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Violent Night picture

Factual error: The opening states the location as Bristol, England. Santa is drinking in a pub on Shirely Street (neither the pub or the street exist in Bristol), then shortly after is shown leaving from the rooftop, on his sleigh, with multiple high rise buildings in the background. Bristol does not have high rise buildings in the main city centre, only a few blocks of flats, which all have flat roof tops, not like those depicted.

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Trainwreck picture

Factual error: When Amy is fired from S'Nuff magazine she takes her story on Aaron Connors to Vanity Fair, who run with it. That is not going to happen. Amy wrote the article while a paid employee of S'Nuff magazine and that means the copyright in the article (and, very relevant to this issue, the photographs of Aaron they paid to have taken), resides with them, not with her. It isn't hers to sell. No magazine editor of any standing is going to buy an unsolicited article without checking its provenance backwards and forwards, and that would mean checking with Amy's previous employers - after all, what would happen if they changed their minds and ran the story themselves?

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Revealing mistake: When Bluto is watching the sorority girls have their pillow fight and he falls down with the ladder, you can see him land on a grass mat that is cut into the lawn. It's funny because you can see the grass push in. (00:40:00)

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Saw X picture

Continuity mistake: SPOILERS: In the post-credits scene, after Henry's trap starts, in the second-to-last shot, you see him sort of start to shake and rear his head back. But then in the next shot, he's no longer shaking. Additionally, his head is down again and he rears it back a second time.


Best trivia

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back picture

Trivia: Brodie says "Would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?" He said the same thing in Mallrats.


Biggest Pixar mistakes

Toy Story 2 picture Toy Story 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie when the 'false' Buzz Light Year is running along the air conditioning ducts his 'New Utility Belt' disappears then reappears again. (01:01:55)

Biggest Star Wars mistakes

Star Wars picture

Other mistake: Before Uncle Owen yells for Luke, if you look very closely, a fly can be seen on the lens (best seen on the special edition release). The fly was removed in the 2019 release.

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Tombstone picture

Doc Holliday: Oh. Johnny, I apologize; I forgot you were there. You may go now.

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Dumb and Dumber picture

Question: What is the trailer both were watching on TV while they were having some snacks in bed in the Aspen hotel room?

Answer: It was a commercial for Pacific Bell. A telephone company.

Biggest Disney mistakes

The Fox and the Hound picture The Fox and the Hound mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Chief is tied to his kennel around the collar. But when Copper cuddles up to him for the first time, the rope tied to his collar disappears for a shot. (00:10:35)


Biggest Marvel mistakes

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings picture

Factual error: Although it's a commonly used movie trope, cutting the brake lines on a bus would not produce the effect seen in the movie. Buses use air brakes, which by design, can operate even with substantial loss of pressure and often engage automatically if there is too much pressure loss.


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Suggested correction: I don't know what air brakes you have used but the very nature of air brakes means that low pressure means they can't work. If you have no pressure in them, how are you supposed to press the brakes? I have personally driven hundreds of vehicles with air brakes (I am a truck driver by trade) and can tell you this is a fact. All that happens when air brakes lose pressure is a warning light on the dash and an alarm sounding in the cab, one must manually slow down the vehicle at that point.

I respect the fact that you drive a truck, but my dad has been a master mechanic for more than 50 years and he is the one who pointed this out to me. Depending on the system, there are various fail-safe systems that will engage the brakes during an emergency loss of pressure. Plus, a simple Google search led me to several examples of these systems.


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