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Question: When Harry confronts Peter as The New Goblin for the first time while trying to avenge his father, was he planning to kill Peter, or just torture him by toying around with him in a terrible way?

Answer: He was planning on killing him before unmasking him in the previous film, so likely his intention here was to still kill him. He's shown to have used the gas that Norman tested on himself which made him insane and more aggressive, which would suggest Harry would undergo the same changes.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Harry's intent was to kill Peter because he believed that Peter was responsible for the death of his dad Norman. When Harry tries to knock Peter off a building and even throws pumpkin bombs at him.

Answer: Standin.

Question: What exactly was Anouk doing when she hid crumbled-up pieces of paper under her blanket to fool her mother that she's just sleeping? What was she trying to do?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Question: Why would Lewis confess to Jonathan and Florence that he brought back Issac from the dead? He could've kept it a secret to avoid being yelled at.

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: He wanted to take responsibility for his mistake in order to help make things right.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why are the aliens in that town? If they come from a oceanic planet then why not go directly into one of our five or so oceans?


Answer: The aliens needed fresh water. All the infected were drinking bottled water. When the gang were examining the slug in the garage, it dried up and died from salt, like a snail.

Answer: Whales and dolphins also lack manipulating appendages and the ability to survive on land.


Answer: The aliens need to infect intelligent life to thrive. There is no intelligent life in our oceans.


That is not exactly true. Whales and dolphins are considerably intelligent, arguably near human-level, and live in complex social groups.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Well if they need to stay hydrated whales and dolphins make more sense than inhabiting people.


Dolphins and whales are also far less numerous. With populations numbering fewer than 10 million total across all species versus nearly 6 billion at the time for humanity.


Answer: It could be the salt or pollution. The aliens were drinking nothing but pure bottled water.

Good answer. Dang all you guys on this site are pretty good at this. I enjoy these answers you give since hardly anybody ever listens to me.


Question: Why would April abandon Splinter and the turtles to the sewers? If they were her pets why abandon them? Why not take them home?


Answer: She was trying to send them away to save them from the experiments. The first place to search if some experimental animals get lost are the houses of the people that are involved.

Anastasios Anastasatos

Question: What happens to Annie and Trixie or even Lawanda? How come they didn't appear in this film?


Answer: It's never explained what happened to them or why they never appeared in this film.

Question: In a real life scenario, could the witnesses face any charges for giving false information?

Answer: No, they wouldn't. They weren't giving any false information at all. They were recounting what they saw happening between Stu and the guy. They believed Stu had killed him but, were unaware of who really killed the guy and told the police what they believed to have happened.

Answer: For acting suspiciously and acting as though he had a concealed weapon.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Yes, he didn't want to be a hero. He liked being the Phantom going anywhere and doing what he pleases with people thinking there was a ghost.

Question: If Aayla Secura's a Jedi Master then why does she wear a skimpy brown leather outfit? She should be dressed more like the other Jedi masters.


Answer: In-universe, it is the typical clothing of a Twi'lek female. Jedi are allowed to wear whatever clothing they want, though most choose the robes fitting the ascetic life of a Jedi.


Answer: Several possibilities. There are cultural differences in how the different races dress that may supersede the traditional Jedi uniform. However, and more likely, movies often sexualize women characters by dressing them in skimpy, skin-bearing costumes, even when it is out-of-sync with how others are dressed.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Going along with LorgSkyegon's answer, the clothing is common for female Twi'leks. Many Jedi observe a few traditions, customs, etc. of the worlds they came from. Since they are guardians of peace across the galaxy, they need to respect all cultures. It can be helpful for a Jedi to acknowledge their background, especially if they ever need to deal with a situation involving their species/homeworld.

Question: What was the deal about Jack's parents at the end of the movie?

Answer: Jack's father knew he was homosexual, and he was not accepting of it, but he did want him buried in the family plot. His mother also knew but accepted Ennis as his friend, and she understood he'd love to see Jack's bedroom.

Answer: Part of the reason in the film is based on the comic book character, especially in the early years of the comic. Jameson thinks Spider-Man is a vigilante and a menace with something to hide (i.e. why does he wear a mask?). In the early comics, Jameson didn't think kids should see Spider-Man as a hero but should instead look to people like his astronaut son, John, as a hero. Plus, the Daily Bugle is a tabloid paper, so Jameson is trying to sell newspaper with sensational headlines, even if it's libel.


