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Question: Women are getting kidnapped in the area where persons get dropped in front of an France Airport which bystanders would be able to see them. So how have persons of this Syndicate not been caught?

Answer: The people at the airport are just spotters, they contact the eventual kidnappers once they have an address to send them to. They aren't doing anything illegal or suspicious so they can't get caught with anything.


Question: Why are the gang members so spread out? I know there was the truce but surely they would he wary of anything going wrong? I know they needed to show off the different gangs but you will see one member of a gang in the middle of 4-5 members of the same gang, surely people would be more cautious than this.


Answer: There was a truce, but just in case you want different members in different parts of the crowd to see all angels and all exits in case of something. You plan if something goes wrong where everybody will be.

Show generally

Question: Was Sam supposed to have been married and divorced before the first episode? I swear I remember him saying something about having been married in an early episode, but I can't remember specifics.

Brian Katcher

Answer: In S01E02, "Sam's Women", Carla tells Diane that Debra was Sam's ex-wife.


Question: Why would the Riffs instantly believe that The Warriors did it? Wouldn't it have made sense, especially with the sheer numbers of The Riffs, that they search Cleon and anyone still there who they can get hold of?


Answer: The Riffs were informed of the Warriors' innocence of wrongdoing by a member of another gang who had no reason to lie on behalf of the Warriors or to frame Luther (the actual culprit). Apparently Luther had a reputation for dishonesty, among other things, whereas the Warriors were considered to be among the city's more "honorable" gangs.


Question: If Bruce had backed Edward's invention, would Edward have still done what he did in the movie (using the device to grow smarter, try to outdo Bruce etc)? Or did Bruce spurning him cause him to do that?

Answer: It's hard to say for certain. If Bruce had approved of the project, there would have been a lot more volunteers and oversight of its production, which would have alerted Bruce of the device's side effects, at which point he or one of his underlings would order its production to cease. Edward would still feel spurned and motivated to continue his work, but without the resources of Wayne Industries at his disposal, he may have a more difficult time seeing his plan through.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why were the kids crying after Nick said all that after the car burned down. I get their feelings might have been hurt but with all the other stuff he said why would that of all things make them cry?


Answer: Because what he said was true.

Question: Surely military people and special needs people would have gone first before her and her daughter? If that's the case there's no way no-one would have seen the daughter. Or are there different policies in Berlin?

Answer: It's unlikely it's different in Berlin, and it would be an airline policy, not a government one. The fact that no-one else was on the plane when Kyle boarded with her daughter or was not seen by one of the flight crew is simply an implausible plot device. This would never happen that way in real life.

raywest Premium member

Question: There is a major issue that I've never seen addressed. Candyman kidnaps baby Anthony the day Helen is in Anne Marie's apartment. She is then arrested and bailed out later that day. Then the following day Candyman kills Bernadette and Helen is hospitalized. A month later she meets with Dr Burke. So at minimum we have a month and a day that Candyman has the newborn. Who cares for the baby who an entire month? Candyman?

Answer: There is a scene where Candyman feeds the infant some honey. There isn't a need to stretch one's imagination to determine that he is the one that takes care of the infant during the entire period in question.


Answer: I don't see how it's a major issue. It's pretty obvious we are to presume that Candyman takes care of the baby in the meantime so he can use it for his plan.


Question: In the beginning when Jack is being rescued, he says "four of you have tried to kill me in the past, and one of you succeeded" whom does he mean as the four? One is Will, the other Barbossa. And Elizabeth is the one who succeeded. Who's the other one? Tia Dalma?

Answer: It was Tia Dalma, she even says "Come, don't tell me you didn't enjoy it at the time." Which he seems to agree to.


Question: This is regarding the scene in Boston. Why was that one gal smiling? Why did Amelia turn the lights out? Who were the three men Amelia told "You can go in now?

Answer: The lady smiling is one of Amelia's relatives who sits on the company board of directors. Being as she is elderly, she appears to be somewhat unaware of what exactly is going on and just sits there, apparently amused by the proceedings. The men were just waiting their turn to meet with the board, and of no significance to the story. Amelia's turning off the lights is just an exaggerated comedic gesture to show that she is on her way out and heading to Hawaii, that really makes no sense.

raywest Premium member

Answer: I think it's her Irish frugality.

