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Question: Did Bruce Willis and Renny Harlin get along when working on this movie?

Question: What's with the painting he takes out of the Challenger?

Question: How is Libby able to be out in the prison yard without wearing her prison uniform shirt and instead wearing a dark green tank top? This allowed in prison or what?


Question: What was the thing which appears to be a metal grate that fell and almost hit Gracie as she dove through the window of the pirate ship? She had just broken open with her feet and going through head first. Immediately after getting past the opening you can see it fall from above. Was she (or the stuntwoman) nearly injured?


Question: When the trio first found the tail, Nando writes "Go Up 18 Still Alive" in the tail. The fuselage is lower than the tail because after the tail was detached, the fuselage slid far down. The trio had to climb up the mountain to find the tail. So why does he write "up" instead of "down"?

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Question: What does Wallace mean when he says "Short handled holes" in which Montana responds "I've used a few of those myself"? This takes place in Delano.

Question: I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know the name of the song the dad was playing in his car at the beginning of the movie?

Question: When Shifu uses the Wuxi Finger Hold on Po, he says that the hardest part is cleaning up afterward. What exactly would there be to clean up? In the third Kung Fu Panda movie, when Po uses the Wuxi Finger hold on himself to send him and Kai to the spirit realm, they simply vanish from sight leaving nothing behind.

Question: Did the Guccis ever own a Klimt painting, were they not in the Netherlands until 1998? Were they not Nazi plunder?

Question: When Cappy and Rodney are in Bigweld's house, Cappy said that there was something Rodney needed to know. What did she want to tell Rodney?

Question: When Sarah and Drover have left the ball, they appear in front of the hotel kissing in the rain and walking up steps. Then she is at the bottom of the hotel steps closing the door of a car while Drover stands on the top step. Why is she closing the car door as Drover stands on the top step?

Question: What were David and his friends doing with the dogs? What was their crime?

Question: When present-day Seth is being tortured, it ends up affecting future Seth (which I get). They carve the address, and it appears. They cut off fingers, and then his fingers disappear. My question is why wouldn't all these scars and missing body parts appear all at once for future Seth? Especially since the injuries aren't appearing in real time for future Seth, they've already healed into scars. It seems like a plot hole unless I missed an in-film explanation or Rian Johnson explained this.


Question: Why does Magua take Alice Munroe? In the book he takes Cora, the older daughter.


Question: Why was Angier's first name of Rupert in the novel changed to Robert for the film?

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Instrument of Destruction - S1-E12

Question: Throughout the entire Power Rangers series, Skull has shown to scream in fear whenever confronted by a terrifying monster or a group of them. In this episode, how was Skull, who was dressed up as the Phantom Pianist at the time, able to keep his fear in check when the Cogs came to get him?

Question: Why did Pamela follow Jason to Russia if she had the tape with Abbot's confession?

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