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Question: Rosie is carrying a long pointed item off the boat and you see it again when they get to the resort. What’s is she carrying?

Answer: I don't think there's a definitive answer for this, but I have two possible answers which fit with Rosie's personality and the storyline. Rosie tells Donna that she's taking Bill and Sam fishing, and since we see that Rosie also brings this mysterious item with her when she goes to Bill's boat, so either a fishing rod or a monopod would make sense.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: Does anybody recognize the guy in the white shirt and black hat at the end of the movie? He walks towards Roland and Jake. (01:27:10)


Question: I know little of complicated politics so despite seeing it as a plot hole, I'm putting it in as a question. As Walker gives the missiles targets, there is talk of starting World War III if they are allowed to hit. The attack on the White House would be world wide news, on every major channel. Wouldn't these countries know it wasn't America who bombed them but was the work of terrorists?


Answer: Knowing is not believing. They might know, but they wouldn't necessarily trust the media. After all it could have been a grand conspiracy to cover up the actual truth from the people.

Alan Keddie

I highly doubt world war 3 would start before these countries did their homework though. It wouldn't take long for them to suss out it was actually terrorists who detonated the bombs and not America.


Question: Why did the town of Santa Mira have a curfew?

Answer: Because that's when Conal Cochran and his minions do their 'work'.

Alan Keddie

Grimm Job - S12-E10

Question: Why does Stanley in "A Streetcar Named Desire" yell Deb and Debbie instead of Stella?


Answer: The voiceover in this episode says this is a first draft of "Streetcar", meaning other, more improved and streamlined versions are coming up. Obviously, "Deb" and "Debbie" were rejected in the final draft of "Streetcar" in favor of "Stella" which was the joke.


Answer: He is yelling out names of people he has met...he does this at parties.


Caballo sin Nombre - S3-E2

Question: When Saul buys Jesse's house from his parents, he said that he showed their lawyer, Mr. Gardner, "all the pertinent financials", meaning $875,000 in cash available to buy the house. Jesse only had $450,000 and that money was not in any account. How did Saul show Mr. Gardner that he had $875,000 in cash?


Answer: Saul is a criminal himself. It's not past his capabilities to forge some documents to show the 857k is available.

Ssiscool Premium member

Forged documents by Saul is most likely the correct answer.


Answer: Saul has a stash of cash himself, hidden in his office. It's possible he used some of that instead as part of the scheme instead of having to go through the effort of falsifying documents.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: In all likelihood, he sold some more meth.

Captain Defenestrator

At the time, they were not producing enough Meth to get that much money in the time frame of the events.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Why did Bond and the others go to see the 'dragon' and even attempt to incapacitate it?

Answer: Bond suspected that Dr. No was collecting radioactive materials for his secret project to sabotage the American space program, and Bond suspected that heavily-guarded Crab Key was the center of Dr. No's secret operation. Bond knew that the "dragon" was just a mobile flame-thrower protecting the most vulnerable area of the island, and so he and the others deliberately targeted it (although they failed).

Charles Austin Miller

But they didn't need to seize it, did they? This whole scene appears to be 'forced' in order for Bond and the girl to be apprehended and Quarrel killed off (why didn't he just run?). It just doesn't seem right that Bond would attack an armored flame throwing vehicle with just a gun. The Bond I know would stealthily have followed it to the base, or even simpler, followed the tire tracks.

Well, it wouldn't be the first or last time Bond allowed himself to be captured in order to penetrate the heavy's inner-sanctum.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: Well, Bond knew that dragons didn't exist and when he was proven correct, he attempted to halt the 'dragons' advance.

Alan Keddie

In what way did the dragon have the upper hand? They did not know where Bond and the others were. Bond and the other two could have simply stayed where they were and the dragon wouldn't be any threat to them. Even if the dragon did manage to find them, they could simply run deeper into the woods/cross a river so they couldn't be followed.

Question: Why did Lee agree to come with Carter to try and rescue Soo Yung instead of going back to Hong Kong, during their conversation on the plane? They talked about Carter's father and his dislike of the police profession. Why did this change Lee's mind? (01:12:30 - 01:13:05)


Answer: Lee believed Carter was selfish and only cared about finding Soo Yung to further his own career. Carter explained that he was cynical about police work because his father was an excellent cop but was killed during a routine traffic stop. Hearing the story about how Carter's father died showed Lee why Carter acts the way he does. Lee was wrong to write Carter off and he recognizes that Carter really just wants a chance to prove himself. Carter shows Lee that he is willing to accept that there is more to police work than serving your own interests when he says "Prove me wrong." This is what changes Lee's mind.


