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Question: When she calls for her dad, and he comes to the door he has issues opening it. Is it me or are the handles on the wrong side of the door? The switch to the deadbolt is on the outside of the house. And if the locks are on the outside, why are they like that, and why does the dad not notice this to get himself in easier? (01:24:00)

Answer: Earlier in the movie Nancy's mother barricades the house to keep Nancy in. I believe the extra lock on the outside was part of her trying to barricade her daughter in.


Question: If they needed a virgin for the ritual why does Britt try to seduce him? She could have spoiled everything.

Answer: He was a devout man of faith. They had to test his virtue, to tempt him to break the ten commandments or the seven deadly sins.

Question: What was in the red backpack that John Ritter was going to give Michael Richards as ransom for Jr, since he didn't have the 100 grand that he promised him?


Chosen answer: Ben took (stole) his neighbor Roy's station wagon, which was packed for going hunting. Ben apparently improvised by taking the red backpack; the contents of the backpack would be whatever a pre-adolescent boy or girl would put in a backpack to go hunting with his/her father.


Question: How were they able to see the withered lover at the end without using glasses?

Answer: She was a trapped soul in a house full of magical spells forcing her into a pivotal configuration. When it was destroyed, she was free. Like at the end of the movie, "Ghost," a bright light shined upon her to say goodbye to her loved ones.

Question: Why did Vincent even bother with getting a cab? It seems like just renting a car would have made more sense.

Answer: Because the cabbie driver would be only 1 eye witness and I believe he planned to kill him at the end anyway.

Answer: Renting a car requires ID, a credit card, and a whole lot of other documentation that can be traced. Plus he'd be seen by many people and likely security cameras. Even if he faked all the paperwork, it's still far less risk to only be seen by a single cabbie.

Question: What exactly happens to a host's body once the symbiote emerges? At the end of Venom, when Venom is threatening the robber, he partially opens his face, and we see Eddie's face. In this movie, when Cletus/Carnage is escaping from prison, guards start shooting at Carnage who then splits open his entire midsection but Cletus is nowhere to be seen.

Answer: The host and symbiote merge fully. So the symbiote can totally disappear into the host and the host can totally disappear into the symbiote. They can also split again, or partially, at will. It just depends on who gets to be the active version at that time.


I am not up to speed with recent Marvel canon, but in the comics it's never been that way? The symbiote can surely slink inside the host (especially Carnage in Kasady's blood), but the humans can't turn into shapeless goo. Comics aside, that sequence from the movie is mind-boggling; I can sorta explain it thinking the symbiote just tore Kasady's torso in half and then reattached it instantly (in other parts of the movie Eddie gets basically stabbed with what would be lethal wounds).


Actually, in the comics it's long been established that Carnage's healing factor is Deadpool-levels of broken. There are numerous moments where Carnage is impaled, crushed, decapitated, has his neck twisted, even grenades blowing up in his jaws and straight up nailed by military missiles... AND HE'S JUST FINE AND WALKS IT OFF LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED. He absolutely could casually tear himself open with no drawback whatsoever.

"Could" tear himself open, does he usually?"Can turn into shapeless goo", has he? One thing is to regenerate the torso, another thing is to manipulate your body parting before the bullets reach you.I don't really see that from the example posted, but my curiosity aside, given we're talking about the movie anyway, I really don't see Kasady depicted as a shapeshifter, and him and the symbiote in this movie are entirely separated at the end (pending a sequel of course).


Also, for Carnage specifically, the human absolutely can turn into shapeless goo. Makes sense, actually, given that the symbiote canonically merged into Kasady's own cells and microscopic DNA, something even Venom and its hosts can't replicate so the "symbiote-opening-up-the-host-body-with-holes" being a Carnage specific thing isn't surprising at all, in fact, given it's the same body.

Question: How is it that Tootles still remembers everything about Neverland and Peter really being Peter Pan, but Peter completely forgets everything about it and his true identity?

