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The One With Ross's Tan - S10-E3

Question: I occasionally perform spray tans as a side gig, and the solution usually takes around 8 hours to set. Is there any reason aside from creating a comedy situation that the spray tan salon wouldn't just tell Ross to immediately go home and shower so that his tan won't look so ridiculous?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: None at all. It's played for laughs and that's all. If we really wanted to give it a real-world explanation, we can speculate that maybe Ross stormed out of the tanning salon without giving the staff a chance to recommend a shower.

Question: When Odie gets sent the picture of a blue moon, why didn't Patrick simply inform her that the wrong file was sent and send her the right file?

Answer: He tried to, but she interrupted him when she say how everyone liked it at the party.

Question: Why go through the extremely time-consuming work of digging through a concrete floor, when they could have just brought along a portable toilet with a hermetically sealed disposal system?

Answer: We can only speculate, but a bulky portable toilet would be problematic - both carrying it into the bank and when exiting the building. It appears Dalton removed everything from the hiding space in a duffel bag and a backpack, leaving nothing incriminating behind. The escape plan was to simply blend in with other people while walking out. Eventually, the hiding space would be found. Using the hole as a toilet and refilling it with the excavated dirt could help eliminate DNA evidence traceable to him. He may have removed some waste in plastic bags. Unpleasant, but necessary.

raywest Premium member

Answer: There is no reason for the hole, it's just wasted time and energy. They brought in enough materials to build a fake wall, bringing a little more would be easy. No need for a fancy portable toilet either, a bucket with a lid and some chemicals to neutralise the smell and destroy DNA would be enough, literally less weight than the tools to dig the hole. I think the hole was just there to be a red herring for the audience. Personally I thought he was hiding in the hole and it was covered up by something, but it turns out they built a fake wall for that, same result but it made the movie seem dumber than it needed to be.

Question: I used to work in a prison as an intake nurse, and I am wondering how in the hell did the warden and guards who were watching the food go through the X-ray scanner not see that the bone in the T-bone steak could be used as a shank? It could be seen on the monitor, so it was obvious. Either sloppy writing of the movie or it just wanted to show the jailers were just inept.

Answer: I think you have given two good answers to your own question. Unless someone knows more about the writing of the movie, it's either a plot convenience or a subtle suggestion that the prison isn't well run.

Question: The only animal surviving is a roach. It survives on wrapped food and shelter that Wall-e provides. There is little to no water in sight but if and when there is water it seems to be very toxic with sludge and acid rain. So how does the roach manage to live with no fresh water?

Answer: There's an old trope that if all humanity was destroyed in some cataclysmic event, only cockroaches could survive. It's meant as a joke, and this is just a play on that. It's unlikely anything could survive under those conditions.

raywest Premium member

Question: How is it possible that David, as a fugitive, was able to get on a plane to Oregon without getting caught?

Answer: At that point, David's school friend, Jennifer, had met up with him. She could purchase their plane tickets under her name. Air travel security then was less stringent than in the post-9/11 era though it was after the D.B. Cooper hijacking when tighter rules had been implemented. Being a movie, facts and reality are often skewed to serve the storyline though it begs the question of how a minor, even in this era, could buy tickets without proper I.D. for David and where did she get that much money.

raywest Premium member

Question: After George convinces the board to keep the Bailey Building and Loan open, why did they decide they'll only leave it open if George runs it but will shut it down if he refuses? Why not just let Uncle Billy run it?

Answer: Because Uncle Billy is a known alcoholic who has shown on multiple occasions that he is incapable of running anything; the board, justifiably, has no confidence in him.

Answer: According to him, yes:

Question: Can anyone shed any light on Noah's death scene and how he actually dies? I assume he broke a load of bones in his body, hence why he wasn't able to get up. But there's a part in his death scene where he suddenly seems to suffocate and there's a crunching sound too. If anyone knows anything, feel free to comment.

Answer: He had not only broken bones but also internal bleeding from the fall. He choked on his own blood, most likely.

Question: Venom can take control of Eddie any time he wants to. When he tells Eddie to jump out of the window after Eddie leaves the proof on his boss' desk, Eddie takes the elevator instead. Why did Venom let Eddie take the elevator instead of making him jump out the window?

Answer: The entire movie is about the struggle between Eddie and the symbiote, which doesn't always want to take control.

Question: Is George's Oscar Wilde quotation, "We won't have to look for work, and it won't have to look for us," genuine? (Never trust a criminal, I know).

