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Question: Where Katherine and Sebastian's parents even still together? And where were they? I'm guessing the movie was set in the summer and they were wealthy so had taken off for a long holiday?

Question: Is Pedro actually Jake's biological son? I'm sure in the movie it mentions he wasn't and Agnes had him before meeting Jake.

Question: In both Kevin and Wendy's pictures, there are hints towards their deaths on the train (this being Jason's blurred face and Kevin's face close up in the camera mimicking his face being smashed into the train window) but if this is the case is there any possible hint for Julie's death via train wheel?

The Hunt - S10-E23

Question: Kate says she wants to take a year off for her new baby, Hotch says her job is still there, but we never do see her again. Possibly a way of just writing her out due to Jennifer Love Hewitt being pregnant in real life? Also the character not being well liked?

Question: Evie pretends that she can't go home because Brooke is out of town. She says that Brooke sent Mel an email about it. Why doesn't Mel call her out on this lie, and make her go home? Mel says "I guess I didn't check my email", but it sounds like she is also pretending.

Question: When Clouseau and Ponton are in line at the airport. Is that Terrell Owens behind them? He only appears in a few shots. If it is, any idea why he's there? Is there a deleted scene with him?


Question: Regarding the Tokyo Rose broadcasts: is there one that ends with a brief snippet of "I'll Remember April?"

Question: After Otho and the Deetz family are attacked by the Beetlejuice snake why do they stay in the house instead of fleeing immediately?

Question: Except for Two-Face, Killer Croc, Scarecrow and Jervis Tetch, why were the rest of the villains redesigned?

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - S7-E1

Question: The doctor (James) put on a Dictaphone to make the suggestion that Roger Ackroyd was alive at 21:30 hrs. But how could he know that someone (Paton) would pass the door of Ackroyd's study at precisely that moment?

Question: Why were the geraniums bouncing in the last part of the movie in the pullback from their kiss on the roof? Nothing else was moving, but the red geraniums in the clay pot against the far wall were bouncing up and down, up and down.


Question: Military personnel at NEADS twice describe American Airlines Flight 11 as a Boeing 757, despite the fact that it was actually a 767. Is this a mistake made by the film or was this miscommunication that occurred in real life? (00:23:09 - 00:24:58)

Question: At the Christmas dinner, what is the tree ornament behind Clark as he's cutting the turkey?

Question: Does anyone know if ships actually have "rev limiters" as shown in the film? Phillips had to keep ringing down to the engine room whenever he wanted to throttle the engines up a notch. I was always under the impression that marine engines that are used on boats are designed to be at max revs all day long?

Question: When fighting Nick in the Crossrail, why didn't Ahmanet just stab Nick with the dagger? Now that the stone was inserted, she could have stabbed him and release Set.

Question: When Jimmy tells Ricky and Bobby to go home after the bar fight, they go to the limo with the Welshman. The 3 get in. Who drives?

Hug - S1-E11

Question: Ignoring the meteor metahuman powers, couldn't Jonathan Kent say the signature was a forgery, and he didn't sign it? It didn't seem to be notarized. He doesn't remember signing it or know what Rickman said to him to get him to sign it, so what would the courts or a lawyer say if Kent just said that's not his signature, or he didn't sign it? And how ironclad could the contract be without the date filled out?"Twentieth" day is typed out, but the month and year is blank.


Asylum - S3-E9

Question: How realistic is Lana's physical therapy scene? She says she broke her leg in 4 places and hasn't walked in a month. She's seen struggling to walk using the metal bars to support herself, which Adam seems to suggest she could do "another lap" but that she quit. But then after struggling to walk, she's given her crutches and the therapist leaves, leaving her to walk on her own with crutches. If she struggled with the bars, could she use crutches? Or would she be in a wheelchair?


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