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What was the name of this screwball movie (not TV show) about competing funeral homes from the late 80s or early 90s? I only saw the commercial. In one scene, two funeral directors have arrived at the scene of a bad car crash. "There's enough bodies for both of us!" "But we got here first!" In another, there's a dead woman at a fast food drive-in. "She didn't even finish her fries." The tagline was 'Kiss your ash goodbye.'

Brian Katcher

Does anyone remember this after-school special type show from the early 80s? Some popular high school students convince a nerdy kid that an uppity popular girl likes him, causing him to humiliate himself in public. Shortly after, all three of the popular kids start receiving messages from an alien being on their TV. The kids freak out and tell the world they're communicating with a spaceman, only for the alien to actually be the nerdy kid who hacked the TV broadcast as revenge.

Brian Katcher

This was a late '90s or early 2000s show. I saw part of an episode where female characters were at a club, and another girl kept having the same Enrique Iglesias song played. I think it was "Rhythm Divine."

In shows or movies with some sort of "universal translator" (like "Star Trek" or "Doctor Who"), there is often a scene where a character says he or she is hearing whatever foreign/alien language being spoken is in English. Then it's explained it's just being translated into English. So when these scenes are dubbed into foreign languages, do the voice-over actors change the word "English" into whatever language it's being dubbed into?


I am looking for a documentary about prehistoric sharks. The signoff has the line (against a backdrop of such), "sharks so bizarre/strange, if they had never been, would we have dreamed them?"


I am looking for a documentary from the '80s or '90s about a stranded baby beluga left by the tide. What is its name and how did it end?


When I was a kid in the 60's, I saw a movie I swear starred Peter Falk as an American impersonating a German officer in WW2. At the end of the movie, Falk is sitting in an opera house next to a beautiful actress in a box seat. German soldiers enter the opera house and Falk knows he is about to be arrested, and gently puts his hand over the actress' hand. Was this a Peter Falk movie? And what the heck is the name of this movie?


Did any anthology series have a story about an old man in a nursing home, who wants his roommate's bed by the window? This story is in the "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" book series, but the version I saw was not the show from 2018-2019. It seemed to be from the 90s or early 2000s.

I remember seeing a TV show episode (possibly a movie, but I think it was a show) in the early-to-mid 90's that started with a man's wife and kid borrowing his car to go somewhere in the morning. He's inside eating breakfast or talking on the phone or something and his car explodes with his wife and kid inside. He runs out and screams and the show (or movie) cut to credits. I almost want to say it was an "X-Files" episode, but I could be 100% wrong. Does this ring anyone's bell?


What was the name of this music video I saw on MTV in 1998 or 99? A young man works in a hellish office, where everyone is unhappy and miserable. He dies, suddenly in the parking lot and the afterlife is yet another office, only this one is wonderful and heavenly. He works there as a suicide hotline operator who is talking to a living woman. The video was shot chronologically backward, starting with him in heaven and going backwards through his day.

Brian Katcher

I once caught a scene from either a movie or TV show in the early-to-mid 90's. A mother and daughter were driving along a cliff and having an argument. The daughter got so fed up with the mother that she grabbed the steering wheel and forced the car off the cliff. Anyone know what this was from?


There was a cartoon I saw in the early 80s but was probably a lot older, which opened with a roster of boxers. The shtick was they all looked like their nicknames: The Mountain was a literal mountain, The Phantom was invisible, etc. Ring any bells for anyone?

Brian Katcher

How come in many animated TV series, during the end credits, the individual voice actors aren't credited with the character (s) they voiced? Movies do, even if one person voices multiple characters. For example, Dan Castellaneta is credited in "The Simpsons", but not as "Homer." But in "The Simpsons Movie" they show all the characters he voiced. And how did viewers know who voiced whom before sites like IMDb were around? Or how did people creating and editing IMDb find the information?


I remembered an episode of a 90's TV show, in which a female character was bulimic. She was eating hot dogs or burgers at a restaurant. A man walked by her and said "You're such a small girl, [Name]. Where do you put it all?" (referring to the food) Then she is shown going to a bathroom stall, and tying her hair into a ponytail, preparing to make herself vomit. I am pretty sure that her hair was brown or black, and this scene was at the beginning of the episode.

Looking for a comedy show sometime in the mid 80's. It was a family show and one scene I remember was a girl in the family who was sick, so they decide to make her some chicken soup. Instead of making her eat the soup out of a bowl, they have the soup in a huge metal pot. They put a towel over her head and stuck her head in the pot, so she could breathe in the smell in hopes of making her better. When asked how she feels, she says that she feels her face is melting off. Not Charles In Charge.

A few years ago I caught part of a TV show, and it was spoofing the end of Goodfellas - complete with the second movement of "Layla" by Derek and the Dominos - only it was using the California Raisins as characters. I specifically remember one of the raisins being shot, and it had purple blood. Anyone know what this was from?


Looking for a specific comic book. The comic is about a man who is walking through town and when he tries to approach people, they immediately turn and run in fear. Eventually the guy realises that he's dead and as he keeps walking, his body keeps changing until he looks like a corpse. The man eventually discovers that he was cursed to be a zombie after a girl he got pregnant committed suicide when he left her. The final page shows the undead man and undead woman about to get married.

Which movie is it wherein a Navy medical officer ends up on the front lines of Vietnam and during a firefight he finds another Navy medic during intense surgeries under fire, brings him back to the shop and keeps this medic with him to do completed medical operations?

Is there any way to locate a specific episode of a game show from nearly 50 years going through a network or other company to see if the episode still exists in the studio or retrieve a copy of it (the way that Game Show Network does with old shows)?

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