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Question: Early on we see the crooks put wet cash in a microwave, presumably to dry it. Would that work? I just assume you'd end up with hot wet cash - I would have thought an oven or hairdryer or something would be a better bet.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: Considering how microwave ovens work, it seems it would. Microwaves work by bombarding whatever is inside with actual 'microwaves' which works to excite the water molecules within. Paper, and in the case of cash, cotton, wouldn't be affected on its own but the water inside would be. Ever had something wrapped in a paper towel when you microwave it? The cash is not metal, and the water content is what gets heated up inside and evaporated, so I believe it would work.

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: There are videos of people drying money in microwaves, but it was a single layer of bills. But it can be tricky because, like wet clothes, it can catch on fire in the microwave if let in too long.


Question: When the humans are escorted back to their ships at the end, why are there Navi wearing human clothing? (Like those are some big shoes) and why are the guns that the Navi are holding so gigantic? Aren't these guns for humans?

Answer: Those are actually other Avatars being controlled by their human drivers hence the human clothes and military weapons. This was shown in a deleted scene when those in the Avatar program get into their linking pods and start helping the Na'vi.

Answer: The clothing is likely for modesty around humans or as a respectful thing for them. Since most of the Navi are pretty well nude and the humans are not. I could be wrong on that. Then the weapons they are carrying are the ones they picked up from the armored mechs the enemy solders were using which happen to be just the right size for the Navi.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: After the defeat of Mulgarath and the goblins, does Mallory stop treating Jared badly and make up with him?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Question: Does anybody know where the opening scene with the 'cowboy' is set? Definitely not in Moscow.

Answer: The scene with the "cowboy" is set in Russia. Bettina Peterson, the artist in Texas ships something (presumed by some to be divorce papers) to a man also named Peterson in Russia. If you pay attention the sign at the ranch has both Bettina and her husband's name on it at the beginning of the film but by the end the husband's name has been removed. What her husband was doing in Russia is never explained. In addition to the FedEx driver speaking Russian to himself, if you listen closely you can hear passersby speaking Russian as well.


Question: When the clones arrived at Geonosis, why didn't Palpatine just execute Order 66 there?


Answer: Palpatine had a clear, detailed plan mapped out. First he was to become Chancellor by sympathetic vote after the invasion of Naboo. Then he would instigate the Civil War with the Seperatists in order to install himself as a lifelong Emperor while using Order 66 to wipe out the Jedi. Finally he would completely dissolve the Senate, leaving no-one left to challenge him. He needs the Jedi to fight in his proxy war with the Seperatists to dwindle their numbers and give the illusion that the clones are fighting for the Republic, when in reality they are fighting for him. When Palpatine finally does execute Order 66, it is after the war has left both sides crippled, with the Jedi at the weakest they've been in ages.


Answer: He might not have had such a plan in place at that time. He also wanted Anakin to eventually become his new apprentice, so he wouldn't want to risk him being killed by ordering the Clone Army to execute all the Jedi.

Phaneron Premium member

Oh he did have a plan, but I agree the biggest reason was that Anakin was still a Jedi and he couldn't execute the order until he had turned Anakin to the dark side.


He had a long-term plan to wipe out the Jedi, yes, but at this point I don't think he had any plan to kill them all from a logistical standpoint, especially given that he had just barely received the Clone Army.

Phaneron Premium member

The Sith ordered the clone army to be made and they were made specifically with order 66 in them, and Palpatine knew it from his former master (who manipulated Jedi Sifo-Dyas to place the order). It was always the plan to kill the Jedi. He just had to wait.


Answer: The tune is FSU's "Massacre War Chant." There's a history of how it all came about (which the Atlanta Braves adopted), but that's the music that usually accompanies the "Tomahawk Chop." It's also known as just "War Chant", but I think "War Chant" is a slightly altered version.


Answer: They're imitating a Native American chant in the style of the Atlanta Braves, from whom they also take the chop.

Question: Why would Harry say Voldemort killed Cedric? Obviously it was Wormtail.


