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Question: Ron's wand gets broken, and for the rest of the year, he has to use it even though it doesn't cast spells properly. Why doesn't the school just get Ron a new wand? His parents can't afford one because of how expensive they must be, but surely one of the teachers could take him to Ollivander's and help him get another one.

Answer: I agree with what RayWest said. Another possible factor is that Ron damaged his wand when the flying car crashed into the Whomping Willow, which upsets the Hogwarts staff and Ron's parents. I can imagine Mrs. Weasley wanting him to deal with the consequences of his actions for the rest of the school year.

Good point, and Ron, in addition to being in trouble with the school, also got his father into hot water with the Ministry of Magic over the flying car. I can't imagine, after all that, Ron asking anyone to get him a new wand.


Answer: It's not the school's responsibility to provide equipment for students. It can be humiliating for a student and the family to receive charity. It also sets a precedent for Hogwarts having to supply any number of things for students, and creates a situation where they could be taken advantage of. Realistically, this is a book plot point. It may not be logical, but the story would not play out and end as it does if Ron had a proper wand.


Question: Before contacting the Emperor, Vader tells Admiral Piett to move the ship out of the asteroid field for the transmission. But if the Emperor was able to contact Piett, why not just contact Vader directly? Despite the asteroid field.

Answer: We don't know that the Emperor spoke to Piett directly. He might be relaying a message that the Emperor gave to another ship/location.

Justice - S4-E3

Question: Rimmer says he's been hiking through the diesel decks. Given they've been flying for 3 million years, wouldn't they have run out of diesel absolutely ages ago?

Answer: It depends what the diesel is needed for. Holly would likely have switched off anything unnecessary during that time.

Andy Benham

Question: On Cloud City, why did Vader surprise Han and the others in a dining room? Lando says that the Imperials arrived before Han's group. But they've had time for Leia to change clothes, change her hair style, and for her to ask people about C3PO when he is missing.

Answer: No answer is given. Maybe Vader needed the time to negotiate with Lando and wanted to ensure the group would be caught off guard. It's more about plotting, though. The scene is constructed to build suspense and doubt. Han thinks the friendly and charming Lando is trustworthy, but Leia is wary, especially after C3PO disappears. The group, and the audience, are then taken by surprise when Vader is revealed and Lando's true character is exposed.


Question: Han wants to leave the Rebels because Jabba the Hutt still has a bounty on him. Why not stay and be protected by a large group of friends? Safety in numbers, basically.

Answer: There may be safety in numbers, but Han is not going to put his comrades' lives in danger to protect himself. He also doesn't want the bounty hanging over his head, or be constantly on guard for an ambush. The longer he waits to pay it off, the greater the consequences, which is what eventually happened. He wanted to pay it and be done.


Question: Could it be considered attempted murder on both Peter and Harry's parts when they both took a turn throwing the pumpkin bomb at each other until it exploded near Harry's face after their fight? Those pumpkin bombs are designed to kill, and Peter knew that when he threw it back at him, although I'm not sure how the explosion didn't kill Harry.

Answer: Well, Harry was obviously trying to kill Peter, so yes, that was attempted murder. Peter, at that point, is heavily influenced by the symbiote, causing him to not feel remorse or empathy towards Harry. It angered him that Harry would throw the bomb at him while his back was turned to him and therefore did commit attempted murder by throwing it back at him. Harry survived because he was spiked up on his father's muscle enhancers. Although he should be deaf and blind after.


Question: Why does Stryker believe the adamantium bonding process won't work on Sabertooth? Him and Wolverine are brothers and so have the same abilities so it should definitely work.

Answer: I think they have both been tested and Stryker found out that Sabertooth's healing factor is inferior to that of Wolverine.


Question: In real life, would it have been possible for a fully-grown great white shark to smash through the metal cage that Hooper was in like it does in the movie, or is that just Hollywood nonsense?

Answer: Most shark cages are reliably safe and strong enough to withstand sharks biting the bars or bumping into it. Of course, individual cage quality is an issue and there have been instances of sharks getting jammed in a cage and destroying it as they attempted to free themselves. In the movie, the fictional premise is that "Jaws" is an exceptionally large and powerful shark that can demolish a cage other sharks could not damage.


Question: When Dooku invited Obi-Wan to join him and destroy the Sith, what did he really want? Surely he didn't think that Obi-Wan would believe him?

Answer: I don't think that Dooku, nor Palpatine, really cared much about being actual Sith Lords. They wanted to be rulers in their own rights. Hence why Palpatine becomes Emperor Palpatine and abandons the "Darth Sidious" title. Dooku might have "destroyed the Sith" in the sense that he would kill Darth Sidious/Palpatine with Obi-wan's help.

