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With Toy Story 4 out today, seems like the perfect time to look at a few of the mistakes made in the franchise to date...

Toy Story (1995)

There's an electrical outlet on the wall below the window (aligned with the window shade's loop) in Sid's room near the Megadork poster, but when Sid throws Woody to the floor and raises the shade (before he scorches Woody's forehead with the magnifying glass), that outlet has vanished.

When "Legs" lowers the Pez duck named Ducky down through the removed lightbulb hole, to ring the doorbell, the lightbulb housing is bigger than the hole but they bring it up through the hole to remove it.

When Buzz Lightyear demonstrates his "flying" abilities in front of the other toys, his left wing would have clipped the car track entering the loop-de-loop, and the right wing would have hit the track when leaving the loop.

While Buzz sets out to prove he can fly he slides down the loop car track, and in the shot from his POV the world globe is missing from the top of the dresser beside the door.

When Buzz is in Sid's sister's room, Woody comes up to it disguised in the Christmas lights. He then leaves them beside the door before he goes in. When they leave the room, the lights are gone. Later the lights return when Woody goes to get them, but there are fewer of them.

When Woody falls out of the closet wrapped in the string lights he hears Buzz's voice, and in the next shot as Woody sneaks up to Hannah's room we see Sid's open door and doorway, which looks perfectly normal. However, after Woody rescues Buzz from Hannah's tea party they both stop in the hallway, and there's another shot of Sid's open door and doorway, only this time it's not normal to say the least. Five of the six hasps, bolts, and locks that should be (and normally are) screwed into and attached to the inside of Sid's door (one hasp mechanism, third one down from the top, is attached to the door's frame) are now actually kind of floating there in mid-air right beside the doorway, as if there's an invisible door there. Weird that Pixar artists deliberately did this, but it's bizarrely funny to see.

The blue blanket in Molly's crib repeatedly vanishes and reappears within the same scenes, such as when the batteries are put back into the baby monitor Woody shouts for everyone to return to their positions, in the overhead shot of the room the blanket's gone, but is soon back in its place.

During the scenes in Andy's room, the light switch plate on the wall near the door vanishes and reappears in some shots.

Near the start, when Andy uses the recliner chair's footrest to catapult Woody to the couch, the footrest remains extended while Andy's with his mother, but a moment later when Andy grabs Woody to head upstairs the recliner footrest has closed on its own.

After Woody tosses the string lights to Andy's toys at the window Mr. Potato Head hangs onto the end of it, but in the shot from behind Andy's toys when Woody's shaking Buzz's arm and imitating his voice, we see the outside of Sid's window and the string lights have vanished, then they reappear.

At the start, when Andy uses the remote control to slam RC (and Woody) into the "bank" box it's pushed under the crib with all of its flaps open, but when Andy takes Molly and leaves the room all of the "bank" box flaps are closed up.

After Sid tapes Buzz to the rocket, when the thunder and lightning occur there's a shot of the window in front of Sid, and the window pane molding with the two handles at the bottom of the lower window is missing. When Sid walks over to that window it's back.

Before Woody uses the remote control to have RC push Buzz off the desk, there are red, yellow, and blue pushpins in an empty area of the bulletin board, but after RC hits the bulletin board, in the closeup of the pushpins falling off those colors have changed to green, red, and yellow, with the green pushpin remaining in the empty space, but when the bulletin board starts to fall over that green pushpin is gone and it's back to the red, yellow, and blue pushpins.

It's been mentioned that Sid sets his clock for 8:25 and it goes off at 7:00. Here's some more errors for Sid's crazy clock physics. When Woody is saying "Psst" to Buzz from inside the blue plastic basket, the clock on the wall says 6:25, yet the alarm clock next to Buzz says 6:55. It goes off 5 minutes later and after Sid takes Buzz out of the room, the clock on the wall has changed to 3:10. When Woody is talking to Sid's toys a minute later, the clock now reads 10:00. The maximum amount of time that passed between the already wrong 3:10 and the 10:00 is 5 minutes. You can tell because Sid wanted to launch Buzz strapped to the rocket ASAP and Woody wanted to rescue Buzz from his current strapped-to-a-rocket state very fast.

While Sid's toys are working with Woody to get Scud out of the house, just as Hand-in-the-Box is holding the doorknob we can see the screw mounted on the latch's hasp below the loop - which really doesn't make any sense, but as Hand opens the door the screw has suddenly vanished from the hasp and is now properly mounted on the doorway's loop plate, where it's meant to be. If the screw were really mounted through the hasp, the door could not be opened.

