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Question: This 1978 comedy take on the Hound Of The Baskervilles featured a stellar cast of British comedy icons: Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Spike Milligan, Kenneth Williams and Terry Thomas. Yet it was not remotely funny and was a box office bomb. Biographies of cast members say the film was a low point of their careers, their acting lacks conviction, as if they know it isn't funny. So, why did they keep making this film, since, even when it was half completed, everybody knew it would be a total flop?

Rob Halliday

Answer: The actors would have no control over whether a film should continue production, particularly just because they didn't like how it was progressing. They were under contract and paid to act in a movie, regardless of the quality and would be sued if they quit. Movies are financed by studios and investors who expect a monetary return on their investment. Even if the film's quality was considered poor, producers would base their decisions on making a profit or at least recouping the costs. Halting production would be an extreme last resort.


Thank you for your informative and interesting points. I read a biography of Peter Cook which said that when the film studio executives saw the finished film they realised it just was not funny or entertaining. There was reluctance to give it a cinema release, as it was thought it would not even recoup distribution costs. It was eventually given a limited release and it bombed. I saw the film once on television, even though I am a fan of many members of the cast, I was wholly unimpressed. I think most of the cast, too, were embarrassed by the film.

Rob Halliday

Question: Why didn't Rowan Atkinson reprise his role as Zazu in this movie? Since he voiced Zazu in the first film, why didn't he voice him in this one?

Answer: Atkinson didn't want to do it again because he does not consider himself to be a voice-over actor but rather a visual artist. He said he did not like doing it.


Question: Is it true that, out of all actors who appeared in this movie, only Carlos Gallardo had experience in acting before starring in this film?

Answer: He was not the only professional actor in the film. However, the movie was made on a shoe-string budget, and, to save money, most of the cast were non-professional local residents.


Emissary (1) - S1-E1

Question: Did Nana Visitor's hairstyle change from her first appearance in the episode to the next scene when they were going down the stairs?

Question: Why does Zamira (Bucho's henchwoman) have no lines of dialogue? Is she mute? Or was it done to make her character enigmatic?

Answer: Having a tough-looking, silent henchman/henchwoman is a pretty common trope in action movies. She's basically there to look tough and mysterious. I wouldn't read into it more than that, especially given how minor the character is. (Minor enough that I had to Google her, because I couldn't even remember her, and I've easily seen this movie a dozen times over the years).


Show generally

Question: I may have this scenario slightly wrong, since I haven't seen it since the show was brand-new, but is there a scene in one episode where Mork (just him-no egg) falls from the sky and into a lake or some kind of body of water? I slightly remember this as a kid but wanted to see if I was right. Anyone know what episode this was from?

Answer: Maybe s02e02, "Mork in Wonderland, Part 2"? Mork started shrinking in part 1 and continued till he became microscopic and fell down a space warp into the lake of another world.


Yes, that was it. I found it shortly after submitting the question, but thank you anyway.

Question: When the Fratellis stumble upon the skeleton corpse, why did Mama think the kids ate him?

Answer: She knew the kids didn't eat him. Jake thought the kids had stolen the money from Chester Copperpot's wallet. Mama made the sarcastic comment to basically say that if the body had been there long enough to decompose, then anyone could have stolen his money in that time.

Answer: She was being sarcastic toward Jake since he made a stupid comment about the kids taking money from the corpse.

Question: Troops were sent to check out the mysterious toxic stuff in the centre of the space city but none returned (as mentioned by Clive Owen). Later it is discovered there is no toxicity. It seems extremely out of character for the pearls to have killed a whole unit of soldiers. This plot point was never explained. Were they killed by the pearls?

Answer: It is never answered, but it's safe to assume the commander has been killing the teams with his guard robots.

Thats nonsense because the commander didn't know the pearls were there so no reason to kill the teams. It was classified toxic because nobody returned, possibly incapacitated by the pearls to avoid discovery but not killed.


Question: When Lamont is struggling to stop the Phurba from cutting his throat, how did he finally manage to get control over the Phurba and use it to stab Khan?

Answer: Mind control over matter.


Answer: He had never gone up against someone like him. A man who not only knew how to harness his abilities, but had mastered them as well, like young Luke going up against Vader. He finally found the strength and the courage to fight and defeat him.

Answer: The body was fake, made by the scientists at Hawkins Lab in an attempt to cover up his disappearance and the existence of the Upside Down.

Question: What song is playing during the opening credits?

Question: At the beginning, when the mothership is first photographed with the infrared and the sheet is laid out on the table, there are four distinct objects that can be seen. The mothership, the moon, and two other objects. One is smaller and to the right of the moon, and there is a kind of swirl directly below both the moon and mothership. Any ideas on what these two other objects could be?

