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Question: When the terrorists masquerading as Lee's protection detail were being scanned as they came in, how was Kang's face not immediately red flagged? Since he was "one of the most wanted terrorists in the world", wouldn't that facial recognition data go through all FBI, CIA, INTERPOL, and Homeland Security databases?

Question: How does Mike not know about Cerberus? Wouldn't the Secret Service be informed about what that is, since they are the ones who guard the President and the other code holders with their lives?

Answer: This of course is not explained in the movie, but there are two possibilities: One is that this project was on a need-to-know basis, and the Secret Service agents will do their very best to protect their charges, even at risk of losing their own lives regardless of Cerberus being a thing or not. The other possibility is that Cerberus was implemented after Mike was taken out of the Presidential protective detail.

Question: Why does Director Jacobs authorize Secret Service protection for Speaker Trumbull when he becomes Acting President when the Speaker of the House already has a protection detail? Or, does the Speaker of the House normally not have any? Was that just for a dramatic moment in the film to show that, even in a crisis, things still happen by arrangement?

Answer: Tip O'Neill didn't have a security detail.

Question: What ever happened to Maxi Dean and his wife after Beetlejuice hammered them up into the ceiling?

Answer: It's never explained. It's entirely possible they were both killed considering they were launched through the ceiling, since that would have likely caused catastrophic head injuries. But it's also possible that given the cartoonish nature of the film, they were just ejected out of the house. It's up for the viewer to decide. (I personally am leaning towards them being dead given how violent Beetlejuice is.)


I also wonder if they died, because they could go back to New York and tell others about their experience at the house. They are wealthy and probably have a good-sized social circle, so they could attract some attention to the town. Depending on what exactly Beetlejuice is planning (after he marries Lydia), he may not want that yet.

Question: How did Dimitri manage to get to Anya on the bridge if Rasputin had blocked all the entry ways?

Question: Why did David get back in the shower with Mr Bean after hanging up the phone?

Answer: In the context of the movie, the "damage" has already been done, so-to-speak... he's already in the shower with Bean. And since he's also in a big rush to get to the museum, he decides to just keep showering. (In a meta, behind-the-scenes sense, it's also just funnier for him to stay in the shower rather than get out and wait for Bean.)


Answer: Because he was in rehab at the time.

Question: Which scene was the last one to be filmed for this movie?

Answer: After doing some research, it appears that after the first production went bankrupt, the second and third seasons were produced at a dramatically reduced budget, which most likely impacted the decision.


Question: What kind of wetsuit did Susan have in the film?

Answer: He's neither. In the comics he was an albino who later was mutated to give his superhuman strength. He filed his teeth into points as a way to scare others. In this Spider-Man cartoon, his physical appearance, including his teeth, and strength was the result of falling into chemicals at the plant. However, he never died as a result of falling into the chemicals, some only thought he had died.


Answer: Neither, he is just chemically altered and gained some superpowers as a result.


Answer: Because he is a sadistic lunatic and he wanted to. He has a lot wrong with his brain, paranoia, psychopathy, hallucinations, sexual predation. Probably more. He is a deeply disturbed individual and killing Gloria gave him pleasure.


Question: In The Omen, it is stated that Damien's father is Satan and his mother was a jackal. However, in this film, it is shown that his mother is Maragaret Daino and she was impregnated by some demon-jackal hybrid. Am I missing something, or is this an inconsistency?


Answer: You're not missing anything. The original film was almost 50 years ago. The modern-day filmmakers just changed plot details to suit the prequel story and create the character and backstory of Damien's birth mother. This is not unusual for a film franchise or relaunch. It's different directors, writers, and producers who have a different vision or change things to fit a different time.


Question: The night that Eddie left the studio, why did Sal blame everything on Frank? If it hadn't been for Frank, they would have been stuck playing other people's songs for the rest of their lives. Because of Frank writing all of their songs, they got far enough to almost get a record deal.

Question: Are there any ways Clark could have saved his father from the tornado without the need for superspeed and thus risk his secret getting out before the time was right?

Answer: Here's how I've always visualised it. Jonathan lets Clark help. While both are running to the truck, Jonathan tells Clark that when they get there, Clark would pretend to struggle with opening the door. After "pulling" three or four times, Clark finally gets the door open, they grab the dog and run back to the shelter. By doing this, Jonathan would have survived.

Question: Why was July 5th the day of the planned terrorist plot? Was it just a coincidence, or did they think that the day after Independence Day would be the day people would least suspect and therein catch DC off guard?

Answer: This is most likely just a coincidence. Why was September 11th chosen? They just have to choose a day.


Question: If the terrorists in the AC-130 gunship were to directly attack the White House, then what was the purpose of them shooting and killing civilians before doing so? Was it simply because Kang's group was maniacally there to kill people and they didn't care who?

Answer: Whilst this is never explicitly explained in the film, I do believe that it was exactly that: kill as many people, civilian or authorities, as possible before achieving their final goal.


Question: What happened to the terrorists in the garbage trucks after the attack moved inside the White House? We just see their trucks there when the response team arrives. I figured they would be told to engage the response team in a sort of last stand to cause as much chaos as possible.

Answer: One of the garbage man terrorists was killed; the others were fully prepared to die for the cause. After all, they had accomplished their objective. They were no longer needed.


Question: Why did Velma believe that everything that happened was just a hallucination, considering in the previous movies the Mystery Inc. Team dealt with zombies, voodoo, aliens, witchcraft and even got pulled into a computer?

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