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New today Question: In the book, Ron defends Hermione after Snape calls Hermione an insufferable know it all. How come in the movie Ron actually says Snape has a point?


New today Answer: This is just a joke to end the exchange and save time with the overall length of the movie. And it's always implied the trio joke about Hermione being a know it all.

Ssiscool Premium member

New today Question: When Agent J travels into the past, he is being put into a neuralizer because he wouldn't tell young Agent K anything. When the neuralizer was being charged up, why didn't J simply close his eyes?

New today Answer: MIB agents wear their sunglasses for a reason whenever they neuralyse people, or else they wouldn't have been needing them if all they needed to do was to close their eyes.


New this week Question: Why was Madeline killed? She wasn't responsible for what happened to Lestat.

New today Answer: Santiago read Louis' mind and suspected (wrongly) that Madeline was also involved with Lestat's supposed murder. She was punished along with Louis and Claudia, though Louis escaped with Armando's help.

raywest Premium member

New this week Question: What is the principal's problem? Why is he taking it out on a 17 year old?

New this week Answer: Just look at him and you'll know. LOL Seriously though, he just has a problem with slackers and he has a short fuse so he acts this way around them. In 1955, he acted the same way towards George and Biff too.

New this week Question: Why couldn't Dr. Lanning just kill Viki himself? I don't get it.

New today Answer: He couldn't. She was keeping him prisoner after she became self aware and saw him as her biggest threat. Also he likely felt like a father figure for her, so with those two things together all he could do was make Sonny to do the job cause he actually could not.

Quantom X Premium member

New this week Question: What flowers made up Emily's bouquet?

New this week Question: Why does Mera say Aquaman is king by birthright as he is the eldest? That's not how it works. He's not the King's first son, but the Queen's, and that is irrelevant.

New today Answer: Like King Arthur, he may have been born out of wedlock but had royal blood as his mother was of noble birth with kingdom of her own. She wanted to avoid any arranged marriage.

New this week Question: Did Aquaman kill all Black Manta's crew at the start? As far as I can see he just knocks them out, but they don't seem to leave. If they die, why is he so upset about the guy's dad, when he left a half dozen to drown?

New this week Question: How come Miles could venom strike and turn invisible on command just because of what Jeff said?


New this week Answer: Miles was touched by what Jeff said, and it inspired him to finally find the focus needed to control his powers.


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New this week Question: Why does Xana hate humans so much?

New today Answer: It's not a matter of hate but of achieving superiority and domination. X.A.N.A.'s objective is to conquer the real-world, control all computers, and enslave every human being.

raywest Premium member

New this week Question: How come there is not one alligator inside the lagoon? I mean it is Florida.

New today Answer: The Lagoon was part of the theme park. Artificial made with specific mammals inhabitants inside warm and friendly.

New this week Question: What is the orchestral piece playing during Otto and Wanda's bedroom scene?

New this week Answer: It is a piece called 'Sword Ballet' from the score for the movie by John Du Prez.

New this week Question: What exactly was the Federation treaty (main subject of the movie)?

New this week Answer: The treaty would have been an agreement between the Trade Federation and the Sovereign Planet Naboo that would have in effect legitimized the invasion of Naboo. The actual content of the treaty itself has never been elaborated upon, however it is clear that it would have given the Trade Federation substantial control over Naboo. Padme goes to the Senate to argue that the invasion of Naboo is an illegal act (it is) but the Senate is unmoved by her testimony and defers action until they can determine if an invasion has even taken place.


New this week Question: Why exactly did Anakin say to Obi-wan "I hate you!"?

New this week Answer: In Anakin's mind Kenobi betrayed Anakin by holding him back from his potential, by helping the Jedi attempt to overthrow Palpatine, and by manipulating Padme against him. This leads to a physical fight between the two wherein Kenobi severely maims Anakin, and as far as Anakin knows at the time would likely lead to his inevitable death. By this point he truly, passionately hates Obi-Wan Kenobi.


New this week Question: Where is Leah in the end battle with the doll?

New this week Question: Is the chemistry textbook Ash uses real?

New this week Answer: Yes, I recall a college friend being shocked to see his textbook on screen.

Brian Katcher

New this week Question: At what age did Jake get Melanie pregnant?

New this week Question: When Carl told Cargill that people would discover the dome, how does that help them? How is that a problem for Cargill even if they hadn't taken Springfield off the map?


New this week Answer: Carl presumably believes anyone noticing an entire town being trapped inside a dome would do something to help them out of their predicament.

Phaneron Premium member

New this week Question: When Passepartout, Phileas Fogg and Monique are looking at a map to find a way of avoiding the British police, Phileas notes that they can't go to Singapore or Hong Kong because they're both British Colonies. Monique asks if England owns every country in Asia, Passepartout says they don't own China. Since Hong Kong is located in China, shouldn't England own that as well?

New this week Answer: Hong Kong was indeed under British rule from 1841-1997. In short, it stems from the First Opium War where in the aftermath of the war, China ceded (gave up control of) Hong Kong to the British. After the war, with the cession of Hong Hong, it was technically part of China any more and Britain didn't really seek to occupy more of China.


New this week Question: When Ren is driving with his friends at night, he is told about the circumstances behind the death of Ariel's brother. It was quite clear that it was driving while under the influence of alcohol that was responsible for his death so why blame it on playing loud music?

New this week Answer: The belief was that rock and roll was the root cause of the accident. The adults who supported the ban believed that rock and roll influenced the teens to do things they wouldn't normally do, such as drinking and driving.


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