Answer: Wormtail was acting on Voldemort's order. Voldemort ordered Pettrigrew (Wormtail) to, "kill the spare," meaning Cedric.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Peter Pettigrew was believed to be dead by the entire wizarding world. The only witnesses are Lupin (a werewolf), Sirius, who is still on the run, Harry, Ron and Hermione. No one believed him about Voldemort returning, as they thought he was only seeking attention. Its safe to assume everyone would also think the same about Pettigrew being alive.

Question: Considering how big the Basilisk is, how is it able to travel through the pipes in Hogwarts since so many of them are small?

Answer: It was traveling through the pipes that it could fit into.

raywest Premium member

So how was it able to get into the girls restroom and kill Moaning Myrtle many years ago? All of those pipes in the restroom aren't large enough.

The girls' bathroom is the entrance to the chamber of secrets. She was in there when Tom Riddle opened it and let the snake out.


Answer: Perhaps the basilisk is a magical creature and can change size at any given time to fit into those tiny pipes.

Yes like the Occamy in fantastic beasts and where to find them.

Answer: The tunnel that leads into the Chamber of Secrets is really big. The basilisk could have made its way up into it.

Yes but the general pipes in the castle are not that size. The entrance tunnel was that big for a reason.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: What caused Helen and Madeline to break into pieces as they fell down the steps of the church?

Answer: They were warned earlier in the film that they needed to take care of their bodies. But obviously, they put them through a lot of abuse. They didn't take care of themselves, needing to be patched up frequently and whatnot. As a result, at this point, their bodies are like living mannequins more than human bodies. They simply break apart with force, such as falling down the stairs.


Answer: Their bodies had become physically corrupted and fragile from the extreme anti-aging potion, and any stress caused catastrophic damage.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Christine thought that the Phantom was the Angel of Music her father told her of. Now that the Angel of Music has caused so much horror, she's remembering the story as she goes to "confront" her father's grave.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: During jury selection, Kevin decides to have one of the jury dismissed, I believe, because of the shoes the jury member wore. What exactly do the guy's shoes have to do with anything?

Answer: The shoes showed him this man polishes them every day, also his clothes are custom made. That all means the look he has of a black thug is deceiving, instead he's a cautious, proud person they can't use in the jury. Just to add, Kevin knows all this because the devil (his father, spoiler alert) is giving him the talent to do it, not a logical explanation can be given why he dismisses these people.


Answer: This may be addressed in "Spider-Man: Far From Home" but without any sort of onscreen confirmation thus far, all we can do is speculate. Perhaps Peter was mistaken about how Aunt May would feel about him being Spider-Man, or he could have simply told her he would stop being Spider-Man but lied about it.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: How did IOI figure out how to get the first key? I doubt Wade or his friends sent them an email telling them how to do it.

Answer: They all witnessed Percival and his friends do the race backwards, they just copied the act. Eventually everyone knew how to do it.


Answer: Actually, they never got the first key. They even talked about that they didn't need to since Parzival found it. If they did start getting the keys, they would appear on the leader boards also. So only the High Five found it.

Quantom X Premium member

Actually they did need to get the key. The second key can only be acquired by someone who has received the first, and the same thing with the third key. Also, the High Five is simply referring to the first five to actually make it onto the leader-board. The simple fact is that once the secret was discovered, it was only a matter of time before it was general knowledge for everyone to do.

Garlonuss Premium member

Answer: It was most likely the reflector light from the bicycle Ryan threw off the hill and was retrieving.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: Why does Satan go through the trouble of hiring protective detail at the beginning of the film? Bullets have no effect on him, and even if he was hit, he could just make the claim that the shooter missed. And it's not like he's overly worried about people discovering his true identity, since he blackmails and corrupts people throughout the movie.

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: Satan had to protect the host's body from harm by the Catholic priests who might try to stop him with holy "weapons." At the end, when Jericho impales himself on Michael's sword, Satan is cast out of Jericho's body because of the holy power of the sword.


Show generally

Question: I never saw the whole episode, only near the end of it twice. The episode was about a boy about 10 or 11 who took a girl his age Into the Woods so he could kill her using a baseball bat. What was the name of this episode and what was the reason for him wanting to kill her?