Question: What is the significance of the phone call from China that Consul Han receives after his daughter leaves for school, when no one answers? (00:10:10)


Answer: I believe that they were confirming he was still there, possibly in an attempt to ensure he and he daughter were not together in the car to school. If he was present with her, then that would ruin the kidnapping and extortion situation.

Timothy Conard

Question: Why are Hal and Mauricio going into a woman's fitness club to work out?

Answer: Because they wanted to perv. On the pretty ladies.

Alan Keddie

Question: In the beginning of the movie it shows the electric motor on an engine hoist, but he hasn't taken the old motor out yet. Wouldn't he need the engine hoist to get old one out before having the new one ready?

Answer: Not if he has more than one engine hoist.


Question: About Luther. Does Ethan tell him the whole truth between Langley and London? How else to explain their conversation about "not letting the list get out in the open"? As far as Luther knows they just stole the NOC List and are about to sell it to an arms dealer. He doesn't know Ethan doesn't intend to actually let Max have it. Unless Ethan let him in on the whole thing. In that case does he also know he won't get paid?

Answer: He does tell Luther, that's why he jams the transmission on the train. By this point the transaction was made. Luther doesn't want any of the agents to get killed because the list was leaked.

So he tells him the whole story off camera? That he only stole it to prove his innocence, etc.

Because Luther is a disavowed agent, but has a conscience and remains loyal to his country. When he realises via camera he has helped steal the NOC list, and says "mother of god", he understands the weight of the information. It sets up Luther's arc from disavowed criminal to reformed criminal working with the government on impossible missions to both of their benefit.

Question: Why did Claire return to Ethan? Jim must have sent her but why? Ethan had been framed, why send Claire to potentially expose herself to IMF if found? Is it because: Max receives mail from Ethan, immediately contacts Job to say "What the hell man someone claims you sold me junk!" Now Job/Jim knows he didn't deliver the actual list so he already plans to have Ethan steal the real one for him. Or is that too far fetched?

Answer: Jim has not been paid (at least in full) yet. This is revealed in the conversation Ethan has with Max in the car. Payment was conditional on the disk passing all her safety checks, which she had not done yet (she had not even looked at it yet). There is no way Jim knew the NOC list was junk at this point in time. However, since Jim has not been paid yet for the NOC list, he might have been trying to play it safe, and have Claire just keep tabs. If things don't go as planned, he might have left Claire as she was expendable to him. Also it is unlikely Max contacted Jim (Job) to ask about the email from Ethan (pretending to be Job). Max at this point believes the two are the same person. She simply invites Job to come in and discuss further.

Answer: Sending Claire back to Ethan was a daring ploy to get on the inside of Ethan's confidence. It made no sense and was the least likely thing Claire would do if she was part of Jim's plan. Ethan could have killed her, but the ploy worked and Ethan was confused enough to let her live.

Charles Austin Miller

But why? Jim sells the list to Max and rides off into the sunset with Claire, or so he intends to. What does he gain from having someone on the inside initially? Ethan is screwed, Jim doesn't need to get all the juicy details of how he goes down. Later on it's beneficial for him to have Claire in place there, but initially it makes no sense. Before Ethan formulates any plan and before Max finds out the list is bad.

Jim knew the first NOC list was bad but used the failed raid as an opportunity to kill off a number of IMF agents who might otherwise thwart his plans. Jim still needed Ethan to procure the real NOC list, but this time using a reduced team that contained 2 moles (Claire and Franz). Jim knew that Ethan was the most capable agent, but wanted him under close scrutiny by Claire and Franz.

Charles Austin Miller

He knew it was bad? Then why did he give it to Max anyway? If Ethan hadn't warned her she might have been caught by Kittrdige. Are you saying Jim foresaw everything, I mean everything that Ethan would do? He went through with the embassy raid knowing it was a mole hunt in advance, knowing Ethan would later get the real one for him? What if Ethan had gone with Kittridge in the restaurant? I mean it's unlikely, but this whole scenario sees Jim leaving sooo much to chance. I find it more plausible that he did think he was getting the list in Prague and then adapted to the situation to use Ethan to get the real one. I mean if he really knew the list wasn't in Praque he could have saved himself the trouble and just hire a couple of disavowed agents to do the Langley job himself, just like Ethan did. He had Claire, Krieger and Luther. Yeah no Ethan, but I mean I'm sure he could have found someone else who is capable.

Question: As there were not any real creatures and they were only Noah and the elders in suits, how did they make the monsters' growls / scary sounds?


