ship, be written in Russian?

Answer: The International Space Station is serviced and manned by representatives from several countries. It stands to reason that because of this, instructions for spacecraft and equipment would be printed in several languages. As the movie shows, in the case of an emergency it would not make sense to have spacecraft and equipment be effectively "locked out" to those who don't speak a particular language when that problem can be easily solved by printing instructions in multiple languages.


This is similar to how the airline industry works internationally. All pilots, crew, air traffickers, etc, regardless of what country, speak in English. It is the international language.

raywest Premium member

Answer: The original title was simply "Raiders of the Lost Ark" because George Lucas and Steven Spielberg didn't anticipate the lead character exploding into a cultural icon. After this first blockbuster film, they added "Indiana Jones and..." to the title of every sequel, and "Indiana Jones" became a marketing trademark for a deluge of licensed merchandise (most of which was directed at kids and young adults). Years later, in subsequent releases on Blu-Ray and DVD, Lucasfilm actually went back and retitled the first film "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark," in order to keep the collected films under the umbrella of the "Indiana Jones" trademark.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: If Gizmo is not allowed to come in contact with water, then how is he so clean? Since they can't wash him, wouldn't he be smelly and covered in grime?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: In the original script it was mentioned that mogwais could not reproduce if the water was below 25° (which is why the snow doesn't cause them to multiply). So it's feasible they could be washed with ice water. In addition, there are other methods of cleaning that don't require water (e.g. dry cleaning).


Answer: There's a possibility that Mr. Wing, Gizmo's first caretaker, used dry shampoo to keep him clean.

Answer: Google "dust bath" it's something a number of small animals do to keep clean in the absence of water (pet animals too, like chinchillas).


Answer: Rey states that she needs to train in order to help Leia and the Resistance. The message reminded Luke that once he too came to the aid of Leia, and in doing so changed his life forever. It also sparks a pleasant memory for Luke, he loves his sister dearly and the message reminds him of this.


Question: How did Santa, Anya, Donner and Blitzen get to the North Pole if they passed out?

Answer: They were magically transported there.

Answer: I don't believe she says anything beyond seeing a clearer vision of her past.

Question: Why is everyone talking about the volcano making all the dinosaurs extinct? This technology has now existed for years and years - there would be backups, other clones, other labs. The plot of this movie seems to hang on the idea that when this island is destroyed all dinosaurs that have ever existed or might ever exist will be gone forever. Yes it's still no small thing for a lot of animals to be wiped out by a volcano, but people are acting like it's of much greater significance than that.

Answer: It had appeared that InGen, the company that developed the dinosaurs, had abandoned all of their research on the island when it was evacuated three years prior. They have, of course, been extremely secretive about just what they were doing, and were able to move much of their technology off-site without the world knowing about it, as there would be much controversy and obstruction to them creating more dangerous dinosaurs. It is assumed that anything that was left behind on the island is now being destroyed in the volcano. Of course, this is all a bit of a stretch story wise, but it is contrived in order to make the plot work for the movie. This is called suspension of disbelief.

raywest Premium member

Question: During the missing tie mistake, what was that thing that Bond is screwing onto the gun and what does it do?


Answer: It's a silencer that is screwed onto the gun barrel to muffle the sound of the gunshots.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Because he has a developed a bad habit from dealing with dead bodies too long and now has some sort of urge to fill coffins and bury them, even if he has to do it himself.


Answer: Because Van Helsing is an outsider causing trouble, like killing one of the Vampire Brides.

Answer: Mace didn't actually defeat Palpatine. Palpatine was putting on a show for Anakin to gain sympathy and try to force Anakin's hand into turning on Mace to further propel him down the path of the Dark Side with no hope of return. At any point, Palpatine could have easily turned the tables on Mace and took him out, but he knew Anakin was coming. That's why he dispatched the other 3 Jedi so quickly so that they wouldn't be in the way, and knew that Mace would have the most impact on Anakin having the Jedi turn on the Master.

Quantom X Premium member

But Mace defeats Sidious fair and square.


Palpatine made it look that way. Because he knew Anakin was coming and wanted to see him in that predicament to gain more sympathy from him to act against Mace. Palpatine threw the fight, took a dive.

Quantom X Premium member

Regardless, What I'm asking is Mace stronger than Yoda consdiering that he defeats the Emperor regardless when Anakin intervened.


No, he is not stronger. Yoda's highly force sensitive blood is even mentioned in Episode 1 when they discover Anakin's blood. That "No Jedi has a count that high, not even master Yoda." Yoda is over 800 years old and a long time student of the Force, and of his species. Not to mention he even has such a high count in his blood in such a small body. Mace is basically just human.

Quantom X Premium member

Pretty much similar as to if Anakin is stronger than Yoda considering he beats Darth Tyranus. But in reality, Yoda is stronger than Anakin or Mace Windu.


I wouldn't say Yoda is stronger than Anakin... just far more experienced. Again, he's had 800 years to study and master the Force and expand upon himself. Anakin is still learning and only in his 20's. Also after his limbs are cut off and replaced by the mechanical parts when he becomes Vader, he's actually a lot weaker than he was since he lost so much of his precious blood.

Quantom X Premium member

I think Mace was closer to winning and had a great chance had Palpatine not devised his being weak plan as an afterthought after Anakin shows up while he doesn't have his lightsaber anymore.

It wasn't an afterthought. He was manipulating the situation from the get go, having the entire thing planned out and staged ready for the perfect timing of Anakin to walk in.