Question: When we see Harry Potter sleeping in bed on his first night back at Hogwarts he appears to be having a bad dream. He then wakes up and we see that Ron is watching him. Why was Ron watching him while he was sleeping?

Answer: Harry is having a nightmare and could have easily woken Ron. Upon being woken, Ron could have simply been watching in disbelief at how bad Harry's nightmare is.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Does Sam really tell the truth when she told Jack that she is not her daughter? Or did she just want to avoid possible danger for both of them?

Infestation - S1-E3

Question: If the universe is around 13 billion years old, can the distances between galaxies be counted as a different units? Galactic distance is huge; could the distances be in trillion light years apart? I believe the age of the universe is different than galactic distances?

Question: Given Ralphie's mother said no to the gun then why would his father give him one? Surely this would start an argument between them.


Answer: This was more in the past than in today's culture, but it wasn't all that atypical for a husband to simply ignore his wife's opinions and wishes in many matters, including what would be an appropriate present for their children, particularly a boy.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Even though she was probably still against it, it was Christmas and most likely didn't want to upset Ralphie by taking the Red Ryder BB gun away from him so she let him keep it.

Question: How is it that there are winter fairies at the talent choosing ceremony in the first movie, Tinkerbell (2008) when in the fourth movie they state that winter fairies cannot fly in the warm areas?

Question: At the end, during Cindy's play, there's a woman in a cream color coat in the audience that the camera and lighting seem to focus on. She's sitting cross legged and not reacting like the other extras. She seems totally out of place to be just an extra. At first I thought she was suppose to be someone and was going to do something (like reveal her superpowers or something). Is she suppose to be a character, like Ace? Did we see her earlier in the film? Is there a deleted scene with her? Or is it truly just a random extra?


Question: What was Peggy Sue's mother doing when she came home early. Selling jewelry? Having an affair? Who's jewelry was she selling? is she a thief?

Answer: Rosalie is in the script but did not make the cut for the actual movie in the past. This never made a lot of sense to me until I bought a script while in New York. Rosalie was a top national athlete and diver and is involved in a diving accident. This accident leaves her in a wheelchair for life. Peggy tries to go back and warn her and stop it and is unsuccessful. As with Charlie, she cannot appear to change anything.

Question: How is that Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, and Cat Woman can suddenly have perfect vision after going insane as well as their accidents?


Answer: Most of these, if not all of them, had something supernatural happen to them. This supernatural event enhanced their abilities, their bodies. This includes their eyesight.


Question: How many raptors are in the movie? When Ellie goes to turn the power on there is one raptor inside there. Around the same time two are preying on Muldoon. Later in the kitchen two appear, sneaking for Lexi and Tim. Tim locks one into the freezer. Towards the end one appears at the control room door. Dr. Grant gets on the phone with Hammond and ask "there are only the two raptors?" Then Grant is heard shooting at it through the glass. Finally our heroes are surrounded in the compound center by two raptors. This is where the T-Rex enters to finish them off. Always makes me wonder how many Velociraptors were really in the movie.

Answer: There were always only 3. Muldoon mentions they had 8 originally but one of them killed all the others but 2. 2 attacked Muldoon whilst the 3rd attacked Ellie, one is locked by Tim and the last 2 attack the Rex which kills them.


There are 3 at the end. So either they messed up their count, or the freezer raptor got out.

The Raptor that followed them to the control room is the same one that jumped at the skeleton hanging from the ceiling. The one that Ellie locked in the maintenance shed is the one that enters the visitor center from behind the plastic sheeting. Rex comes and kills one and then the other one jumps on Rex. The third Raptor was nowhere to be seen as she was busy turning into an ice cube.

Question: Rather than sending an army into enemy territory to save a single soldier, wouldn't it have made more sense to put the word out among troops to try find Private Ryan as they found each other? It would have been awfully risky to send an army unit into enemy territory to save a single soldier.

Answer: It's only a squad of soldiers, definitely not an entire army. Word wouldn't spread fast around France during the early stages of an invasion. All original communications were cut and the infrastructure is hell, they had to use pigeons to contact England for a reason. If you want to send word out or find someone you have to send men.


It wouldn't have just been dangerous to a squad into enemy territory to save one man at the time which the movie takes place. They would have had to spend what could be many days to trying to locate him since they didn't know what Ryan looked like.

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