Answer: Have a closer look at the two infrared photos of the Mothership (at 00:04:25 and 00:13:40). It's not "four distinct objects" that we see, it's actually only one image of the massive Mothership. The round bit is not the "moon" it's part of the dome portion of the Mothership. The "kind of swirl" directly below is one of appendages (it has 2) that hang underneath the irregular dome. Compare those infrared photos to the images of the actual Mothership (at 02:02:40 and 02:03:10). At the Pentagon's Space Command, the first infrared photo is only the Mothership (00:04:25). At the White House, the second infrared photo shows the Mothership and numerous Destroyer ships (00:13:40). I can't upload screenshots for answers, but here's the link: Screenshots showing the infrared photo and the actual Mothership.

Super Grover

Answer: It might be an impaired image of the radar, which would indicate why an incomplete image is the only one available. It might not show the full image due to radar interference, much like the television signals are affected due to the satellites being used by the Aliens.

Question: In therapy, Susanna says that her parents are having a "Christmas party crisis." What does she mean?

Answer: She thinks that her parents are mostly concerned about their social image. They don't want people to criticize and avoid them, because their daughter is in a mental institution. They are probably wondering what to tell the guests at their next party.

Question: When Melanie Mitchell is talking with Gary Oldman before takeoff, she says that the plane is bullet resistant. If so, how is it so easily shot up when the MiGs attack?

Answer: It's bullet resistant to small arms fire (eg. 9mm), so Secret Service agents can fire within the aircraft without causing depressurisation. Fighter jet weapons are significantly more powerful - 23mm or even 30mm shells.

The Waters of Mars - S4-E16

Question: How did they all manage to get into the Tardis just before the base exploded? It was still teleporting in when there were only 5 seconds left. There's no way they could've got inside and took off again in that short amount of time.

Answer: Yes, it looks like they were still staring at the TARDIS in the last few seconds! Once they were inside they would be safe even if it hadn't taken off. Only answers I can think of are the TARDIS extending its force field to protect the crew (which has been done a few times), or it was just edited for dramatic effect.


Sunflower - S8-E3

Question: If head of MI5 gave Foyle the file on Strasser at the start of episode, why, when American officer comes to the office for first time, why does he say to Miss Pierce that he didn't know about Stasser?

Joey's Funny Valentine - S7-E16

Question: Maybe I'm missing something, but the whole situation with Roxy doesn't make sense to me. For one, if she found out that she insulted the Tanners with her comedy bit about them, why didn't she just come out and apologize to them? That would've been the most obvious thing to do. I understand Roxy is shy and that Joey cares about her a lot, but the way the rest of the episode played out (especially during the dinner scene towards the end) is just something I can't quite wrap my head around.


Question: What are the Slayers? They have the bodies of men, but when they die something escapes into the sand from their "head." A parasite? A collection of tentacles?

Erik M.

Answer: The Slayers are small, tentacled alien creatures that control durable metallic bodies. If the shell body sustains enough damage, the worm-like creature will abandon the metal frame and burrow underground. It would seem without the metal bodies the creatures are vulnerable if not entirely defenseless.


Question: In regards to the Black Panthers meeting, why were Jenny and her boyfriend (at the time) hanging around with them? Also, why didn't they (the Black Panthers at the meeting) step in when she was getting hit and abused by him?

Answer: Jenny and her boyfriend were radical, anti-government activists, whose goals were aligned with the Panthers'. As to why they didn't intervene, Forrest reacted before anyone else could, and sadly, people tend to look away when they see a woman being abused.

Brian Katcher

Question: We all know Brandon Lee was shot and ultimately died of his injuries. The death was recorded and has ultimately been destroyed. But does anyone know what scene it is where the accident happened? I've read that it was the scene where he jumps on the table and is shot off before popping up, and I've read that it was a scene with just Funboy shooting him with a revolver. There have also been articles where it's described as an "unknown scene"


Answer: To add, there are other websites besides Wikipedia, that also confirm that Brandon's death occurred while filming the scene of Shelly's rape.

Answer: This is from Wikipedia: On March 31, 1993, at EUE Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina, Lee was filming a scene where his character, Eric, is shot after witnessing the beating and rape of his fiancée. Actor Michael Massee Funboy fires a .44 Magnum Smith and Wesson Model 629 revolver at Lee as he walks into the room.


As we are all aware, Wikipedia isn't the best for credibility. Is there any other source for this information? As like I said originally, I've read articles where it's the scene where he falls off the table, and others where it's just "an unknown scene".


That Wikipedia entry is cited with a source to an official news article, so it's totally legit. I've never seen an article where it says it was the scene where he fell off a table. I've only ever heard it mentioned as the scene where he finds Shelly being beaten and raped. But here are some other articles about the incident: and


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