Question: In a scene where Jack was at the bottom of the stairs in front of the house and Jane comes out of the front door holding a box, does Jack accidentally call her Kate? He then goes up the stairs to help her with the box.

Answer: No. He says "Hey, Jane."


Question: Julie and her friend knew that they answered the question wrong for what is the Capital of Brazil, but won anyway. When they finally decide to talk about that glaring flaw being a setup it's more than 31 hours later while they are in the Bahamas. Why exactly did they not talk about that glaring flaw before leaving the USA?

Athletic Jason

Answer: They never knew they got the question wrong until they happened to look at that globe in the hotel.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Just because they took a geography class doesn't mean that they remembered a capital of a country they have no connection to.


Question: Given that Las Vegas is the bigger more glamorous and more well known on sporting events, why didn't The California Dolls vs Toledo Tigers Tag Team Title match take place there instead of Reno?


Answer: No reason is given but there could be any number of factors involved in why this location was chosen. However, it appears to be less about the plot than about real-life logistics. The event takes place at the MGM Grand Hotel in Reno. MGM financially backed this film, so this was an opportunity for them to showcase and promote their expensive hotel in the movie. Also, filming on MGM property would have given the production greater freedom on when, where, and how they wished to film, avoiding many of the costs, restraints, and restrictions often encountered when filming a movie.

raywest Premium member

Question: Isn't a flight from Hong Kong to LA 13hrs? How then is Lee able to arrive during the daytime if the Consul's daughter was kidnapped that same morning?

Answer: It's a movie. Due to filming logistics, factual details sometimes are purposely skewed to serve the plot or accommodate technical issues in shooting scenes. Time is compressed, geographical details are altered, and so on. Audiences are expected to employ a "suspension of disbelief" in order to allow the story to unfold in a smooth, consistent, if sometimes unrealistic, way.

raywest Premium member

Then what about the end of the movie when Lee told Carter that the flight was fifteen hours?

It takes longer to fly west than east due to westbound headwind and eastbound tailwind.

Wasn't Lee on a private plane? Wouldn't the flight be a little faster that way?

Question: At the Christmas parade, What is Mickey Mouse doing with Dorothy when all the Wizard of Oz Characters shoo him away?


Answer: He appears to be trying to either tickle her or "feel her up." Either way, it's unwanted and the other performers shoo him away.

Answer: It's unclear exactly what he was doing but it appears Mickey may have been a little too "up close and personal" with Dorothy, and the others are shooing him away.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why would the main character send the obviously dangerous and unstable alien tech to his house? I could see no other reason then to just simply get the plot to move along but it's obvious he doesn't have a consistent stable relationship with his son and wife - why send the tech there? And on top of that with no explanation to them as to what it is? On top of that he seemed like he was a respected member of the military - there was no reason for him to go against that and hide this information.


Answer: He actually states that he sent it to a P.O. box because he didn't want it at his wife's house and potentially endanger her. But since he hadn't been paying his P.O. box fees, the postman brought the box along with some other mail to the house.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: McKenna states that he assumed his estranged wife would just put the box with the rest of his stuff and leave it alone. He doesn't trust sending it to anyone else because they might open the box and have questions. As you suggest, it is indeed quite an egregious plot contrivance because why would his wife be any less prone to open his mail than anyone else? And in fact, Rory does open the box so the plan didn't even work. McKenna hides the tech from the military because he wants the credit for discovering alien life, and he also fears the government will try to cover up the discovery, which of course they do.


Show generally

Question: In the first part of Jr's graduation episode, after Michael says "Let's be nice babe" What does Claire say? I can't make out what her joke is. I thought it was something to do with Vanessa since Jay just said something about her.


Answer: After Janet makes the comment about Junior majoring in "Vanessa-ology" if he goes to Reddington, Michael tells her, "Let's be nice...," then Claire asks, "Yeah, what fraternity are you gonna pledge, 'felt-a-bit-a-thigh'?" which is a crude play on fraternity names.

Super Grover Premium member

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