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Question: In the opening scene, after the bird is hit; did anyone else think the blood on the ball makes a crude Bat signal?


Answer: Yes, it did.

Question: If Blade knew the bomb on the back of Reinhardt's head wasn't actually a dud like Scud believed it to be, why didn't he detonate it and kill Reinhardt instead of using it to kill Scud? Surely Reinhardt is a bigger threat than Scud. Blade could kill Scud with his bare hands if he wanted to.


Chosen answer: Killing Scud with it probably was more satisfying for Blade than Reinhardt, who he easily beat as well. He hates familiars and that moment he used the bomb to have Scud reveal his betrayal, and then kill him, so he won't get away. Reinhardt he knew would not try to run, he was killing him anyway.


Question: At the end when the Russian vampire has his would-be victim in a choke-hold, she says something to him, and he says something in return, but neither lines are subtitled. What are they saying?


Chosen answer: I have taken the Russian subtitles and machine translated them, then edited for clarity. Here they are with and compared to the hard subs from the theatrical release of the movie. Russian version is in brackets. Here is the full conversation... MOSCOW Woman: (A good show. I'm glad we went.) Vampire: (It went well, I thought?) Woman: (Yes, keep up the good work.) Vampire: (I will try.) Woman: It's cold. Where are we going? (I'm so cold. Where are we going?) Vampire: It's a surprise. Woman: Surprise? (Surprise? Really?) Man: (Yes.) Woman: I like surprises. (You know, I like surprises.) Vampire: Then you'll like this - (Then you'll like it very much.) Vampire: (You have such sweet skin!) Woman: (Peter, what are you doing? You're hurting me!) Vampire: (You will live forever.) Woman: (Don't touch me!) Blade: (Hey, good evening.) Blade: Catch you at a bad time - Blade: - Comrade? Vampire then growls until blade draws his sword and it cuts to credits.

Question: Why wouldn't the vampire elders just kill Deacon Frost if he's such a problem for them? It's not like they have a code of ethics to follow, plus it would send a message to any other rebellious vampires.


Chosen answer: It would seem Deacon has gathered a lot of strength around himself, in followers of "young" vampires like himself. After he kills Gitano he just abducts all the vampire elders, showing his followers are a lot stronger than the elders are. So they probably couldn't have killed him even if they wanted to, not unless they want to unleash a war. They thought his pursuit of the vampire god was totally pointless, so they let him waste his time and were probably trying to find a way to get rid of him.


Chosen answer: He is squatting the entire time in every scene. The suit probably helped in ways to balance himself whilst squatting, so he could hold on much longer than normally.


Question: Why didn't the lady who was originally with Mid-Size Sedan decay quicker, and we were able to see her body intact when she hit young Trent in the water?

Answer: Because she was 'freshly' dead when she hit Trent.

Question: Shortly after Andy leaves Woody and Buzz behind at the gas station, Woody shouts "YOU!" and charges toward Buzz, when he is interrupted by a tanker truck's horn. What was Woody about to do?

Answer: He has become a lost toy, and he blames Buzz for it. He is especially angered by the fact Buzz keeps staying in character as a space ranger.


Question: When New York got hit with a tidal wave and Sam asked the receptionist where the "pay phones are?" Why didn't he just ask to use one of the 100s of phones throughout upper parts of the building? I'm sure a verbal warning was the last thing the receptionist mind, I mean there was a freaking oil tanker floating up the street. (00:25:00 - 01:00:00)

Answer: The power had been knocked out meaning anything more than a basic telephone wouldn't be able to work. Payphones would get their power directly from the phone line and given how essential phones are to call emergency services, phone lines usually have backup power sources (batteries, generators etc) in case of power outages.

Question: The scene towards the end when Uma is in her car asleep and sees Ethan leaning on the car, in the side mirror, she is in a dress, isn't she? Seems as if it was a continuation of the date night scene, but it is after she already took the cop to Ethan's house, in the day, wearing a uniform, right? I feel this is a weird continuity error or am I wrong. Or why is she asleep in her car in a dress in that scene.

Question: When Indy is in the final room to get the golden idol, how does he know exactly which plates to step on? None of them have moss like the first that he pushed down with the wooden torch. They have no distinguishing features. How can he tell which ones are the safe ones?

Answer: Note how Indy only steps on the darker area surrounding the centre of each plate, but triggered the trap by pushing down the centre area. That could mean that the plates consist of two parts and only the centre part is the trigger. Thus it would've been easy to figure out that "walking on the cracks" is the savest way. Additionally, Indy might be putting on a "genius at work" show for the clumsy assistant. If tomb raiding was revealed as being rather easy, everybody would do it.

Answer: I fully agree with the other answer, and just to expand a bit: we also don't question how Indy knew to "stay out of the light" on the previous trap, or how he knows the idol is on a platform triggered by a change in weight. Clearly, he's done his homework.

