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Question: If the Vishanti bracelets stop prisoners from using their powers how was America able to punch through her cage?


Answer: This suggests her powers are stronger than the bracelets.


Or that the bracelets may only be able to constrain powers from Earth-838, and don't work as well on people from other earths.

Question: Didn't the Snowflake virus also infect other life besides humanity, such as animals and plants?


Answer: Many viruses are specific to certain types of species and do not cross over and infect others. The Snowflake virus was a programmable super virus that apparently was genetically engineered for a particular target.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did the design of the coin change throughout the movie? In the beginning, when Elizabeth holds up the coin, there is a different design on the back than when Barbossa drops it into the chest with her blood, at the end. Please explain?

Answer: The most likely answer is, it is because the coins are movie props that probably had slight variations in the designs. There may have been multiple prop makers producing the coins for the movie, resulting in a different-looking product. It would be unrealistic that the same exact coin would always be used as the one belonging to Will Turner. This should be submitted as a movie inconsistency.

raywest Premium member

Actually that would just be a continuity.


Question: In the comic books, animated series, etc, was there a passage connecting the facility to the bat cave like there was in the game? I thought that the bat cave was further away, like under Wayne Manor.

Answer: It's not the actual Batcave, it's a secondary location Batman set up in case of emergency. Oracle actually makes a comment along those lines the first time you access it.

Answer: To add to the answer, Batman tells Oracle that he found the cave after saving an inmate from committing suicide and had secretly been moving supplies to the cave after discovering its location.

Question: Why did Anastasia's grandmother wait an entire decade to offer a reward to anyone who could find her granddaughter? This doesn't seem logical since it's clear Empress Marie loves Anastasia very much and is devastated when she gets separated from her by the train. You would think at some point when she got off that train she could've made some effort to get her granddaughter back and not wait so much time to do it.

Answer: She may have tried to find her, but thought she was lost forever. Later in the movie she was getting old and was afraid that her family's legacy would die with her. It was then that she offered a large reward to find her.

Question: Right after ET's death scene we see the people in the suits taking some weird cone things out of the house. What was it they were taking out in the cones?

Question: What is Cob watching on the TV after his first war flashback, right before the kid appears in the window?

Question: Why did Diana destroy the mall's security cameras, and why did she want the little girl to stay quiet?

Answer: At this point in time, her gig as a superhero is not public knowledge, and she wants it to stay that way.

Phaneron Premium member

How would that accomplish anything considering there were many people in the mall who saw what happened?

It really wouldn't, but then again, the writers didn't put much thought into this movie.

Phaneron Premium member

As the other answer indicated, Diana/Wonder Woman wasn't yet known publicly as a super-hero. A video recording is different from eye-witness accounts of what people actually saw or believe they saw. Memories are faulty, they fade, and everyone sees and remembers things differently. Regarding the child, I interpreted it as Diana just motioning in a friendly way for the rather precocious girl to stay put, behave, and quietly wait for her mother.

raywest Premium member

In my opinion, it wouldn't, and it's just another example of the shoddy writing in this film.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Answer: This was long before the age of superheroes, when everything was normal and meta-humans were just theories in a lab. It was her appearances which stated it all. Remember the tagline, "The Dawn of Justice Begins with Her."

Answer: Arthur was voiced by three actors. Rickie Sorenson and Richard and Robert Reitherman. Rickie originally voiced Arthur but, during production of the film, Rickie hit puberty causing his voice to change, so Wolfgang Reitherman chose to use his own sons to replace Rickie.

Show generally

Question: In the pilot episode, Helen says to Stanley that he's now going to have to get a job (assuming to afford living in this pricey townhome), but throughout the entire two-season series, Stanley is shown never getting a job and sits around at home all the time. How did they never run out of money?

Answer: Assuming they made enough income from rentals fees, Helen may have wanted Stanley to find a job solely to get him out of the house and out of her hair. Many women dislike having their husbands home all the time, and, if they're retired, encourage them to find some work or activity outside of the house.

raywest Premium member

That's possible, though a bit doubtful since they lived in their old apartment building (the Three's Company one) for 14 years. That was 14 years of Stanley being at home without Helen wanting him to get a job "away from home."

She also isn't shown telling him to get a job for any reason after the pilot episode. Rather than continually nagging him, Helen apparently accepted that he wasn't going to get one. Also, it's a TV show. Writers continually change character dynamics, plot lines, running gags, etc. as the show progresses, which can create either deliberate or unintentional inconsistencies. It was probably something the writers saw no reason to pursue.

raywest Premium member

Answer: He owned the entire apartment complex in "Three's Company." Even the sales prices back in the 1970's were in the millions.

But if that's the case, why would Helen tell Stanley he'd have to get a job when they first moved to their new place? Even Stanley gave a worried look when he was questioned that. If they had all money, that scene would not have taken place and Helen never would have brought that up.

