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Question: What would have been the legal status of Widow Winship's unborn baby if the Horseman hadn't killed her or the baby?

Answer: Van Garrett amended his will naming the widow Winship as his beneficiary, so had the child been born, she likely would have been the heir apparent of the widow.


But, what would the legal status of the baby be?

They were married in secret before they were killed, so the baby would have been legitimate.

Legal as in what? If she's born on U.S. soil and her mother lives as well, then she's a protected citizen entitled to her father's name and whatever rights a female would have been granted by the U.S. Constitution at the time. If the mother dies, she presumably becomes a ward of the state until someone adopts her.


Not sure why I decreed the baby to be female as I don't think the film ever specified its gender, but the same basic things would apply to a male baby as well, possibly even more so since men had more rights back then.


Question: Why didn't the insect that landed on Mrs. Carmody attack her?

Answer: She remained calm. If a spider was crawling on your arm and you flailed your arm in response, it might instinctively bite you.


Question: After seeing Woody with Buzz's arm unattached, why did Slinky leave Woody with everyone else at the window when earlier he believed everything Woody did was by accident?

Answer: This is a scene from Toy Stoy 1, but the severed arm proves to them he has hurt Buzz, something Slinky and some others didn't believe yet. They just think that confirms it.


But didn't he think he accidentally knocked him out of the window and unintentionally hurt him at the time?

Yes, he along with Rex and others thought he didn't do it on purpose despite what Mr. Potatohead said. Until they saw him with the severed arm. Then Slinky went along with the group.


But how would seeing Buzz's arm detached change thinking it was an accident?

Slinky likely thought, quite reasonably, that Woody wouldn't be using the arm as a prop if it had been an accident.

Woody using the arm as a prop was enough to convince Slinky it wasn't an accident.

Answer: Slinky finally believed that Woody really had gone mad with jealousy about Buzz being Andy's new favorite toy and gave up on him.

Answer: I'd say she was more angry than disgusted. Ron had unjustly accused Hermione's cat, Crookshanks, of having killed Scabbers, causing a huge falling out between Ron and Hermione. Hagrid having found Scabbers proved that Ron was wrong. Hermione expects an apology from Ron that she knows will never happen.


Show generally

Question: Why in the world would they be comfortable working for a guy they never see? What made them not think he could be a crime boss who only had them take down former associates of his or use them to punish disobedient flunkies? Why does he even start this detective agency anyway?


Answer: Charlie had testified against some very powerful men, and they were sent to jail based on the evidence he collected and his testimony. These men were released from prison on a technicality, so Charlie went into hiding. Charlie believed anyone who knew his whereabouts or had seen his face were also in jeopardy. So that's why he only calls on the telephone and they never get to see his face. The reason why these 3 women would work for a man they never met is because after they graduated from the police academy due to sexism they were only assigned duties like a crossing guard, filing, and answering the phone as police women.

Answer: There is no rational, realistic reason why Charlie is never seen or his real identity known or the reason given about why he started the agency. This is just a gimmick for a silly TV show that is meant to intrigue the audience and to keep them guessing about who he is.


Answer: It's never explained why Charlie is never seen, but there have been hints to his past as a cop. In one episode the Angels meet up with a bitter cop, who says, "When Charlie and I started out together, we were two rookie cops walking a beat. Twenty years later, he gets a Rolls-Royce and I get a bleeding ulcer."

Well do they ever say where he got his money? Stock market, inheritance, being a televangelist? Just kidding on the last one.


Question: I've never understood why Annie was such a terrible driver in this film (driving test scene). She says in Speed that she had her licence revoked for speeding, which doesn't make her a bad driver, just fast. She managed to drive the bus fairly well.

Answer: Annie is a reckless driver. The way she drives during her test certainly fits with the description she gives in the first film of why her license was revoked. She only says "speeding" when asked why her license was revoked but excessive speeding and reckless driving go hand in hand. It is doubtful that anyone who has had their license revoked for speeding tickets would be an otherwise safe and responsible driver.


Not everyone that speeds is reckless. The driving scene in Speed 2 is excessively bad.

Question: During flight class, when we see Hermione's broom rolling just above the ground, there is something black in front of the broom. I don't mean Hermione's sleeve. What is it?

Answer: It is Harry's shoe. He is standing right beside Hermione.

Answer: I don't think you mean this but you can see the shoe of the person standing next to her. If you mean on the bottom side of the screen then you can see Hermione (or whoever is standing there) kick the broom to make it move I think. But it's not causing all the movement of the broom though, but there is definite contact with a foot. You can't see the top of the broom (I'd say that's the front BTW).


The shoe is what I meant thanks. Whose shoe is it?

It's Harry's shoe.


Pilot - S1-E1

Question: I was rewatching House from the beginning, and I noticed a beautiful wall hanging or tapestry in Rebecca Adler's office when Dr House storms in the her office in Season 1 Episode 1. Can someone Help Me identify what it is? If there's an image or a link to where I can buy one, that'd be great.

Question: Why did the people's stuff (loose change, watches, purses, and a wig etc) stay on the plane, but their clothes were all gone? They may explain it in the movie, but I was reading the novella and didn't notice an answer. If it had something to do with being worn, wouldn't the wig have left too?