Answer: Indy is an archaeologist and would have extensively researched the culture, history, customs, technology, etc. digging up any clue to how and where to find the idol. There may have been other treasure caves found with similar booby traps in place that others tried and failed to overcome. Indy was making a (literal) leap of faith that he had the correct knowledge. There is some "suspension of disbelief" employed here, where the audience accepts that Indy had somehow gained the proper knowledge.


The Redneck on Rainey Street - S8-E21

Question: After Kahn and Minh neglect their home and bills, the realtor tells Hank that they will be out of the house "in ten working days." Wouldn't the bank be required to give them thirty days?

Question: During the highlight reel at the stadium, what was the make and model of the car that hit the ball player?

Answer: 1988 Oldsmobile Firenza.


Question: Why would Dumbledore hire Lockhart to be a professor at Hogwarts? Dumbledore knows how incompetent Lockhart is and that the DADA is cursed.

Answer: This is better explained in the book. Dumbledore, and also the other Hogwarts' staff, always doubted the narcissistic Lockhart's credentials and abilities, but no-one else would accept the job, knowing it was cursed and no instructor lasted more than a year. At the time, Dumbledore was pressed to hire a new teacher before the school year started, and Lockhart was the only option and better than nothing.


Answer: On paper, Lockheart is far from incompetent. Look at all his books. It appears he has exceptional experience of the Dark Arts and creatures such as Hag's Banshee's etc. So as far as Dumbledore knows he's the best position of the job. With regards to the job being cursed, it's been cursed for 13 years with no teacher lasting more than a year. He still needs a teacher. And all the teachers get more and more qualified as time goes on. Consider the fact that he hires ex-auror, Moody.


In the novels, Lockheart has admitted to Harry and Ron that he's a fraud. His backstory goes that all of his "accomplishments" were told to him by other wizards that actually achieved them and after he learned the whole story, he used Obliviate on them to make them forget what they did and claimed them as his own. Even the spell that he claims would work on pixies failed.

In the movie he tells them too. Nobody knew that though, not even Dumbledore when he hired him. Although some do start getting suspicious, like Snape.


Dumbledore was aware of Lockhart being a fraud as two of the wizards that had their memories erased were friends of his and was able to correctly guess that Lockhart was responsible.

I wouldn't consider Dolores Umbridge, who succeeded (the fake) Mad Eye Moody, as an improvement. She was mediocre in addition to being corrupt. The real Mad Eye, never taught, so it's unknown how well he would have done. Barty Crouch, Jr. (the fake Moody) was a dark wizard, making him an effective instructor. Lupin was an excellent teacher, as was Snape, though he didn't last a full year.


Question: How does Rita get that green outfit and how is she bullet proof?


Answer: Rita was originally a part of Zordon's power rangers, and she was the green ranger of the team, so she would still have it. Rita may have magical abilities that would explain how she was unable to be harmed from bullets. Either that or her suit is bullet proof.

Answer: He took her into space because of bad writing and special effects.

Originally, he wasn't supposed to take her into outer space, but to the skies above Metropolis.

Answer: I think that he took her there because he wanted her to see Superman's ultimate defeat.

Answer: There is no logical reason for him to take her there.

Question: Why didn't one of the elders go get the medicine once they decided that someone could go get it? I get why they picked Ivy because she was unlikely to pick up on the lie due to her blindness, but why didn't her father just go? There'd be no risk to the secret being revealed if he did that.

Answer: Because they'd each sworn to never leave the village, no matter what.

Jukka Nurmi

Question: Why was Lucy known as Tom Tom? I've been wondering for the last 17 years and now I really want to know. It seems like the type of nickname that would come from a surname (like Thompson) but it's not. Older Lucy says that no-one's called her Tom Tom since her nose job, so is it a nose-related nickname? I don't get it.

Answer: Young Matt Flamhaff listens to "Burning Down the House" by The Talking Heads at Jenna's 13th birthday party. The drummer for the Talking Heads, Chris Frantz, and his wife, Talking Heads bassist Tina Weymouth, were also members of the side project Tom Tom Club. "Tom Tom" was Lucy Wyman's nickname as a 13-year-old in the film.

But Lucy has no idea what the song is so that makes no sense why it would be her nickname. It makes no sense to the movie.

Question: Why did Bull only lose once at the end? Wasn't it double elimination?

Answer: The announcer basically says during the final match that the winner here will win the tournament. Meaning it was double elimination up to the final match (or even the final four). I can't think of an example of a real life double elimination tournament with that structure. It feels made up for the movie to let Hawk lose once, but not have to do a 2nd finals match.


Answer: I found a couple of Internet posts with the same question. The only information that anyone seems to find is on the IMDB page for this episode. In the Soundtrack section, there is a mention of a song called "If You Turn to Me", written by Johnny Elkins and Gordon Pogoda. On Gordon Pogoda's website, the Discography page lists four other songs that he wrote for this show, but without links. As someone in a post suggested, the song could be a generic audio track that was created just for background music in the episode.

Question: Given Tim had "The Right Missy"s phone number how could he have mistakenly texted the other one?


Answer: Because he had both girls in his phone as "Missy" and he didn't check which Missy he was texting or forgot he had the "wrong" Missy in his phone.


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