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The battles are won, the bodies are buried, that coffee cup will live in infamy, except for the fact they swiftly CGI'd it out of future showings... But there are a fair few other mistakes in Game of Thrones which slipped past the editors too...

The Last Of The Starks - S8-E4

During the scene in the banquet hall, as Tormund says "most people get bloody murdered, they stay that way", look at Daenerys in the background - a disposable coffee cup is on the table in front of her. This brown cup with a white plastic lid is nothing remotely like the style of cups they're all drinking from in the scene. HBO acknowledged the slip up and digitally edited it out on streaming services, reruns and future DVD releases.

The Iron Throne - S8-E6

As the surviving characters discuss the fate of Westeros, 2 plastic water bottles can be seen tucked behind the chairs they're sitting on.

The Last Of The Starks - S8-E4

In this episode, Kings Landing is shown as sitting on flat, plain-like terrain. In previous seasons, it was shown surrounded by water and mountains covered lush greenery.

Winter Is Coming - S1-E1

Khal Drogo has just lifted Daenerys onto her horse after their wedding celebration. Her hair is behind both shoulders. In the immediate next shot, her hair has now moved in front.

You Win or You Die - S1-E7

When Jon and the others emerge onto the other side of the wall, there are 4 people with torches. Pay attention to the one at the back on the screen left. He has his torch in his left hand in this shot, but as the shot changes to the front he now has his torch in his right hand.

The Pointy End - S1-E8

When Catelyn meets up with Robb's forces, she hugs her son and then puts her hand on his shoulder/chest. In the next shot, her hand is down by her side.

Winter Is Coming - S1-E1

Ser Jorah has just given Daenerys 3 books as her wedding present. As she takes them, their spines are pointing towards her right side. Cut to the next shot, as Jorah informs her that he served her father, the spines are now pointing towards her left side.

Baelor - S1-E9

When Jamie is brought before Robb near the end, the blood smears on the sword being held to Jamie's neck keep changing between shots.

Dark Wings, Dark Words - S3-E2

When Brienne of Tarth is facing off against Jaime Lannister on the bridge, in a shot from behind the blade is angled upwards, not touching her arm, then in the immediate next shot from the front the blade is now lying along her arm.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken - S5-E6

When the Sand Snakes attempt to kidnap Myrcella, as Nymeria Sand runs up to Myrcella to seize her, she is holding her large whip in her right hand. However, in the very next shot, the whip has disappeared, and Nymeria is now holding a dagger in her hand instead.

The Kingsroad - S1-E2

When Ser Jorah tells Dany that her life with Khal Drogo "will get easier," watch the strap of her dress. It moves up and down her right shoulder throughout the scene.

The Climb - S3-E6

When the camera pans out from Jon and Ygritte standing on the wall kissing, Tormund and Orell, who were sitting next to them, are nowhere to be seen.

Winter Is Coming - S1-E1

This is when the family is watching Bran practicing archery. The round target on the left has a large hole on the bottom right side, presumably from a previous arrow. This hole moves around throughout the scene, most noticeably in the shot after Arya shoots an arrow right into the middle of the target.

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