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Question: Through the movie we always see The Jackal interacting with his victims in a detached and efficient manner. But during his interaction with Valentina he's more impassioned and provocative. He even lifts off the mask he used during his assault, so she can see his face. Why did Valentina cause such a reaction in him?

Answer: I agree with the other answer but would add that the Jackal interacts with Valentina that way because one, he has been shown to treat women differently from men, and two, he wants her to relay his message to Declan that he is unable to, "protect his women."

raywest Premium member

I agree, but I also wonder if his behavior betrayed some sort of attraction towards her.

Answer: He wanted her to see the expression on his face, smiling and gloating that he won. Using all her vast resources and knowledge, but she became the hunted.

Answer: It's most likely because of Rappo's connection with the deaths, plus how vocal he was about hating the army and blaming it for his disability. No official charge could be made against his name, but between what was witnessed, and Rappo's own claims, it's likely the military authority simply found it inappropriate to rest his body there.


Question: When Aiden is possessed by Samara he calls Rachel "mommy" but he always called her Rachel otherwise, so why did he call her mommy at the end of the movie right after she jumped off the cliff and Samara went away?

Answer: It suggests that after everything they've been through together, and how far she was willing to go to keep him safe, Rachel's son would finally feel close enough to her to call her mom. They have little connection in the beginning of the movie, and that changes by the end.


Question: When Phoebe is on the phone with Ray, he mentions that the Ghostbusters fire house is now a Starbucks. In the post-credits scene, we see that Winston has purchased the fire house so the Ghostbusters can get back to business, but the fire house looks like it has been abandoned for several years and no other company ever took it over. Did I miss something here?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: It's been 40 years since the Ghostbusters disbanded, Ray mostly likely passed by the old place and saw a Starbucks there. It has since shut down.

Answer: Ray was probably being sarcastic, and was simply making a general comment about gentrification in the area.

Question: Is there an actual drug that could cause someone's heart rate to slow down and muscles to relax for several hours, to the point where they can remain completely still?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: The drugs that anesthesiologists use for people undergoing surgery (such as IV drugs and inhaled gases) relax muscles to the point that the patient can't move and becomes unconscious. But with monitored sedation (as opposed to general anesthesia), there can be varying° of drowsiness perhaps with the ability to talk. If you've heard of "anesthesia awareness", this may be a condition close to what you are asking about. Not enough general anesthesia is administered (the amount needed was misjudged or deliberately lowered because of a dangerous situation but hoped to be enough) and the patient becomes aware during surgery but cannot move. General anesthesia typically uses nitrous oxide and variations of ether. Barbiturates/ sedatives/ tranquilizers - even enough alcohol - in varying amounts over time can keep a person largely immobile. (I'm not mentioning any specific drugs).


Question: If the ringed planet is only in a position to block off the suns once every 22 years, how come it rises over the horizon and into the sky in what appears to be only a few minutes?

Answer: If the points you make in your question are true, my best GUESS is that the "ringed planet" is not on the same orbit. I'm basing this on what (little) I know about Mars (and astronomy) - its orbit around the sun is not within the Earth's orbit, but approximately every two years, the orbits of Mars and Earth become very close.


Chosen answer: Ben took (stole) his neighbor Roy's station wagon, which was packed for going hunting. Ben apparently improvised by taking the red backpack; the contents of the backpack would be whatever a pre-adolescent boy or girl would put in a backpack to go hunting with his/her father.


Question: When Scott and Charlie are at the north pole the first time, why did the elf with the pole ignores Scotts talking? Is he deaf?


Answer: The elf on top probably ignored him as he was in no position to answer him. The elves seem to have a stratified society [i.e. some make toys, Judy provides food/beverage, some do security etc.] so it was most likely his job just to punch in the code so the sleigh would descend. With Bernard being the head elf, and probably the most knowledgeable on all things Santa related, he would be in the best position to talk to Scott and answer all of his questions.


Question: How long were Ben and Audrey dating before the VKs came to Auradon?

Answer: The first Descendants is unclear with this information. SPOILER WARNING. In the beginning of the song "Queen of Mean" from Descendants 3 we see pictures on Audrey's mantle with her and Ben as little kids. So we can assume that they have always had some sort of close relationship, but it still unclear as to when it was official.

Question: Dr Grant makes an SOS call to Ellie via the Sat phone. I think I have the sequence correct: There was such a delay in her getting to the phone that they got disconnected. She then dials 3 digits on the phone and then hears Dr Grants cryptic cry for help. She calls him back. Did she dial *69 to reconnect with him, which I don't think you can do with a Sat phone, or dial a code that immediately connected them? Anybody know about Sat phones or have any clues or answers to this scene?

Answer: I think you are right that *69 does not work on a SAT phone, but I can't offer anything else. You may have pointed out a "plot hole."


Question: Where is Peggy's son Scott in Peggy Sue Got Married? Why do we only ever see her daughter Beth?

Answer: Away at college.

Question: How come when Joaquin wore the Medal of Everlasting Life, making him invulnerable and immortal, he still ages through his training?

Answer: What does Manolo have to confront how does he repsond.