Answer: "The Boogeyman", s02e06. Spoiler alert: The kid is Jeffrey Charles and at that point he had already killed 3 other kids. Jefferey basically hated and resented other kids after his mother abandoned him and his father spent a lot of time with other children because of her job. Jeffery would lure kids Into the Woods and then beat them to death with his bat just because of hate, no particular "reason." The scene you're describing, Jefferey agrees to walk Tracy home when her "buddy" leaves her (at this point the FBI announced there's a serial killer on the loose and kids should walk with a buddy). Jeffrey gets mad at Tracy for walking too slow and for complaining, and he takes a swing at her, causing her to flee Into the Woods and have Jeffery chase her.


Question: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are on the train to Hogwarts, the trolley of food comes by and Ron asks for two items but then changes his mind and only gets one. Was there something specific that made him not want the second item?

Answer: Ron realised he didn't have enough money to pay for both. The Weasley family was poor, and Ron often had to do with much less than his peers. This sometimes caused friction between him and Harry, whose parents had left him a small fortune.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why didn't they just cast Avada Kedavra on the Horcruxes and then disapparate before the ministry could find them as I think they can detect the unforgivable curses being used?


Answer: The avada kedavra curse did not work on the horcruxes while there was more than one in existence. That was why baby Harry survived Voldemort's attempt to kill him using that curse, and why Voldemort could not be killed until all the other horcruxes were destroyed. The horcruxes could only be destroyed by a few methods, such as with basilisk venom or fiendfyre. The horcrux inside Harry was later killed by Voldemort using avada kedavra, but that seems to be because the other horcruxes had already been destroyed. Voldemort never knew that Harry carried a horcrux inside him.

raywest Premium member

Actually Harry survived Voldemort's attempt to kill him because of the love of his mother and her sacrifice. Voldemort's killing curse rebounded upon that love spell and caused a piece of his soul (already shattered from killing Harry's parents) to transfer to Harry. The reason Voldemort's killing curse worked to kill the horcrux inside Harry was because Harry was simply killed by the killing curse along with the horcrux and then the resurrection stone resurrected Harry, but not the horcrux.


That's true, his mother's love protected him. However, at the end, Harry wasn't dead-he was in-between life and death and he had the choice to either go back to the living world or "move on." He chose to return. The resurrection stone did not play a part in reviving him. There is still much confusion and debate over exactly when and how the horcrux inside Harry was destroyed.

raywest Premium member

He had the resurrection stone in his hand when he confronted Voldemort in the forest, that's why he had a choice, because of the stone. After resurrecting the stone was left behind.


That is incorrect. Harry is holding the Resurrection Stone while he is speaking to the spirits of his mother, father, Lupin, and Sirius. Just before he leaves them, he drops the stone, and it is seen falling from his hand to the ground in the forest "before" he goes to meet Voldemort. (In the book, the stone is left in the forest so that no-one will be able to use it.) The stone did not play any part in Harry being revived. You can watch the clip on YouTube.

raywest Premium member

Hm, yeah all right. But then he didn't actually use it, only to talk to deceased loved ones, which bothers me and when I'm bothered the ground quakes. I always thought its power worked on till the moment he got killed and then resurrected him.


The Resurrection Stone was only to bring back someone else from the dead, not one's own self. It had to be used by a living person who called for a dead person to return to the earth, though as Hermione read from the book (when the Trio was at the Lovegood house), the dead person was never really resurrected to a full living being again and did not understand the world they were brought back to.

raywest Premium member

Question: When does Michael use the rewind button? I've seen at least 1 scene but I heard there were 2 scenes that he used the rewind button.

Answer: He also used it to see what the first kiss song was. The Cranberries.

Answer: He used it first to go back when he saw himself being "made", his birth, and 1976 when he was a child. Later in the film, he used it again (with the help of Morty) to see the last known time he saw his father alive (upon learning he died while in the future).

Question: Adding to similar questions, how is it that neither Annabelle or Dr. Trent are not surprised Trent was invited by Frederick? They would have to know Frederick is aware of their plan to kill him. Why do they go through the whole movie as if this isn't a problem? (01:11:40)


Answer: They didn't know for sure he knew, if he did know, Annabelle thought she knew all of Vincent's tricks to out smart him.

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