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Question: In Kissingtown, if the fortune-teller girl is actually Snow White in disguise, why did she only point out the mirror's location after Virginia gave her money?

Answer: It was a test of Virginia's kindness and patience. Snow White wanted to observe how she would act.

Question: It's stated by Vader in the previous film how much he wanted to capture Luke for the Emperor by using the carbonite freezer. Boba Fett knew this. So why didn't Boba Fett take Luke into his custody to take him back to Vader instead of letting Jabba kill him with the sarlac pit?


Answer: Boba did attempt to grapple Luke with his whipcord.


Answer: Luke was a Jedi Master. He knew taking him wouldn't easy. Bobo Fett went after thugs, aliens he knew would be easy to catch. Besides, the bounty he received would have made him wealthy, plus he stayed with Jabba, which means he was on his payroll.

Answer: Doing this would require Boba Fett to either convince Jabba to give Luke to him (not likely) or he'd have to steal Luke from him and ruin their business relationship. Also Boba Fett and Darth Vader never appeared particularly chummy with each other and Fett has personally witnessed Vader totally screw Lando over in their own deal, so from multiple angles any operation to take Luke in for himself and claim a reward from the Empire is likely more trouble than it's worth.


Question: Luke gets everyone together at Jabba's palace in order to rescue Han Solo. Why didn't Luke just get a bunch of Rebel fighters to storm the palace? They had the fleet available, so they could have easily overpowered Jabba and his guards without having to resort to risking all of his friends in an overly complicated rescue attempt, and they wouldn't have had to bother with the whole sarlac pit fight at all.


Answer: The fleet was getting ready for the final battle to destroy the new Death Star. Rescuing Han was a personal rescue mission for Luke and Leia. As far as the fleet was concerned Han was a causality of war. Quote "The sacrificing of one individual to save millions is the corner stone of any civilisation."

Question: Is Callahan holding the binoculars upside down when he is peering down on the apartments looking for Scorpio? He is on the rooftop with the Jesus Saves Sign. They look upside down to me. (00:38:39)

Answer: Yes the binoculars are upside down.

Question: Since Bagheera knows where the village is, why not just take infant Mowgli there and save everyone a lot of trouble?


Answer: The animals considered man a strange creature and did not understand their ways, like wearing clothes and shoes. They were scared when Mowgli brought them fire. They only knew jungle ways, they figured the humans would eat him, like any small creature left on his own. Plus they knew man as a hunter and killer.

Answer: He does say in the beginning of the movie that a village wasn't close by he knew where it was but it would have taken him several days to get the baby there. Plus the baby was going to need nourishment, or he would have died.

Question: At the end it shows Dick Best coming off the Enterprise with the rank of Lt. Commander when he started the battle with the rank of Lieutenant. Did he get a promotion during the battle?

Question: Right before Bob brings the Joker the pictures of Knox and Vicki Vale, what are the pictures of the creepy smiling guy in the other room supposed to be of, one of which is him lying on top of a coffin?

Answer: The military nerve gas is Symlex, he stole it because it leaves the victims smiling, like him.

Answer: The Joker had somehow obtained CIA files about DDID nerve gas. The picture is of a dead man, presumably a soldier, killed by the gas. He's not on a coffin though, it looks like sandbags. He's smiling because of the effects of the gas contorted his facial muscles that way, much like how the Joker's Smylex leaves its victims with a big grin.


Question: Can somebody explain this skim business to me? Cause it sounds like they're stealing from their own casinos - what's the point?

Answer: They're not stealing from themselves. The mafia owners are routinely withholding (skimming) a percentage of their casino profits and moving the money out of state before it is officially counted and reported to the government for tax purposes. It is basic tax fraud.


Question: Was there a "winner" for the final race in London, or was it forfeited? As far as I could tell, the race was still going on when Mater took Lightning McQueen away to help figure out the lemons' plan involving him.

Question: After getting on to the subway to go home, how did Neil Page have the wherewithal to return to the subway station to look for Dell?

Answer: The answer is shown in the film itself. Neil was having flashbacks about his moments with Del and his last thought shown was Del saying "I haven't been home in years." Neil suspected at that moment something was wrong with Del's situation so Neil went back to check on Del and he was right as Del admitted to him that he was homeless.

Question: At end of movie when Harmonica is bringing Cheyenne back to Sweetwater, do you think he changed his mind to stay or is he just dropping off the body?

Answer: He wasn't bringing Cheyenne back, he merely stopped to take one last look before leaving.

Question: How did the pages of the magazine go missing? It did not seem like he switched to Shooter in between.

Answer: Mort removed the pages without realizing it. He believed Shooter had somehow got hold of the package, opened it, and tore out the pages before he picked it up at the post office. It wasn't shown on-camera that it was Mort who did that, as that would have spoiled the "big reveal" at the end of the movie. The audience is seeing it from Mort's perspective.


Question: Why did Chuck stand up and then spend ages looking at the part of the toilet that had washed up?

Answer: By that time, Chuck had been on the island for four years and was becoming somewhat mentally unstable. When he first sees the toilet wall section washed up against the rocks, he approaches defensively, spear in hand, as if it's something dangerous. He seems to snap back to reality and gradually surmises it is not only benign, but potentially useful. His mind then begins working out he can adapt it as a sail to escape the island.


Answer: He couldn't believe it, of all the things to wash ashore it was a toilet. So far everything else he found could be used in a certain way, but a toilet. I didn't see the movie at the theaters but I bet the audiences were roaring with laughter.

I saw it in the theater and no-one wasn't funny. Chuck is seeing the first man-made object he's seen in years, and he's stunned...and maybe he's getting the idea of using it as a sail.

Brian Katcher

It wasn't the actual toilet. It was just the partial wall section of the plastic enclosure for an outdoor portable toilet.


Answer: The producer, John Semper Jr., claimed that he couldn't imagine Chameleon risking revealing his identity by using his real voice. Chameleon can speak in his true form but simply chooses not to.

Question: Why did Jennifer Jones (actress who played Lisolette) quit acting after appearing in this movie?

Answer: It had nothing to do with the film, and she was already mostly retired anyway, having not appeared in a film since 1969 and in only three throughout the 1960s. However, what probably led to her permanent retirement came in 1976 when her daughter died by suicide; after this, Jones-a survivor of a suicide attempt herself-devoted her life to mental health causes, founding the Jennifer Jones Simon Foundation For Mental Health and Education and working to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

Question: What was the point of temporarily shutting down every electrical system in the command module?

Answer: To save the re-entry batteries.

David George

Answer: No, you didn't miss anything. The writers never say who got tenure. (Although, as a side note, the entire process of getting tenure for the characters is entirely wrong in real life and none of them would have got it).


Question: Is the Spanish flag seen on the building in Huelva the accurate one used during Franco's regime or the modern one?

Question: The "Rings" were the phone, Ayden's drawings of Samara, the condensation rings, the top of the well and anything else?

Answer: It was the cursed video tape. That's a ring too.

Question: I wanted to know what Dorothy means when she tells Campbell "don't worry about it" when they're lying in bed? Is she referring to him not having a gift for her at the time or something sexual? That part always confuses me.

Answer: Campbell couldn't get it up when they tried having sexual intercourse. Probably because his mind is mainly focused on getting all of her money in her trust fund.

Answer: I think he wasn't really attracted to Dorothy and was just using her for a place to stay perhaps and try to take her money.

He couldn't perform and she forgave him.

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