When Andy's mom suggests to Andy they go out to eat at Pizza Planet and that Andy can only bring one toy, Woody picks up the magic 8 ball which was next to him and asks if Andy will pick him. If you see in the earlier shots the ball wasn't there.

When Woody grabs hold of Buzz and uses his "karate chop action" while they walk backwards to the open door, as Woody says, "Sorry guys, dinner's canceled," in the wideshot of all of Sid's toys pay attention to the chair and table at the right side of the screen. What we're supposed to be seeing is the swivel chair with four legs/wheels (and the red toolbox resting on the seat) that's positioned in front of the table's angled wood two-by-four legs. But we don't see that. What we do see is the swivel chair and table all blended together - the seat and legs of the chair are somehow behind both sets of table legs and the chair's backrest is in front of the table, which doesn't make any sense.

When Andy goes to his room to get Molly, he lowers the side of her crib in order to get her out, picks her up, and walks out of the room. In the next shot of his room, the crib side is back up.

During the earlier scenes in Andy's room Molly's bottle is beside the lamp on the small wicker dresser near the crib, and it disappears and reappears, such as when Buzz wants to prove he can fly he stands on the bed's footboard and the bottle is gone, but it reappears when he lands on the race track.

When Andy has Woody slide down the banister there's a green/white striped rug directly in front of the door, but when the area of the floor in front of the door can be seen from the living room such as when Andy shouts, "Score," the rug is gone, then it reappears when Andy rushes back upstairs to get Molly.

In the scene when Buzz and Woody are at the gas station, Buzz looks up at the moon and talks about Zurg. The reflection of the moon on his helmet looks the same as the moon in the sky, rather than its mirror image.

Before the staff meeting, when Woody gets his doodle pad we see the outlet under the crib, but then the outlet vanishes, and reappears later.

When Buzz wants to prove that he can fly, he jumps off Andy's bed and ends up on the loop car track, and the three stacked wood blocks (letters A, C, E) suddenly appear in front of the wicker hamper between shots.

At 09:21 on BluRay disc, is the scene where Woody is instructing the army man to go downstairs. You can see in his left hand there is a set of binoculars and in his right hand is a pistol. In the very next shot (at 09:26) you can see the binoculars in his left hand, but the pistol has disappeared from his right hand, enabling him to salute Woody.A few shots later (09:33) we get a good look at the army man. The pistol is still missing. We also get a look at the holster, which is empty.There was no time for the army man to put the pistol in the holster between shots, and it would technically be moulded to his hand anyway.

When Woody opens the back door on the moving van, the ramp handle is black. But when Rocky Gibraltar uses it, it is red.

Toy Story 2 (1999)

Near the end of the movie when the 'false' Buzz Light Year is running along the air conditioning ducts his 'New Utility Belt' disappears then reappears again.

When the characters are crossing the street to get to the toy store, Mr. Potato Head gets his foot stuck on some gum. From the first angle, the gum is at the half way point of the rolling cement drainage pipe. When he barely escapes, the gum is near the lip of the pipe, a foot or so from the end. As the gum sticks to the passing pipe, it appears to be half way between those two points.

When Woody is in Al's apartment thinking about leaving with the gang, he rubs the brown paint off his boot and looks at the name "Andy" written on it. The direction of the name is written differently, than when the cleaner first painted over it.

When Hamm turns off the TV at the beginning, there's no reflection of him, Rex who is beside him, or the remote.

When Woody rides Bullseye for the first time, they ride past the cardboard box and the front flap is up. Then when Bulleyes goes to get Stinky pete out of the box, the front flap is now down. Then when Bulleyes turns Pete's box around, the flap is up again.

When the Toys enter Al's Toy Barn looking for Woody, the colour of the tiles right after the cashiers don't match between the aerial and close-up angles.

With upgrades in animation the house Andy's family moved to at the end of the first film has undergone some slight changes. The house is still the same general shape, red in color and with the doors and windows in the same place. But the Toy Story 2 version gained an arch above the front door. Also, in the first movie the house was in front of some large pine trees, there was a straight path from the door to the street, and there was a wooden fence in the front yard. In Toy Story 2 the fence is gone, the path from the front door bends toward the driveway, and the pine trees behind the house are replaced by generic types of trees. The house also is much more detailed (as is most of the animation compared to the first movie), allowing the shading of the brick pattern to come in.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

After Chuckles tells the story of Lotso we see the gang locked up at the daycare center. Jessie comforts Bullseye and looks at the word "Andy" on her boot (with the "A" on the inner side) . Woody returns and when the bell rings for the kids to go outside, we see Jessie on the floor. Notice that the "Andy" on her boot is now different (the "A" is on the outer part of her boot).

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