Louisa Radice

Answer: I did an Internet search for this quote, including checking, and the only reference of it I can find is tied to the movie. I do not think this is an Oscar Wilde quote. If I find something, I'll update this, as it's possibly a line from one of his plays or novels that just doesn't happen to be online. Someone else might know.

raywest Premium member

Question: Wouldn't lying about your age constitute as fraud? If so, why was Samantha Cole let completely off the hook?

Answer: First of all, she's not "on the hook" anyway...this is a divorce proceeding, not a criminal trial. And second, this film has multiple inaccuracies in its depiction of the legalities involved (see Legal Eagle's two-part analysis on YouTube for a very good rundown); the fact that no-one brings up fraud is the least of them. It's not important to the plot, so it is simply brushed aside, counting on us (the audience) not worrying too much about it, like so many other lapses of reality in comedy movies.

Show generally

Question: Is it ever mentioned who is in charge of SGC when General Hammond isn't there? By that I mean, when he's home sleeping or taking a few days off, not when he steps down or resigns in certain episodes. Wouldn't SGC have to be operationally 24-hrs a day, especially when there's so many "unscheduled" incoming wormholes? Would Hammond be required to live on base? In real life, are military bases operational 24-hrs a day? Do generals take "shifts", or does the highest ranking officer become in charge?


Answer: The commanding General is always in charge, but generals never live on base (in fact they rarely command bases, that is Colonel's work). One would have to assume he has competent officers in charge of day to day activities; at one point in the TV series there are FOUR Colonels in the staff including Sam and Shepard. The General is usually called in when something is going to happen, as generals usually work at a field HQ or at the Pentagon.

Question: How is Martin able to freely travel at the end? I get that he has fake passports, but given that he admitted to the German police that he is an assassin, and that he is the one who planted the bomb in the hotel, wouldn't they have shared his picture with Interpol, regardless of the fact that he prevented the deaths of Bressler and the Saudi prince?

Phaneron Premium member

Show generally

Question: There are a few episodes where Phoebe is talking with her twin sister Ursula, and one of them will hand something to the other person, and you can tell a stand-in is not being used for one of them because Lisa Kudrow's face is visible for both characters. How do they achieve this effect?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: The effect can be achieved in various ways. Split screen and image overlapping is one method. CGI can simulate body movements making it appear the characters are physically interacting, or a face can be superimposed over a body double. Lisa Kudrow's older sister, Helena, who looks almost exactly like her, was often used as her twin body double, mostly filmed from the back or the side and in scenes where one stood or walked in front of the other.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It's a slang term for an isolated jail cell. In wartime, POWs who attempted to escape or otherwise thwart their captors might be punished with solitary confinement, often in a cramped, poorly ventilated, windowless space.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why was Kyle Reese removed from the theatrical version of this movie? Why is he only present in the extended version?

Answer: Movies typically film more scenes than are used in the final theatrical version. During the editing process, certain scenes may no longer result in a tight story, lose the continuity, slows the pace, or otherwise muddles the plot. The film's length might also run too long limiting how many times a movie can be shown in a theater per day and affecting ticket sales. Restoring the cut scenes in the DVD version serves several purposes. The director can re-edit the film in the way they originally envisioned. Deleted scenes are often added as a separate bonus feature to help market the DVD. Both help increase DVD sales. The Kyle scene may not have fitted the story line and/or it made the running time too long.

raywest Premium member

Question: Just before Marty hides the DeLorean, he flags down a passing car. What does the woman in the car shout at the driver?

Answer: "Don't stop, Wilbert. Drive!"


Question: If Henry time travels and his clothes are always gone... why doesn't this happen to his daughter Alba?.. Or if Alba can time travel wouldn't they worry if she did as a baby and be helpless when she reappears?

Answer: If the fetus could travel then there would be no age limitations on time travel.

Answer: Alba's clothes DO disappear. The first time we meet the slightly older Alba she is playing outside with her younger self. Henry notes that she is barefoot and wearing a too big, old T-shirt - maybe a shirt young Alba found for her.

Answer: It was never explained why Alba's clothes did not disappear. It's one of a number of inconsistencies that occur in the movie's time-travel plot. Most likely it had to do with the legal and ethical issues of child nudity in a film, which could potentially violate child pornography laws or allow unscrupulous third parties to exploit the images for pornographic purposes. Also, Alba may not have been physically able to time travel until she had grown older. Of course her parents would worry if she did, but they would have no control over it.

raywest Premium member

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