Answer: Stephen King is notorious for writing such elements as "haphazard, random, slightly without strict order", and I do not know if he does this deliberately or that he focuses on the weird aspect - the pacemaker and fillings remain but other things don't. But to take the speculation farther, clothing is somewhat organic, where the other things - even the wigs, are largely not organic (though many wigs are made with real hair). I just think King prefers this touch of random. I do, too. If you read the Tommyknockers he refers to the way the townspeople "become" and they do very haphazard, illogical things. Also this: For King, excessive order is often equated with evil. The Langoliers were described as "all about purpose." Randall Flagg was all about strict rule of law, where the agencies of the Light, of God are slightly randomized, not strict to form. This is a very thought-provoking concept.

Answer: Pure speculation, but maybe anything synthetic or heavily processed stays. That might leave a vinyl purse or belt, polyester scarfs, pills, candy, and the like, but take cotton clothes. Food would be a judgement call. Makes me want to watch it again to see.

Question: Thanos wields Thor's axe and tried to bury it into Thor's chest - is this because the axe doesn't require you to be worthy for it, or is Thanos strong enough to wield it without being worthy, or is he worthy to wield his axe and if so why?


Answer: Thor's hammer was enchanted by Odin in the first Thor movie only to be wieldable by a person who was worthy, but the axe was made later and had no such enchantment.


Question: Reverend Lowe says that he's been killing people because of the sins they committed but why did he kill Brady? He never committed a sin.

Answer: Firstly, Reverend Lowe is deluding himself by saying he only kills people because of their sins. He is in fact wracked with guilt over his actions and has at least one vivid nightmare about this. Secondly, in the Christian faith all humans are considered sinners so this gives Reverend Lowe a justification for his beliefs. Anyone he kills would be a sinner in his eyes, including Brady.


I think the first part is more accurate. It really has nothing to do with the idea of original sin or everyone being a sinner since he states he only punishes the evil, corrupt, and immoral. He tells Marty he'd never hurt an innocent child. He just really has no control of his Wolf side and is lying to himself about why he kills.

Question: Why doesn't JJJ look like himself? True he's being played by JK Simmons but here he's bald without the trademark Jameson hairstyle.


Answer: This is a different version of JJJ, not the one from the previous Spiderman movies, just like PP.


Thanks folks though it's still weird looking since he should have his brush top look.


I agree. But I'm already glad it's JK Simmons and not some other actor.


Answer: The general movie-going audience doesn't always know the difference between MCU movies and movies that are based on Marvel properties made by other studios. Jameson's different look might have been done to avoid confusing fans into thinking that this iteration of Spider-Man is somehow connected to the Sam Raimi films.


Answer: After going through a number of cast changes that failed to improve the show's slumping ratings, Tanya Roberts' character was added as "street-wise" former model. This was probably an effort to give a different and edgier character dimension to the show.


Question: Did Joe ever got his dog back? He never mentions it the whole film.


Answer: I believe his dog was found in a different county (Brookville) and held in a kennel or shelter with the assumption that Joe (or his father) needed to pick her (Lucy?) up.


Show generally

Question: At the time of filming this show, Jared Leto was 21 and Claire Danes was 14. How were they legally allowed to make out? I understand parental consent was undoubtedly required, but where exactly would the line be drawn regarding age, as I doubt they could have had them make out if Danes was only 12 for example.


Chosen answer: For one, these are professional actors on a film set for a major production so some leeway would be given. Additionally, in the United States at least, kissing is not generally considered sexual contact from a legal standpoint. Kissing does not involve any private parts. Even in cases where kissing is considered sexual contact, the intention of the accused party would be taken into account. A sexual violation requires the desire for gratification from the accused. A hired actor kissing another actor because it is in the script does not rise to the level of someone seeking sexual gratification. He's literally doing his job.


Question: I haven't been able to find a proper answer elsewhere, so I figured I'd give it a go here: The Arrow Video Blu-Ray version of "Hellbound: Hellraiser II" is getting a re-release in the US soon. (It's the same disc from the 2013/2014-era "Scarlet Box" Blu-Ray set.) Does anyone know if the version of the film on that particular release is the unrated cut? Amazon only says "Rated R" in the description... but at the same time, Amazon also isn't always super-reliable with its information. I'm very interested in picking up the disc since I don't own the film on Blu-Ray, but only want to buy it if it includes the proper unrated cut.


Answer: I jumped the gun and bought it, so I'll answer my own question. Yes, it does have the uncut, unrated version of the film. For some reason, the packaging says "Rated R," but it's definitely the uncut version.


Question: At the end, Eddie seemed to know Marvin Acme wrote his will in disappearing ink on the same piece of paper Roger wrote his love letter on - how did he figure it out?

Answer: At the Ink and Paint Club, Acme squirts the ink on Eddie's shirt, which then disappears. Later, Eddie sees the ink stain on his shirt re-appear, and realises the disappearance is only temporary. Jessica had told him that Acme gave her the will but it was blank, and Roger said he wrote the letter on a blank piece of paper, and so Eddie works out that the ink would re-appear.


The Billionaire - S2-E1

Question: Did this whole episode actually take place in London or did a lot of the actors speak with British accents?

Answer: This episode was filmed in London. Most of the minor characters, outside the Gordon family, were British-born actors. Although Sybil Gordon was played by a British-born woman.


Question: Why didn't Walter go to prison after he confessed everything?

Answer: As I recall, at the end, Walter had turned himself in and was awaiting sentencing. He was told the judge may go "easy" on him, likely because of his mental instability, but exactly what easy means, is subject to interpretation.


Answer: He's the representative of the owner of the ship.

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