Quantom X Premium member

Sidious didn't plan on Anakin walking in right before he was killed. That would have been too close. He planned on beating the Jedi Masters and use their bodies as proof that the Jedi are traitors. That would have been enough for the council and Anakin. You have to understand that Mace Windu is the most skilled lightsaber duelist of all Jedi, far superior to Yoda. There is no way Sidious could have beaten him. Yoda on the other hand is the best force user of all Jedi, superior to even Luke. All in all Yoda is the most powerful Jedi that ever lived. Anakin Skywalker, especially after joining the dark side, the second most powerful. The fact his body was broken didn't weaken him, it only made him stronger. The reason Yoda didn't beat Tyranus or Sidious is because he is too compassionate, and getting older. Tyranus used that against him and Sidious, well, he just got lucky I think and Yoda gave up too quick. No sith besides Vader has surpassed Windu, Yoda or Obi-Wan.


Question: In real life, do amusement parks actually have a master control room that controls all the rides?

Answer: No they don't, the rides are controlled individually by a ride operator at each ride. This was just made up for the movie.

Question: Why is Maximus surprised Commodus is Caesar? After he speaks with Lucius he hides back in the cell. Proximo tells him the young emperor is having these spectacles to commemorate his father's death.

Answer: He hides because he believes Commodus might be nearby, since Lucius is there. At this point, Commodus has no idea he's still alive, and Maximus wants to keep it that way.

Question: Harry having the resurrection stone makes the ending make sense if that is the way that he survives/comes back from death when Voldemort kills him. But he drops the stone after talking to his dead loved ones. How does Harry survive if, as Dumbledore says, he HAS to die to kill Voldemort? Pretending to be dead shouldn't work, so he must actually die, right? (02:13:00)

Answer: The Resurrection Stone never had nothing to do with Harry surviving Voldemort's curse at the end. He survived because he carried one of Voldemort's horcruxes inside him, and that is what protected him. Dumbledore's prediction was wrong because he did not know until much later that Harry was one of Voldemort's horcruxes. Voldemort also did not know this, having accidentally creating it when he attempted to kill Harry when he was an infant.

raywest Premium member

That's not right either. Harry survived because Voldemort made the mistake of using Harry's blood in the potion he used to resurrect himself in Goblet of Fire, believing it would make him stronger, failing to realise that he was preserving the protection of Harry's mother's sacrifice within his own body, thus tethering Harry to life. It has nothing to do with the Resurrection Stone or the Horcrux within Harry.

Answer: Female characters in literature, movies, television, etc. are commonly and historically less prevalent than male ones. It's an inherit gender bias that continues to exist within male-dominated industries. This same bias exists against characters of color and other orientations.

raywest Premium member

It's also a really old show that would've been fairly male run.


Question: If Voldemort is now controlling the Ministry of Magic, why does Dolores Umbridge have a position there? In Order of the Phoenix, she refused to believe that he had returned. I wonder why he didn't kill her for opposing him.

Answer: Umbridge was an opportunistic collaborator, and once Voldemort took power, she became complicit in order to advance her own career. She never opposed Voldemort, she, like many others, simply believed he had been killed years before.

raywest Premium member

Answer: She refused to acknowledge it openly, that doesn't mean she didn't believe it, or hope for it.

Question: When Obi-Wan tells Luke about Darth Vader murdering his father, Luke doesn't seem to have heard of Vader before. But he knows about the rebellion and wants to go to the Imperial Academy (so he can defect later). Shouldn't he know who Vader is?

Answer: Not necessarily. The Empire is infamous, but that doesn't mean everyone will know who their higher-ups are. I know who the Ku Klux Klan are, but I couldn't tell you who their leaders are.

Phaneron Premium member

This. Or possibly, Luke knows who Vader is but just doesn't comment while Obi-wan is talking.

Answer: For most of his early life, Luke lived a simple, rustic life. His aunt and uncle knew his parentage and no doubt suppressed information about the Empire from him. Luke is naive and still has a limited and generalized knowledge of the rebellion, most of which was gleaned from talking to friends. He has little awareness of who the key players are.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Remember that Luke was hidden on Tatooine as a baby, and Obiwan also went into hiding there, presumably as a protector to keep Luke's very existence a secret from Darth Vader. It could be that Obiwan remotely exercised Jedi mind-tricks on Luke throughout his young life to block any curiosity about Vader.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: Why did C-3PO go with them to Geonosis? I always figured protocol droids stayed with their masters unless they were sold?


Answer: Anakin built C3P0, remember? And Anakin had left C3P0 to take care of his mother. However Anakin's mother, Shmi, has now died. So 3P0 is now going along with his creator.

Quantom X Premium member

Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue - S2-E15

Question: I'm very confused about the ending. During an interview, the interviewer says that the Navy are unable to find the castaways because Erika's log book is written in English translated from Hungarian. If her log book was translated from Hungarian to English, then how could the Navy be unable to use it to find the island and rescue everybody? She left out latitude and longitude but, there must have been something in the log book to give an idea of where the island was.

Answer: Hungarian-to-English translation aside, Erika's log-book entries were utterly meaningless. When the radio interviewer expresses confusion, Erika even reads entries from the log: "You take a left at a big, beautiful, pink tropical flower, then pull over and park," and "After the storm, we backed up and made a U-turn," etc. Her directions were scatterbrained, to put it nicely. Additionally, Erika's yacht was forced to leave the island during a tropical storm, and they lost their bearings for several days before the Navy found them. Given that Erika was such a scatterbrain, we might also assume that she didn't hire the most competent yacht crew, either.

Charles Austin Miller

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