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I remember seeing trailers for a TV show a while back. It was either the very late 90's or the early 2000's. (I'm leaning more towards early-2000's.) I don't remember too much, but it was about a cop who had something wrong with his mind. He was a little unhinged and didn't seem to have any sort-of mental filter... like it he had a thought, he would immediately verbalize it without control. Ex. I swear I could remember a bit in the trailer where he was talking about having a song stuck in his head, and he was like babbling about it to someone in a car. It might have been as a result of an injury or like a mental breakdown or something. If I recall correctly, it was a hard-boiled cop show and I'm pretty sure it was on one of the major networks. Does this ring anyone's bell? (For reference, I'm in the US, so it was most likely an American show).


I remember seeing a haunted-house movie on TV in the early/mid 90's. I don't remember much about it outside of a scene where the family cat is found dead early in the film. (I think it was a black or darker-colored cat, and I seem to remember there's blood on or around it, too, but I'm not 100%.) That's literally all I remember. It may have been a TV movie just from what I recall based on how it looked. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


In the 1970s as a kid, I remember a commercial where kids were pretending to be cars or maybe playing with toy cars, and at the end of the commercial, an announcer said "Remember, a car is NOT a toy" followed by a kid's voice impersonating a siren as the commercial ended. Does anyone remember this and what was the product or advertisement for exactly?

Who does the narrator's voice in, "Caltiki, the Immortal Monster"? Is this the same person who does the voice of Prince Amat in "Alakazam the Great" and the voice over for Pietro in "Black Sabbath"? They sound like the same man.

In what movie or TV series does someone say "TV dinner!" in the end of the intro? Could be something like "bring out your TV dinner!", I really just remember the TV dinner part.

I'm trying to find a TV show or movie where a girl is in a friend group that are all seniors except for one girl, who is a sophomore. That sophomore loses her "virginity" to the f boy or douchebag of the school. The douchebag or the guy keeps spreading rumors about the sophomore girl to the point where the girl is in an emotional mess. The main character, the senior girl, stands up to him asking him why he has to prey on little girls like her friend. She says something like this after, "Is it because of the inferiority complex you have because your father doesn't come to your games?" and then she tells him to grow up in a growling, in rage tone of voice. She then leaves him speechless. The boy was shocked, which is probably why he begins to talk to the main character more and tries to get to know her better. He then starts liking him. The main character also starts liking him learning that he isn't a total douchebag. Then they both fall in love at the end. What's the name of the show?

I once saw a few minutes of this sitcom TV episode. The main characters' neighbor is a man who has two girlfriends - two girlfriends who both know about each other, agree to this relationship, they might have lived with him. I remember a scene where the man was sitting in the hot-tub, with one girlfriend on either side of him. The main character couple might have been visiting and talking with them in the hot-tub. Thank you for any guesses.

I'm trying to find the name of a movie but I only remember this one scene. A guy spins a quarter on a table and it doesn't fall. He covers it with a glass while it's still spinning and then walks away.

Anyone recognize this horror movie/TV show from 1990 or earlier? A surly preteen is walking down a street, when he's accosted by a strange man who says the boy is upset because it's his birthday and his parents forgot. The boy runs off, but obviously the comment hit home. He walks into an abandoned building to find a party with cake and presents all set up for him. He keeps calling for his family to come out, but instead, strange toy robots come clanking out of the darkness. When the boy opens the cake box, there's a severed human head inside which smiles and says 'hi', causing the boy to scream and run off. I was babysitting when I watched this and it was upsetting my charge so I turned it off, and I never got to see the ending, and it always bothered me.

Brian Katcher

Is there a TV series lately which has a similar poster as that for See featuring Jason Momoa? I remember seeing a similar one.


I'm trying to remember a movie: a boy is with an adult (a wizard?) as they are on a quest somewhere looking for something. The whole time, the boy is trying to get the wizard or warrior is go back to his village to help them win a war that's going on. When he tells the wizard (or warrior) about going back and helping the village, the man always says, "Oh, don't worry, they're fine." Then the scene cuts to the kid's village being attacked by some vicious army. This happens several times in the movie. Any clue?

CCARNI Premium member

There was a kids book I read in the 80's. As I recall, the kid was really into baseball but his father wasn't, he was into numbers and might have been an accountant (but that might not even be how it went). The only thing I swear I remember was the father said he knew when baseball's opening day was because it fell on the same day as tax day, April 15th. For the longest time I thought baseball's opening day was always April 15. I also have a feeling the father and son bonded over baseball when the father realised how much numbers and math was involved in the game.


There was a computer game that I believe was created by Rand Miller. The game had to do with what I believe was an alien that ended up in the Amazon in the past. To ensure that the alien wasn't found out it had to take the form of other people and couldn't be seen in the same room as the person it made itself look like. What was it?

What war movie had a tank being hit by a boulder and crashing down the side of a mountain?

I saw a movie or TV show in the late 1960s or early 70s about a Los Angeles Rams player who kicks an opponent in the head on the field. That's all I can remember but it is nagging at me. Can you tell me anything about it?

I am trying to find the name of the Disney animated movie that has a scene where a monkey runs off a cliff while saying "oops wrong movie".


I am looking for a Crime/Thriller/Suspense/Mystery American movie that was produced in the 70s or 80s or 90s. The Plot: a young couple who lives with their kids and dog in a nice house. One day an elderly lady comes to visit them claiming to be related to the wife. The couple naively believes her and allows her to move in. Overtime, she starts to subtly, cunningly and stealthily try to kill each of them including the dog. I cannot recall the cast as I was young when I watched it. I thought the title was, "The stepmom/mother;" however each time I google it, I end up with a Julia Roberts movie. Can someone please remember this movie and its title?


There was a short film on IFC starring Troy Evans. In the short film, he is a lumberjack who happens to come across a tree woman. She ends up kissing Troy and after that he is never seen again. What's it called?

There was a movie on the HallMark Channel. In the movie, a guy goes to a town and makes friends with a woman. While there, the woman convinces the guy to be in an eating competition. The competition deals with needing to eat a huge stack of pancakes. When the competition starts, all of the contestants are eating rapidly except for the guy. When the woman demands to know why he isn't eating rapidly, he says that food is meant to be savored not devoured. I never saw the rest but I'm pretty sure he lost, making the woman angry.

I remember seeing a movie on Hallmark that had three brothers, a little girl and a lighthouse. I can't remember the title.

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