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Question: Why was Early digging a big hole by his trailer?

Answer: Presumably it was to bury the trailer park landlord who Early had murdered.


Question: Why does Billy not tell anyone about his teacher's attack?

Answer: Gremlins have hatched and are about to start attacking the town and he's trying to stop them. Reporting a corpse is relatively low-priority in comparison to that.


The gremlins didn't start attacking the town until late at night but Mr. Hanson's murder occurred during the daytime. There would still be plenty of time to call the police and inform them of Hanson's death.

Again, it's low-priority, and there is definitely not "plenty of time." Billy realises that the cocoons have hatched and has to rush home to save his mom, and then Stripe immediately escapes, so he has to follow Stripe and try to stop him... and then Stripe multiplies and Billy realises the town is about to be overrun. Reporting a corpse can wait. Would you stop and take the large amount of time needed to report a dead body when your mother is in mortal danger or the town is about to be overrun?


Question: I think I can recall seeing a shot from Scream, maybe during a trailer or a promotional image with Ghostface swinging from a rope by his hands and smashing through a glass window, it seemed to be set in an industrial factory or something. Obviously I have never seen this scene again. Was it ever filmed or is this just a false memory?

Answer: To my knowledge, there isn't a scene like that in this film. It almost sounds like a shot from the movie "Saw 3D," where the Billy doll (whose face looks ever-so-slightly looks like the Ghostface mask) crashes through a window in an industrial-like setting in a cage attached to a wire. But at the same time, this isn't exactly an uncommon thing to see in movies. People swinging through windows from ropes and/or crashing through windows is very common, so it's probably just a false memory or your brain combining details from different movies.


Question: Why does Mason give Goodspeed the location of where he hid the top secret microfilm? I thought the whole point of why Mason was locked up was because he wouldn't tell the FBI where he hid it, so why divulge this information to Goodspeed? Does Mason think Goodspeed isn't going to hand in the microfilm to his superiors?

Answer: Mason got a clean slate, no more secrets for him because of Goodspeed. So, as a token of appreciation he tells him where he hid the government secrets, to do what he pleased with it. It was no longer his burden.


Chapter 16: The Rescue - S2-E8

Question: What are those "prongs" appearing and disappearing on R2D2's shoulders? AFAIK they never appeared before in any life-action rendition of Star Wars material. I thought I remembered them from a Toy-R2 (Jabba's Sail Barge version where they aligned the accessory) but couldn't verify that. (00:37:10 - 00:37:50)

Question: Did Frank actually die when he cut the rope? Did they not find another way into the Galleria to check on him in case he only had a fractured leg, or did they just decide to leave him?

Answer: Frank fell several stories through the skylight of a mall. Even if he somehow survived the fall, Jack and Jason would have no way of rescuing him as the mall was buried under several meters of snow and the glass roof was precarious at best. Frank sacrificed himself so Jack could go to New York and rescue his son.


Question: How were the two Spanish galleons placed inside the cave?

Question: How did Jason leave the hospital without anybody seeing him?

Answer: There was no-one to see him. Remember? After he murdered Axel and the nurse, they were the only two employees left in the building.


Question: How did Ethan Hunt know he was going to switch places with Hugh at the end of the film requiring him to take two masks with him to swap different faces?

Question: What is written on the back of Kim's jean jacket?

Answer: It looks like it says "Doll Face."


Question: Two questions. 1. When Scott catches Santa on the roof, Santa falls down and vanishes. When Scott, as Santa is caught and arrested, how come he didn't vanish? 2. Is it ever explained why Santa, when he lands in Scott's yard, disappears?

Answer: To answer both questions, when the first Santa fell off the roof, he was killed and that is why his body vanished. Scott obviously did not die, so his body would not disappear just because he was arrested.


Question: At the very end, Arthur's body is being carried away on a barge, with three women standing above him. Are those three women the fates?

Answer: They were the Goddesses of Avalon. A group of women who each have a specific magical power. They were the makers of Excalibur, healed King Arthur's wounds from his first battle and took him to his final resting place, readying him for the day he would be needed again.