Answer: It's not specifically explained, but it's implied this was subconsciously voluntary on Peter's part. After falling in love with Moira, Peter decided to leave Neverland forever to stay with her in the real world. As time passed, all memories of being Peter Pan were completely suppressed, probably so he would not be tempted to return. The memories had become so deeply buried that it took much encouragement from others for him to unlock them.


Answer: Tootles suffers from dementia, dementia turns old people back into children. The final scene is Tootles dying and going back to Neverland. Yes, it makes that scene infinitely harder to watch without crying.

Tootles did not die as everyone saw him flying back to Neverland after Peter gave him back his marbles.

Season 14 generally

Question: Can someone tell me the brand of wall clock that hangs so conspicuously in the Inspector's office? Thanks.

Question: How was Evan writing about the moments that happened during the blackouts if they were in fact blackouts, and he didn't remember what happened at those times?


Answer: He writes about what happened immediately before and after the blackouts, and when he flashes back, his mind fills in the gaps and allows him to manipulate the events.

Question: Right before Gorman starts briefing the Marines in the hangar, he takes his hat off and has some sort of symbol or something shaved into the hair on the back of his head. Does anyone know what this is or any details about why he would have it?

Answer: I can only guess, but it just looks like bald spots on the actor's (William Hope) head. It could have been from when his head was shaved it got nicked and hadn't grown in yet, or he had some previous injury where the hair doesn't grow there.


Answer: Luthor needed only to duplicate his powers not his appearance. That's what he did in his lab and why he has the voice of Luthor.

Question: How did the guy at the very start know where Ace went? He was back at his car which was parked blocks away, before the guy even realised that the dog had been taken.

Answer: Ace made a very conspicuous exit, either obviously hiding *something* under his shirt, or with the dog's head poking out. So, the guy could have just asked if anyone had seen which way Ace went, and a lot of people would have been able to oblige.

Answer: The Mayor says he could never get to the crime scene fast enough and Major Man says "of course not, you'd have to know about the crime in advance, like I do." Major Man let it slip he knew when the crimes were going to happen (because he was setting them up).


Question: What did Syndrome mean that after he makes everybody super, that no-one will be?

Answer: If everyone has the same superpower, then it becomes the average and evens the playing field. No one person would have an extreme advantage over anyone else.


Question: When Underworld first came out, prior to RoTL being released, what were the original memories from Lucien that Michael saw that showed him Sonja's death?

Answer: Except for the actress playing Sonja, the memories were the same as Rise of the Lycans. Two guards opening the door to the pit. Sonja chained to the post, Vicktor watching from above. Lucan watching, injured, helplessly as Sonja burns. All the Lycans howling beginning the revolt. There are more.

Question: When Sarah leaves the apartment after her date cancels, she tells Ginger she's going to a movie. The next time we see Sarah, she's eating a slice of pizza in a bar. Did she already go to the movie, or did she change her mind and go to dinner instead?

Answer: It's never addressed, so any answer would be speculation. But we can assume it's been a while, since Matt (Ginger's boyfriend) arrives as Sarah is leaving, and when she calls from the bar, Ginger and Matt have had sex, Matt's fallen asleep, Ginger's made a quite elaborate midnight snack, and the Terminator has murdered them both.

Question: Why doesn't the guy in the truck just turn the turrets to face the sky or something when the Mariner is pulling the gun boat into the deacon's boat or hell even turn the engine off meaning the gun has no power! He was reaching through the cab trying to get the guys attention so it's not like absolutely no-one on the gun boat was unaware of what was going on.

Question: Who was Ninny staying with in the nursing home?

Answer: A friend named Mrs. Otis who was not a major character in the movie.

Why We Fight - S1-E9

Question: Was the placement of the Opekta poster in the scene intentional? Opekta was the company that Otto Frank owned and it's headquarters on the Prisengracht in Amsterdam was the site of the "Secret Annexe" that housed Anne Frank and the others in hiding.

Answer: I did some Internet research on this. I didn't find anything specific, but considering how carefully historical movies usually are researched and the detailed way in which art directors create a set, it would be nearly impossible for this to have been coincidental. If I find any additional information, I'll update this.


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