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New today Question: At the end, when Jefferey shoots Frank in the forehead, the film editing seemingly becomes confused, with two different closeup cuts of Frank immediately after being shot. One cut is obviously Dennis Hopper with a wide-eyed and shocked expression (as well a hole in his head) ; but the following split-second closeup is apparently not Dennis Hopper, with what looks like a now-stubbled chin, a rigid and blank expression, and his eyes look almost swollen shut. I mean, this second cut looks like a rubber mask or very, very different makeup from that which Dennis Hopper was wearing just a fraction of a second before. The appearance is different enough that I wonder if David Lynch ever explained the continuity error?

Charles Austin Miller

New this week Question: "To the death" and "God help us", which Ardeth Bay said when confronting the Army of Anubis, what are they in original Arabic (or Egyptian)?

New this week Question: What's the music playing at the end of the basketball game when the Medfield Squirrels win?

New this week Question: How big is the Kothoga? In some scenes, the Kothoga is about the size of a tiger but in other scenes, it's almost the size of a horse.

New this week Question: Why attempt Russian accents in a film that is purely Russian? The star, Harrison Ford, doesn't even pretend to be Russian. Why should anyone else?

Charles Austin Miller

Heavy Meddle/Making the Case - S1-E2

New this week Question: In "Making the Case", why were Luan and Lily angry with Lincoln about the video? He didn't record any embarrassing footage of them.

New this week Question: Two questions: 1. When they arrive at the whaling station, Lex states that the pyramid is "directly beneath" the camp, but the map shows that the pyramid is much further away from the station and is definitely not "directly beneath." Why would she say this? 2. When Lex and the Predator leave the pyramid, the platform that they get on goes extremely fast. Why would this be logical at all? Without any kind of stopping mechanism, it would fling the sled far away and severely injure the user. Why?

New this month Question: How does Allie know about Martha even before she meets her?

New this month Question: I'm looking for some instrumental song from the movie. On the DVD it starts at 41:07 and lasts til 42:27. I can't find it anywhere, on the soundtrack nor anywhere else. Does anyone know it?

New this month Question: Why did Cyril and Celia eventually agree to help find the pigs?


The Painted World - S2-E3

New this month Question: How did Phoebe send Kit inside the painting without being trapped too? Probably she read the spell and not Kit (duh) then she should've been trapped instead of her - or both of them if she held her in her hands. And why did she do that? She knew about the warlock, wouldn't have it been easier, if she'd got inside, found her sisters and together read the liberating spell... as it happened later?


New this month Question: When was 'Giant' first shown (month-day-year) on network television?

New this month Question: This was the first of Toho's "Minilla" films (Minilla being the diminutive son of Godzilla), featuring an actor known as "Marchan the Dwarf" in the role of Minilla. Is there an official or even unofficial biography of Marchan the Dwarf? I'm not seeing anything on him through conventional searches.

Charles Austin Miller

New this month Question: How did the kids know where Dewey lives?

New this month Question: When Cinderella's stepmother overheard the grand duke telling the captain about his promise to marry off Kit to Princess Shalina, did he (the captain) recognize the stepmother later on when they arrived at her doorstep?

New this month Question: In all honesty I have little (if any) anthropological knowledge of what life was like for Native Americans in the USA in the nineteenth century. But it seemed to me that, for much of the time, the Native Americans in the movie did not resemble the members of a 'hunter gatherer' society whose way of life was under threat from the onset of the modern industrial world. Instead the Native Americans seemed to live, act and behave much more like the members of a 1960's hippie commune. How accurate is that?

Rob Halliday

New this month Question: Right after using the tongue looseners on Robin, the head guard says something in Arabic. Does it actually translate - and if so, what did he say? Or was it just gibberish for amusement's sake? If you don't know the scene, here it is on Youtube: https://youtu.be/fEm9tlZQheQ?t=45s. Thanks.

New this month Question: When I originally saw the film at the Midway Theater in Forest Hills, New York there were so many errors, I thought they were part of the movie. There was shaky cameras, boom mics shown in the frame, extras walking around, and lighting devices in frame. I’m not talking once or twice, it was throughout. I ended up leaving. Has anyone ever heard of this?

Rich Scheibel

Extreme Measures - S3-E3

New this month Question: What is the name/type of dance that Mary and Francis perform to the orchestral version of Stay With Me?


New this month Question: Emerson sells off his toxic assets in time, destroying his career. Why is he the only one that ruins his career?

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