Answer: It was never revealed exactly how they did this. Much of this is just dubbed in movie sound effects added to make the "creatures" scarier and make it appear to the audience that they are real.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Ivy's father revealed to her before she left that they "created" the sounds. This implies they planted speakers with animal recordings in the woods and keep them playing on a loop.

Question: At the beginning of the movie, when Captain America climbs aboard the ship, he strangles a man and pulls him out of the screen. But he gets up very quickly afterwards and goes on to fight other pirates. We don't hear any neck snapping sound, so how did he take out the guard so quickly?


Answer: With Cap's sheer physical strength, he could have quietly thrown the guy 40 yards.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: Choke hold would not require a snapping sound. Or he could have thrown the guy off the ship.

Alan Keddie

Question: At the start of Rocky III he is the undisputed world heavyweight champion, who has successfully defended his title 10 times. I thought the point of the first Rocky film was that he was a 'no hoper' who gets a shot at the title. At the start of the first Rocky film he is an 'over-the-hill', outsider, still strong and hard hitting, but past his peak fitness, beginning to age and lose his speed. Rocky is a fictional character, but he still has a wikipedia entry, which says that he was 30 at the time of his fight with Apollo Creed, by which time his record is 44 wins and 20 losses. What is the possibility of a boxing outsider aged over 30 having a turnaround in his career and becoming a successful world champion?

Rob Halliday

Answer: I think the point was that Apollo Creed didn't take him seriously, that he wasn't a serious competitor for him, didn't train hard enough for the fight whilst Rocky fought every chance he got. His way of fighting, not giving up, good chin and deadly punches gives him the ability to got toe to toe and later beat Apollo Creed in Rocky II where Apollo trains way better but wastes time with a smear campaign and still can't beat Rocky's spirit and chin, next to that Rocky trains way better too and has a good mental focus in time for the fight. The later fights when he is champion, as Rocky's trainer Mickey explains, are not real competitors, just show fights to keep the money coming in and keep Rocky healthy. Clubber Lang is the first real competitor after Creed, and he nearly kills him.


Question: How did they locate Hendricks inside the TV station? I don't understand how the nuclear codes help.


Chosen answer: The code Jane got from Brij Nath (the Indian billionaire) was not a nuclear launch code, it was an access code for an old Russian satellite Nath owned, which Hendricks was using to launch the missile. Once Benji had the codes, he used the satellite to locate where Hendricks was also accessing the satellite from the TV station.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: What does Hendricks mean by "lock Russian Central Command out of the system" when preparing the launch? Wasn't the satellite already owned by the billionaire (with the central command in India)?


Chosen answer: The missile launches from a Russian silo. They want to stop them preventing the launch locally.

Question: Is it possible that Jackal staged his ambush at the house as a way to test Valentina's abilities? It looks like he wanted to confront her again. (01:25:00)

Answer: Maybe to a small degree. However his main motivation for that was the fact he learned that it was Isabella's house and he could get at Declan that way. Be it he was actually after Isabella, which is likely, or was just wanting to wipe out some of the FBI that was after him or both. The Russian mole had provided him with the FBI access code which allowed the Jackal to hear the voice reports by Witherspoon telling where Isabella lived. So most likely he was going there to take out Isabella to get at Declan. But Koslova and the FBI had already moved her and were stationed there finishing things up when The Jackal got there. So he was eliminating some of his obstacles at his goal since only 3 were there and he could easily take them out. Using Koslova to sending a taunting message to Declan was an added bonus.

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: Yes. It is entirely possible. It was just a bonus that he got to take out three innocent victims in the process.

Alan Keddie

Question: At the very end, Preston tells Declan "Thank you for everything." To which Declan responds "Oh, thank you, Da." The subtitles even say that he says Da and capitalize the D in it. Why exactly did he say "da"? is that an Irish thing? I don't think he was trying to call him Dad right? and Da is Russian for Yes. And where it being the Russian yes kinda makes sense in that contexts... it does't really. So why did he say "Da" after the thank you? (01:58:35)

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: He does say Da - it's an Irish way of saying Dad.


So the English word "Dad" but then the last D swallowed in the Irish accent. I hear him say dad, the last D quiet but not silent.


Answer: Are we sure he wasn't talking about a DA as in Deputy Assistant as a forseen promotion? As we know he is a Special Agent in the movie, but after stating he is quite the hero for saving the First Lady's life perhaps a promotion is also coming.

But that's always pronounced as the initials DA.

Answer: Actually, I think he does say "Dad", jokingly referring to Preston looking out for him, protecting him like a father.


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