Show generally

Question: How does the city of Townsville get put back together each time after it gets destroyed? Does it magically repair itself?

Answer: This show is a highly stylized satire of superhero tales, and as such there is never an explanation how Townsville is repaired after all the destruction. There is similarly never any real explanation how Metropolis is put back together after Superman fights a bad guy. Powerpuff Girls takes this concept to the extreme to point out the absurdity of mainstream superhero stories.


Question: How much of the cursed tape do you have to watch to become cursed with the "seven days" threat? All of it? Or would even seeing two seconds of it Affect you?

Hamster Premium member

Answer: I only watched the first one but I didn't see anyone who watched the tape for two seconds die.

Chosen answer: Since the girl in the second movie lived because she covered her eyes, you'd have to watch the whole thing.


Question: It is shown in the flashbacks that Samara saw the tree before her stepmother pushed her down the well. Why then Rachel and Noah found a picture of that tree behind the wallpaper in the barn if Samara didn't see it while being kept there?

Answer: Because maybe that's the place she died in so that's the first place her spirit is going to haunt. Maybe she drew that as a ghost or maybe her dad drew it?

Question: What's the background story about the demon women? How did it all start?

Answer: She was a person of interest in the Salem Witch Trials. Before hanging herself, she put a curse on her land that basically is that if you are a parent, you will sacrifice your child and then kill yourself. She did this, sacrificing her seven day old baby then killing herself.

Answer: She was a witch that committed suicide. Before, she cursed everyone who set foot on her property.

Answer: Yes. Because the symbiote knows all his secrets and weaknesses it's not only able to mimic his powers but has adapted to combat his spider-sense.


Question: Did Tina's opening memory of her father drowning happen before or after Jason being anchored to the bottom of the lake by Tommy? I know that they showed him in that scene, but that was for the audience's sake, letting them know that it was the same lake from 6. Was he there when Tina "killed" her father, or did it happen at a later time before Tina and her mother returned after all those years?

Answer: Jason was long dead and buried in the lake when Tina accidentally killed her father.


Question: Pardon me for asking a "what if" question, but this confuses me: what did Rose intend to do *before* the ship sunk? She had changed her mind about Jack, choosing him instead of Cal. However, she and her mother needed the security from Cal. They were in debt. Jack was poor. If Rose married Jack, Cal and his family would be offended by the broken engagement. They would not help Rose's mother. Would Rose just marry Jack and abandon her financially-burdened mother in New York?

Answer: Due to historical times, the "love birds" may have lucked out (had they survived). They would not have known WWI would start in 1914 (two years after the Titanic sank), but they would have hoped that their financial situation improved. Women were needed in the labor force.


Answer: Rose was strong-minded and determined. She could certainly arrange to meet Jack after the ship docked. She would slip away, and they could marry quickly. If they married, there was little anyone could do about it. Jack could also help her to go into hiding, using an assumed name. Rose was thinking "in the moment," however, and had no real plan or idea for what life would be like once she ran off. At some point, she might reconnect with her mother. Cal Hoxley probably would have been so humiliated by being duped, he would have hushed up the incident and invented some story about the broken engagement. As we saw, Rose faired quite well once she did get away from Cal and her mother.

raywest Premium member

Answer: That was her plan, assuming she would have been able to follow through with it. This would have left her mother high and dry, but that didn't seem to be a very big concern for her. However, in reality, between Cal, Lovejoy, and Ruth, Rose would find it very hard to even see Jack, much less marry him, if the Titanic had made it to New York in one piece. Women had very few legal rights in 1912, so once the marriage was performed, Cal could pretty much keep her imprisoned, for all intents and purposes, and Jack could do nothing about it, even if he wasn't a penniless vagrant...which he was.

Your last statement about Cal pretty much being able to keep Rose imprisoned has no factual basis. Women still had many legal rights, and while some states had more liberal divorce laws, by 1915, 1 in 7 marriages ended in divorce. By the 1920's, it had risen to 15%. Not to mention that in 1917, New York had given women full suffrage.


"Imprisonment" might be too strong of a word to use, but cultural norms at the time (such as those regarding marriage, the role of the wife/ homemaker, and divorce - taboo) didn't give women much freedom. Divorce statistics are notoriously inaccurate and, depending on the method used to calculate the number, percent, or rate, different figures are derived. Instead of 15%, the RATE of divorce (per 1000 PEOPLE) was 1.7 in the 1920s. Women's suffrage is hardly an indication of freedom, rights, or equality. [Just think how "effective" the 14th Amendment (1868) was in granting equal legal and civil rights.].


Question: Kamal Khan says "You need a great deal of luck to get out of this", to which Bond replies something like "Oh luck, then I'll take player's privilege, and use your lucky dice. It's all in the wrist." Is "player's privilege" a thing in backgammon where you can use the opponent's dice, or is that just a witty line Bond uses to effectively say "I've got you"?

Answer: No, "player's privilege" is not a real thing in Backgammon and is made up for the scene. In the rules of Backgammon, you are allowed to ask the dice be mixed BEFORE a game starts, but you can't switch dice during a game (unless somehow they became defective during play).


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