Most Arthurian myths attribute elves as making "Excalibur", and also "Clarent," King Arthur's other magical sword.


Answer: Or possibly they were attendants of Arthur, who would set the ship on fire, then have the option to die with their king, or to try to swim to shore. The Vikings did stuff like that. Why not imagine that the Brits did too?

Answer: Not the fates, but enchantress fairies. The Lady of Lake, who took back Excalibur at the end, was such a fairy.


Bonjour Jean-Luc - S6-E24

Question: Why is this the Season Finale episode instead of a Season premiere episode? When we watch the first episode, Crazy Love, Jean-Luc is already a part of the main storyline. This episode would've been great because it not only gently introduced Jean-Luc and the upcoming new salon, as well as telling the backstory. Did they ever explain what their reason for this was?

Question: Why was the name of the news station that April works at changed from Channel 6 to Channel 3?

Answer: Either April took a new job with a different TV station, or this is a movie inconsistency.


Question: When Lisa calls Chet Chip in the kitchen, was that planned or did Paxton ad lib his line?

Answer: I can't remember Chet's line, but Lisa says "Chip" so slowly and deliberately, it must have been scripted. When I heard it, I chuckled because I thought she was showing him how little he mattered to her by misstating his name.

Question: What made the aliens think erasing the parents' memories when their children were abducted would help with their test? Especially since there would be birth records, medical records, school records, etc.

Answer: The experiment's purpose was to test if the parental bond still existed after memories of their children were erased. The NSA agents were aiding the aliens on the pretense that it was "protecting" humankind. They are a powerful government agency and could delete various official records. Also, if the parents' memories were successfully erased and they never knew they had children, they would be unlikely to search for or come across their records. Those experiencing memories were treated as if they were mentally ill.


Answer: I looked online and while there are many references about Michael Elphick dubbing Robbie Coltrane's voice, there was no explanation about why. Interestingly, Lysette Anthony, who played Lyssa, also was dubbed over by American actress, Lindsey Crouse, because it was thought she had a more "mature-sounding" voice. Presumably, the filmmakers felt a different voice better fit the character Coltrane played.


Answer: They were inexperienced actors, it was their first movie roles and didn't have formal vocal teachings.Robbie was said to have a very gruff, deep and thick accent, while Lysette was too high pitched.

This was not Coltrane's first movie and Anthony had been in TV movies and miniseries.


Episode #1.2 - S1-E2

Question: How does Edith know that Mary and the Duke were in the men's quarters? I never saw her there. Only Bates sees them. Was she hiding? Bates wouldn't have told her.

Question: I just watched for the second time on Netflix and I have a question, How does Danny survive at the end of the film when the old man shoots Angel with a shotgun and Danny jumps in front of him to save his life? After the whole building blows up we see Danny lying on the bricks almost dying and in the next scene (a year later) he is fine. I have the feeling that there's a scene missing (like Netflix cut it out or something) otherwise I can't understand it.

Answer: There's no missing scene. He just managed to survive the gunshot. Simple as that. It's a comedy movie that's having some fun with action-film cliches. Character surviving gunshots and explosions that should have killed them fits right in with that theme. (Not to mention, even beyond the movie, it's not uncommon at all for people to survive gunshots like that in real life).


Show generally

Question: In what season/episode did the officers show a store owner how to hang clothes with coat hangers so they are difficult to steal? They alternated the coat hangers so each one pointed in the opposite direction. The would-be thief couldn't just garb the garments and run. Thank you.

Answer: Adding to the previous answer, this is S3xE10 "Public Affairs DR-14" of Dragnet. At timecode 00:18:40, Friday talks about the clothing hangers on the storeroom suit rack in Daltons.

Super Grover

Answer: That was a Dragnet when Friday and Bill educate store owners how to avoid crime. No empty milk crates that can be tossed through a window, nightlights left on inside etc. The clothing rack was outside a store.

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