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With Toy Story 4 out today, seems like the perfect time to look at a few bits of trivia you may not know about from the first three movies...

Toy Story (1995)

The number A113 has appeared in every full length Pixar film. In Toy Story, as well as its sequel, it is the license plate number on Andy's mom's mini-van.

The carpet design used in Sid's house is the same design used in the hotel featured in The Shining (1980).

The toolbox in Sid's room is labelled "Binford". That is the name of the tool company on Tim Allen (the voice of Buzz)'s show, Home Improvement .

There are many books behind Woody when he is giving his speech and some of them are Pixar short films such as Red's Dream, Knick Knack, and Tin Toy. The Tin Toy book even has director John Lasseter's last name on it.

Originally, Toy Story was going to be about a bear in a toy store. However, the animators decided it would be hard at the time to animate fur for a bear, so they eventually changed the story to what it is now. They kept the bear design, you can see him on the shelf when Woody has his staff meeting. That same bear went through some design changes, and became Lotso from Toy Story 3.

There's a hidden Mickey on the 'MEGADORK' poster in Sid's room - the Mickey tattoo on the musician's arm.

In Andy's room, when Buzz Lightyear tries to prove to everyone that he can fly, he bounces off the ball (red star/blue stripe) from Pixar's first film, Luxo Jr. [src]

Toy Story 2 (1999)

When Hamm is flicking through TV channels, the Pixar short 'Tin Toy' is showing on one of the channels.

On the Al's Toy Barn TV ad, when all the specials are shown from out of the egg, you see the ball from the Luxo Jr short.

In the scene where Potato Head is driving the toy car down the aisles of the Toy Barn (after Buzz and the gang split up) and Rex suddenly places the Buzz Lightyear strategy guide in front of his face, if you pause you can see the price for the guide: $4.95 U.S., $50.00 CAN. A little joke on the money exchange between the two countries.

Just after Buzz, Potato Head, and the others enter Al's Toy Barn (before they get hold of a car or split up), if you look in the background, you can see a rack of toys from "A Bug's Life".

When Hamm is flipping through the channels, you can see a portion of 'Luxo Jr', a short film from Pixar, featuring the Pixar Lamp.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

The trashman is Sid from Toy Story 1.

Buzz Lightyear's batteries are Buy n' Large brand, a reference to Wall-E, another PIXAR film.

The A113 logo that pops up in all of the Pixar films makes an appearance on the license plate on the back of Andy's mom's car.

Stay for the credits and you will see a cameo of a toy from Toy Story 2.

One of the costumes Ken tries on for Barbie is the same costume Clark Griswold wore in European Vacation. Ken even dances the same as Clark did in that film.

Mr. Ray, the stingray from Finding Nemo is one of the toys in the daycare. We see him on the shelf to the left when the toys first fall out of the box.

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