Question: The Missouri Breaks starred Jack Nicholson (as Tom Logan, a rustler) and Marlon Brando (as Robert E Lee Clayton, a "regulator" tasked with eliminating him). Yet they never appear together. Brando is absent from over half the scenes featuring Nicholson, and vice-versa. When they do meet, there is a close up of Nicholson speaking to Brando, followed by a close up of Brando replying to Nicholson, and so on. Why do Nicholson and Brando never appear on screen together?

Rob Halliday

Answer: At this point, Brando used cue cards for his dialogue and liked to improvise lines. Nicholson found this difficult and distracting because Brando continually shifted his gaze to the cue card behind the cameraman and went off script. Although Nicholson said Brando was exceedingly cooperative and "gentle as a lamb" on the set, the two actors took an instant dislike to one another. Each actor was filmed separately while reciting their lines.

raywest Premium member

Question: This 1978 comedy take on the Hound Of The Baskervilles featured a stellar cast of British comedy icons: Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Spike Milligan, Kenneth Williams and Terry Thomas. Yet it was not remotely funny and was a box office bomb. Biographies of cast members say the film was a low point of their careers, their acting lacks conviction, as if they know it isn't funny. So, why did they keep making this film, since, even when it was half completed, everybody knew it would be a total flop?

Rob Halliday

Answer: The actors would have no control over whether a film should continue production, particularly just because they didn't like how it was progressing. They were under contract and paid to act in a movie, regardless of the quality and would be sued if they quit. Movies are financed by studios and investors who expect a monetary return on their investment. Even if the film's quality was considered poor, producers would base their decisions on making a profit or at least recouping the costs. Halting production would be an extreme last resort.

raywest Premium member

Thank you for your informative and interesting points. I read a biography of Peter Cook which said that when the film studio executives saw the finished film they realised it just was not funny or entertaining. There was reluctance to give it a cinema release, as it was thought it would not even recoup distribution costs. It was eventually given a limited release and it bombed. I saw the film once on television, even though I am a fan of many members of the cast, I was wholly unimpressed. I think most of the cast, too, were embarrassed by the film.

Rob Halliday

Question: Why didn't Rowan Atkinson reprise his role as Zazu in this movie? Since he voiced Zazu in the first film, why didn't he voice him in this one?

Answer: Atkinson didn't want to do it again because he does not consider himself to be a voice-over actor but rather a visual artist. He said he did not like doing it.

raywest Premium member

Question: Is it true that, out of all actors who appeared in this movie, only Carlos Gallardo had experience in acting before starring in this film?

Answer: He was not the only professional actor in the film. However, the movie was made on a shoe-string budget, and, to save money, most of the cast were non-professional local residents.

raywest Premium member

Emissary (1) - S1-E1

Question: Did Nana Visitor's hairstyle change from her first appearance in the episode to the next scene when they were going down the stairs?

Question: Why does Zamira (Bucho's henchwoman) have no lines of dialogue? Is she mute? Or was it done to make her character enigmatic?

Answer: Having a tough-looking, silent henchman/henchwoman is a pretty common trope in action movies. She's basically there to look tough and mysterious. I wouldn't read into it more than that, especially given how minor the character is. (Minor enough that I had to Google her, because I couldn't even remember her, and I've easily seen this movie a dozen times over the years).


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Question: I may have this scenario slightly wrong, since I haven't seen it since the show was brand-new, but is there a scene in one episode where Mork (just him-no egg) falls from the sky and into a lake or some kind of body of water? I slightly remember this as a kid but wanted to see if I was right. Anyone know what episode this was from?

Answer: Maybe s02e02, "Mork in Wonderland, Part 2"? Mork started shrinking in part 1 and continued till he became microscopic and fell down a space warp into the lake of another world.


Yes, that was it. I found it shortly after submitting the question, but thank you anyway.

Question: When the Fratellis stumble upon the skeleton corpse, why did Mama think the kids ate him?

Answer: She knew the kids didn't eat him. Jake thought the kids had stolen the money from Chester Copperpot's wallet. Mama made the sarcastic comment to basically say that if the body had been there long enough to decompose, then anyone could have stolen his money in that time.

Answer: She was being sarcastic toward Jake since he made a stupid comment about the kids taking money from the corpse.

Question: Troops were sent to check out the mysterious toxic stuff in the centre of the space city but none returned (as mentioned by Clive Owen). Later it is discovered there is no toxicity. It seems extremely out of character for the pearls to have killed a whole unit of soldiers. This plot point was never explained. Were they killed by the pearls?

Question: When Lamont is struggling to stop the Phurba from cutting his throat, how did he finally manage to get control over the Phurba and use it to stab Khan?

Answer: He had never gone up against someone like him. A man who not only knew how to harness his abilities, but had mastered them as well, like young Luke going up against Vader. He finally found the strength and the courage to fight and defeat him.

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