Answer: Siths are often delusional, trying different ways to come out on top, kill their master. I think Dooku was serious in trying to recruit Obi-Wan, the apprentice of his apprentice Qui-Gon.


Question: Before the Clone Wars, what situations did Jedi handle most of the time? I only ask because at Padme's apartment, Obi-wan says it's not their job to investigate the assassination attempt. Anakin says that local security could guard the apartment; it's not a matter for Jedi. So apparently, Jedi don't watch over people nor investigate crimes. What do they do?

Answer: Their job is to protect the integrity of the republic with diplomacy and advice to politicians. They do not enforce laws or rules. They can also be security for senators or be taken to places in crisis to help resolve difficult matters (like the blockade of Naboo). They protect and secure. That was their job during the time of the 'old' republic.


So, in a way, are the Jedi similar to involving the FBI in a situation, instead of contacting your town/city/county police?

Question: Is there any truth that an anaconda will regurgitate its prey so it can keep feeding, or was it made up for the film?

Answer: A snake can regurgitate its food, but they do this mostly if they are in danger or stressed, not to go after another prey or swallow it again so it's easier to digest. The food is usually quite a weight on their body and takes long to digest, so the snake could regurgitate it to become mobile again if threatened.


Question: Ivy says some people have a colour. Do you think Noah had a colour and she knew it was him in the woods? If so, did she intentionally let him die knowing he may have killed the man she loves?

Answer: Don't disagree with the other answer, but Ivy could have sensed it was Noah. While Ivy claimed to "see" someone's color, more likely she recognized people by their individual sounds, smells, movements, etc. which she interpreted as their "color." She knew Noah attacked Lucius and, in his unstable state, might kill her. She knew the "monsters" were fake and no-one else had a motive to harm her. I don't think she intended to let Noah die. She was protecting herself and could do little to save him once he fell into the pit.


Answer: From what I recall, there's nothing in the movie to indicate that this is the case.


Question: How much time has passed between the events of the first film and this film? Since pretty much half of the White House was destroyed in the first film, wouldn't it have taken some time to rebuild that section of the White House?

Answer: About a year has passed.

Question: What ever happened to Maxi Dean and his wife after Beetlejuice hammered them up into the ceiling?

Answer: It's never explained. It's entirely possible they were both killed considering they were launched through the ceiling, since that would have likely caused catastrophic head injuries. But it's also possible that given the cartoonish nature of the film, they were just ejected out of the house. It's up for the viewer to decide. (I personally am leaning towards them being dead given how violent Beetlejuice is.)


Question: Why did David get back in the shower with Mr Bean after hanging up the phone?

Answer: In the context of the movie, the "damage" has already been done, so-to-speak... he's already in the shower with Bean. And since he's also in a big rush to get to the museum, he decides to just keep showering. (In a meta, behind-the-scenes sense, it's also just funnier for him to stay in the shower rather than get out and wait for Bean.)


School Days - S2-E14

Question: Who are the two baseball players that walk up to the nurses' station to talk about their teammate and discuss his relationship status with his girlfriend to Dixie?

Answer: I took a screenshot of the two actors, with Rod Perry on the right. Hopefully someone will know the name of the actor on the left. Both actors are uncredited in the episode's credits. Screenshot.

Super Grover

Answer: The guy on the right is actor, Rod Perry. He played Deacon on the '70s TV show S.W.A.T., two years later (and now I'm humming its theme song). As for the actor on the left, I recognize his face and voice, but I can't recall from which TV show, movie, or perhaps a soap opera.

Super Grover

Answer: Because he was in rehab at the time.

Answer: Because he is a sadistic lunatic and he wanted to. He has a lot wrong with his brain, paranoia, psychopathy, hallucinations, sexual predation. Probably more. He is a deeply disturbed individual and killing Gloria gave him pleasure.


Answer: He's neither. In the comics he was an albino who later was mutated to give his superhuman strength. He filed his teeth into points as a way to scare others. In this Spider-Man cartoon, his physical appearance, including his teeth, and strength was the result of falling into chemicals at the plant. However, he never died as a result of falling into the chemicals, some only thought he had died.


Answer: Neither, he is just chemically altered and gained some superpowers as a result.


Question: When the group first arrives at the commune and are shown their quarters, Dani is looking at photos of previous May Queens on a wall. According to the script, the festival takes place every 90 years. Photography was invented in the mid-1800s. How could they possibly have so many photos?

Answer: The once every 90-year festival is a special festival that also includes a May Queen. But they still have other regular festivals. We're told that every mid-summer, they have a dance competition where the winner is crowned the May Queen.


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