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Answer: Part of reason for the firing was because George considered Gus a personal friend and ignored Hank's suspicions of Gus' involvement in the meth business. Even after questioning Gus, he still ignored Hank when Hank try's to tell him Gus is lying.


Answer: The DEA needed a scapegoat to throw under the bus as Gus made them look bad being right under their nose and George was the agent in charge so took the fall. And yes, had Hank not been killed he too would most likely have been fired.


Question: Why would the bullies even do what Zack tells them to do? They could easily beat him.


Answer: They might be able to beat him in a fight, but Zack is by far the most popular boy on campus. Fighting him would make them social outcasts. In addition, it is a movie cliche to show bullies exposed as cowards when they are directly confronted by someone with confidence.


Question: Why would Brad go to jail for refusing to rat Donnie out? Doesn't he have the right to remain silent?


Answer: If you are referring to a person's Miranda Rights, it does not give someone the right to remain silent indefinitely or to conceal a crime. It is a notification police give to criminal suspects who are in custody, advising them of their right to refuse to answer questions or provide information to law enforcement or other officials during an interrogation. A person can also invoke their Fifth Amendment right while on trial, but that also does not protect them from being convicted of a crime.

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Question: Is this the last movie in the Infinity Saga? I always thought Endgame was, but apparently I was wrong. Wouldn't it make more sense for Endgame to be?


Answer: All MCU movies from Phase 1 through Phase 3 are considered to be in the Infinity Saga. Avengers: Endgame is considered to be the climax, while this film is considered to be the epilogue.

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Question: What happened to Candace and her baby at the end?

Answer: Candace is shot and killed by Tom. Candace's child is not harmed. The real-life inspiration for Candace, Lisa Lambert, was similarly murdered along with Brandon Teena (and another victim, Philip DeVine whom the film omits) with the killers leaving her toddler unharmed.


Answer: It's a little shorter and curlier. The bangs are also a little different. It's hardly surprising since a few months have passed from the end of the school year in HP2 and the start of HP3, just before the new school year begins. All the younger characters have changing hairstyles throughout the series.

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Question: Where and how did the elders meet?

Answer: They met in the modern world at a grief support group. Each had lost a loved one to an act of violence.

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Question: What happened to Loki? Does this mean he's now alive?


Answer: The Loki from the original timeline is dead, but the 2013 Loki that is imprisoned on Asgard is presumably alive and well, and the 2012 Loki that escaped with the Tesseract is alive and supposedly, this version of the character will be the focus of his own upcoming Disney+ series.

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Answer: The Loki who escaped is in a different timeline, so he will not encounter the "main" versions of the characters. This version of Loki will appear in the new series.

Answer: I think you're thinking of the musical, there's no Girl Scout in the movie. As for the musical, after the girl plays up her heart condition and how a minor shock to her system could kill her, she ironically survives her encounter with Beetlejuice just fine.

Brian Katcher

Answer: He didn't. He took a desperate gamble that he could distract and then emotionally disarm Carl's normal defenses.

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Answer: The film leaves it can be interpreted either way. She may have simply been being paranoid, but the circumstances, and Jimmy's behavior, were very suspicious.

Question: What is the outcome of the game in Oslo, Norway?

Answer: The Americans beat the Soviets. Two days later, the team defeated Finland 4-2 to win the gold medal.

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Answer: Technically, yes. However, you'd have to be in a (rather flimsy) wooden coffin, which is unlikely, unless you live in the past; you'd have to punch your way out before running out of oxygen, which is also unlikely (even with years of martial arts training that specifically included how to punch a hole in wood at very close range); and you'd have to escape before the roughly 65 cubic feet of dirt on top of you poured into the coffin and suffocated you anyway. Finally, Beatrix definitely gets some help through editing, which you won't have.

Answer: The actor was diagnosed with cancer and was going through treatment, and was physically unwell. As a result, he had to drop out of multiple projects, including "Malcolm in the Middle." He sadly passed away five years later.


Answer: Because the actor died unfortunately.

He actually died five years after the show ended. It was because he had cancer and was going through treatment, and was physically unable to continue doing some of his roles.


Question: What are the names of the three sisters?

Answer: According to Riordan Wiki on Fandom, they are the Grey sisters, Anger (Deino), Tempest (Persis or Perso), and Wasp (Pemphredo). They are the daughters of minor sea gods.

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Answer: The above answer applies to Malcolm. Will was the character from the first movie, who was not in Dawn of Planet of the Apes. While no definitive answer was ever given, I think the safe bet is that he died of the Simian flu, along with millions of others.


Answer: Several reasons, the Vulture isn't really a super villain, but a man trying to provide for his family after being cheated by the government. He also can make Peter Parker squirm with fear knowing that he's Spider-Man. What will he do with that knowledge.

Question: How is the underage nudity legal? I mean how was it legal to show underage nudity in the movie? How is it not child pornography?


Answer: As long as there are no touching or actual physical contact with a child, even simulated sexual act, it is legal.

Answer: I think she wanted people to stop focusing on this valuable necklace. She wanted them to care more about love, and the Titanic passengers who died.

Answer: The necklace is called "The heart of the Ocean." While in the middle of the ocean, Rose had her heart captured by Jack Dawson. Rose returned the diamond to the ocean in the exact place where her heart was taken by Jack. As she says at one point, "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets"

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Answer: She basically gave it back to the ship. It was a symbolic gesture towards Jack as basically he died because of it.


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