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Brothers & Sisters - S9-E15

Question: When Mayor West says his aides have AIDS, who is the guy who then shouts "Not OK"? Also, is there a joke behind this man?

Chosen answer: It is Robert Loggia, and no secret joke. Just a random moment with a guest.

Question: Is this supposed to be a sequel or a reboot? It takes place as if it's a sequel, kinda like the Hulk movies, but there are so many changes and differences it's like a reboot... like the Hulk movies. So sequel or reboot?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: This is a sequel. The only major difference from the first one is the Devil's human appearance.

Question: Reverse Flash stabs Flash in the leg with a broken rebar. So why doesn't the wound heal quickly? Earlier in the film, Barry gets third degree burns all over his body, but they heal in seconds when he gets his Flash powers back.

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: Reverse Flash is absorbing the speed force from Flash, dampening his powers. Including his high speed healing.


Question: After Batman throws a grenade at the guy with the bug like helmet, his helmet breaks open and you see his face. He looks an awful lot like the guy who is the president in this movie. Is it supposed to be the president?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: No. Black Manta is not the same guy as the president.

Question: General Lane shows Hal Jordan the alien, Abin Sur, that Green Lantern in a water preservation chamber. General Lane talks about how the ring launched off in space away. Yet Abin Sur is still in his green lantern uniform. The uniforms are generated by the rings, so when it flew away, wouldn't Abin Sur's uniform vanish? Especially over the course of 8 years as General Lane claims?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: It really depends on the writer. In many stories the suit vanishes as soon as the ring is drained of energy, in other cases, where a character dies, the suit remains on the character. This could be interpreted as a way to identify the body as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. But that is just one theory among the comic community.


Question: After Barry is healed of his wounds, Batman gives him the Reverse Flash suit. Barry sighs and then begins rapidly vibrating and begins glowing. The glowing stops and he is suddenly wearing the suit that is now the colors of his suit, not Reverse Flash. How did he do that?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: In the comic, Barry goes on to explain that he could vibrate the suit at its microscopic level, changing the color of the molecules, but decides it would be faster to make a new one. Here they decided to show off the change.


Question: Out of pure shock and a possible psychotic break, in the flashback of Bruce being murdered, his mother wipes his blood on her face and begins smiling in an insane fashion that greatly resembles the Joker. Is this supposed to signify that in this timeline, Mrs. Wayne becomes the Joker?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: Yes. In the comic this is based on, Mrs. Wayne becomes the Joker due to Bruce's death. Except in the comics she scars her face months after his death, after Thomas says he wants her to smile again.

Chosen answer: In the original universe Deathstroke's daughter goes by the name Ravager.

Question: In the Batcave, there is a cork board with a full deck of playing cards pinned up on it, with the Joker card in the very center. Is this supposed to represent minions of the Joker that Batman has taken down? Or what is this?

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: In Flashpoint when Martha Wayne witnessed the death of Bruce it drove her crazy and she becomes the Joker, the joker card is at the center of the board kind of as a reminder to Thomas how messed up things can be.

Question: Looking at a gun in a case, and then a picture of the Wayne family, Barry asks "What happened to you, Bruce? You were the James Bond of Superheroes." He then follows up by saying, "What turned you into the Unabomber?" What is a Unabomber?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: The Unabomber was a man named Ted Kaczynski who planted and mailed bombs between 1978 and 1995 which killed 3 people and wounded 23. Basically Barry is calling this version of Batman a psychopath.

Question: After the scene where Cyborg talks to Batman to try and recruit him, it changes to Barry running down the street past a man with a sign. The sign is red and in big yellow letters it reads "THE END IS NIGH". Is this a reference to Watchmen?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: Possibly. They share a similar look but her name is never mentioned in the film or comics. She is voiced by the same actress who voiced Harley in "The Batman," so maybe.


Question: If Reverse Flash wants to destroy Flash so bad, why doesn't he go back in time and kill him as a kid? Reverse Flash has to know who Barry is as he was able to slip his outfit into Barry's ring and put it on him. So he knew Barry is the Flash. He even calls him by name towards the end of the film.

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: Reverse Flash can not kill Barry in his own timeline. If he does he will erase his own timeline out of existence, essentially killing himself. With Barry screwing up history after saving his mother, Reverse Flash is now free to kill Barry.

Question: How does Flash's costume fit inside the small confines of his ring like that and come out so easily? And how the heck does he get it back in his ring?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: Flash pushes his suit inside the ring at high speed to close the lid, locking it in place. When he opens the ring the high tension shoots it out like a jack in the box.


Answer: The Flash's suit is a friction proof high compression micro fiber designed by star labs, the suit is easily folded down to the size of a dime and is pushed into a high tension spring. To release it the Flash just clicks the rings insignia.

Question: To destroy the bomb attached to the gray adhesive substance, Flash begins rapidly vibrating his hand, which forms some sort of energy ball which he throws at the bomb. What exactly did Flash do?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: Could be a couple of examples seen in the comics. One, static electricity. The second, more plausible theory, is he moved fast enough to gather a small portion of the speed force to throw at the bomb.


Chosen answer: Thawne spent his whole life wanting to discover the speed force. When he did, he became The Flash of his time. But Thawne couldn't live up to Barry's legacy. It drove him mad. And drove to eliminate Barry.


Question: Why does Quaid shoot Dr. Edgemar when he sees sweat dripping from his head? What is it about the sweat that lets Quaid know something is wrong?

dan coakley..

Chosen answer: It was nervous sweat, which wouldn't happen if everything was only occurring in Quaid's mind.


Question: Is it ever revealed what happened to Truman's real mother and father? Once he left the show, would it have been possible for him to have been able to find them?

Heather Benton Premium member

Chosen answer: No, we don't get any information about them in the movie. It's stated that Truman was legally adopted by the corporation that runs the show; that being the case, Truman would probably be able to learn his true mother's identity from the adoption papers and, with any luck, track her down. Truman was an unwanted pregnancy, hence being given up for adoption, which raises the possibility that his biological father may be unknown, or at least no longer in touch with his mother, but depending on the situation, locating his father cannot be ruled out as a possibility. Given Truman's enormous fame, it's quite probable that a number of people may well appear claiming to be his parents after his escape; DNA matches would allow them to weed out the liars, so it's not implausible that one of both of his biological parents might find him, rather than him finding them.

Tailkinker Premium member

Answer: During the interview as they were showing the babies, it was stated that they were "unwanted babies" which means their parents didn't want them. This includes Truman.


Chosen answer: Since Lisa is called blonde and Bart "tow-headed, " I think we are meant to assume that their hair is simply bright yellow, the same color as their skins. And it is an accepted fact in Springfield that yellow is a normal skin color.

Actually, in the episode, "No Loan Again, Naturally", Bart says that while staying inside the house for days, his hair was reverting to its natural red. He was worried that the kids would call him 'Rusty'.

Answer: In one episode, Bart and Lisa get their hair cut at a salon, so we can assume it is normal hair, just identical to their skin color.

Chosen answer: In general, no. However, in the episode "Behind the Laughter," Lisa comments about how Homer fed her anti-growth hormones to prolong the run of the show. Chronological events do occur, such as birthdays (which all of the characters have had in various episodes), and several episodes include flashbacks and peeks into the future. However, for the most part, the characters remain in a chronological stasis.


Ling Bouvier is one character who has aged.


Yes, I've noticed that, too. Also, Apu's nephew has aged quite a bit.

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