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Doctor Sleep picture

New this week Continuity mistake: When Abra is on her bed and her mom wakes her up in one scene, she is without earbuds from the mom's perspective. Then she lifts up her head and has earbuds in a closeup. Back to mom's perspective for a conversation and the earbuds are gone.

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The Beach pictureThe Beach mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Richard and Francoise are making love on the beach. They begin kissing deep under the water and continue all the way to the top. When they reach the surface they can stand up in the water which appears to be waist-level.

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Batman picture

Smack in the Middle (2) - S1-E2

New this month Factual error: The mammoth is filled, according to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldavia, with "used postage stamps from ancient kingdom of Moldavia." Postage stamps are a 19th century invention, not something an 'ancient kingdom' would have used. (00:17:20)

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Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory picture

Willy Wonka: Charlie, don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted.
Charlie Bucket: What happened?
Willy Wonka: He lived happily ever after.

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Labyrinth picture

Trivia: The Baby "Toby" is played by Toby Froud, the son of the man who did the character design, Brian Froud.

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Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith picture

New this month Question: Did Obi-Wan at some point in the movie know Anakin and Padme were married? I read in the novel that she let him know about them, concerning Anakin while he was at her apartment.

Best Marvel mistakes

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when the guardians are getting ready to fight off an inter-dimensional being Rocket winks a couple of times at Starlord. Starlord then responds but is looking to his left at Rocket, whilst Rocket is on his right side. The scene is for no reason mirrored, proven by the big orange device behind him also switching from being on his left to on his right. (00:03:45)


Best Pixar mistakes

Incredibles 2 pictureIncredibles 2 mistake picture

Other mistake: When Elastigirl is chasing the high-speed train, as she is in the middle of making her second final jump to reach the train, if one were to look closely, the train actually drives right past her before she lands. (00:31:40)


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The Little Mermaid pictureThe Little Mermaid mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Carlotta brings the plates for the meal they all have a dome cover with a top handle, but when Sebastian runs across the table those handles have changed. (00:54:50)

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Best Star Wars mistakes

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story picture

Plot hole: When the inspection team goes into the Rogue One shuttle and then the Rebel team comes out of the shuttle in the inspection team's disguise, no one near the landing pad or in the building notices that two stormtroopers have disappeared from the group, the Imperial Officer has grown a beard in less than 5 minutes, and an Imperial Droid has come into the group.

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Suggested correction: It is entirely feasible that 2 of the stormtroopers would stay on the ship, and that anyone standing around the perimeter could miss the facial features of the officer. The delivery of a droid could well be the purpose for the cargo ship arriving.

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