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Question: In the book, Jack is constantly breastfed. One would assume this is to keep up his nutrition. Is this explained in the movie when he asks for it and she says no, not anymore?

Mad as a Hatter - S1-E24

Question: Why does the Mad Hatter's appearance change halfway through his debut episode? He starts out short with sandy white hair and blue eyes. Later on he's almost Batman's height with blond hair and no blue eyes.


Details - S4-E12

Question: Who is the red-headed actress that plays Big Red, the belly dancer that flirts with Chet? She's also on Season 5 Episode 12 as the girl with binoculars, and Johnny borrows them to get a closer look at the guy strung between two buildings. She's got a very distinctive voice, but she's not identified in either episode. Thanks.


Question: Do storm chasers keep regular phone call communication with the staff at NSSL? It seems the staff at the weather station reports directly to the ground teams what their readings are.

Question: When the team hunts down what will become the hilltop tornado, we see the landscape change dramatically from flatlands to more hilly terrain in a matter of seconds. Was that just to dramatically show the passage of time on the hunt while listening to their radio conversation in real time?

Question: When Sean Thornton first arrives, it's the daytime. He meets Father Launigan on the road, who invites him to attend "Mass in the morning." Sean is at Cohan's Bar that evening, but then he attends "Mass in the morning." Was he up all night at the bar because he's yet to go to his new cottage? And how many times does Sean light a cigarette, take two puffs, then flick it to the side? What's up when he breaks the door down on their wedding night and flicks his cigarette inside the house?

Question: Why did they feel the need to install red lights and sirens on each of the Dorothy devices? Were those just to alert the operators when the machine was activated?

Question: What was Hal's plan in the beginning? He wanted to send an harness to his girlfriend who was hanging in midair, so his girlfriend has the strength to lift herself and tie herself from that position. She was dangling in midair.

Question: I'm a bit confused about the scene where Luenell shows up at the dinner. Why were the guests so angry? Is it because she's black? They thought they were part of a serious documentary though, right? Why would they let the world know that they're racist? Is it because she was a prostitute? They didn't tell the guests she was, I guess maybe they could tell by the way she was dressed.


Ring of Fire - S6-E13

Question: Why is it that the FBI team is surrounded by the SWAT team when they enter the building near the end of the show, but the SWAT team is nowhere to be seen during the interior search and prolonged shootout?


Behind Us, A Cliff - S1-E2

Question: At the beginning, when Dutton wakes up on the battlefield, was it that he was just knocked unconscious by either the concussion of an artillery round or even the butt of a musket?

Question: What brand of swimsuit does the water skier wear in the movie?

Question: How did Peter Parker know how to cure Sandman? He'd never found out how Sandman was created, so how'd he know how to cure him?


The Run of His Life - S1-E2

Question: Why was the SWAT team involved in OJ Simpson's arrest when they were at his house and when OJ was in the Bronco? Were they there in case of a barricade situation or if he took his driver friend hostage?

Question: When the student is stopped from taking the taxi to see his father, once they are going together, why do they still take a cab in what looks like a long drive instead of driving their own car?

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