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Invasion - S4-E1

Question: Why in the episode of the unexploded bomb in a children's playground was the bomb referred to in weight using kilograms? Did they refer to bombs in the 1940s in kilograms or pounds? (01:14:34)

Answer: They are using the accepted names of the bombs. During World War 2 the Germans used the metric system and produced bombs ranging from 50kg to 2500kg. Referring to the weight of the bombs in pounds (or fractions of tons) risked confusing the situation and would require someone to understand how to convert from imperial measures to metric, not an easy thing to do when under stress.

Answer: Because we're all Negan.

Show generally

Question: Has there been any explanation (in-show or by show creators) about the inconsistency of what attracts Walkers? They've shown that people who cover themselves in Walker guts aren't detected or attacked. When it rained, the rain washed off the guts and then the Walkers do try to attack. But if people hide under cars or don't make noises, the Walkers don't detect them. But it's also been shown that people under a pile of "dead" walkers are still attacked. So what causes a Walker to attack?


Answer: Walkers are attracted to noise, they can tell who's dead and who isn't dead, in S1 when Rick and Glenn cover themselves in walkers' guts they're able to get far by walking through the herd of walkers because they smell like they're dead, but as soon as the guts get washed off by the rain the walkers immediately attack them, if you draw attention to yourself they will attack you which we've seen that many times throughout the series that it's not always successful. Whether you're covered in guts hiding under dead corpses or under a car.

Question: Why does Amy whack herself in the face with a hammer? Her plan is working at this point. She's achieved anonymity and escaped her life. What possible good could cover from hitting herself in the face with a hammer? (01:13:04)


Answer: To my knowledge, the purpose of hitting herself was two-fold. First of all, a facial injury would support the idea that she was abused or in some sort of bad situation. And secondly, to help mildly alter her appearance, so she could blend in more. (Especially considering people were looking for her).


Question: How come the horse didn't get strike too by the laser along with the armored knight by the Sphinx?


Answer: It most likely was aimed to hit only human intruders, not animals.

Question: When Rocky says "Come on" before a round Drago says something angrily, was he cussing in Russian? Also, Rocky and Drago both kept pummeling each other after the bell, Rocky slams Drago, shouldn't they have been disqualified for this stuff?


Answer: He is telling his coach "My hands hurt, it's like hitting a slab of iron" referring to Rocky's seemingly superhuman endurance.

Show generally

Question: Between season 2 and season 6 we periodically meet a serial killer called The Grave Digger who's actual name is Heather Taffet. Having watched the complete series a while ago, one thing was never made clear (or I might have missed it) How did Taffet physically bury the containers her victims were in? The twins were buried in a park in a submerged beer vat that is stated as being 6ft high. Bones and Hodgins are buried around 4ft underground in a car. How does she manage to bury them without being seen or interrupted?

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Answering my own question here but, having contacted various people involved in the production of Bones including Kathy Reichs, Hart Hanson, Eric Milligan, and Deirdre Lovegood who portrayed Taffet onscreen I finally have the answer. No-one know how she did it due to her constantly working alone. And she never revealed this information before her death.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Stewart gives the tower 2 minutes to talk to planes and tell them to hold at the outer marker. Why didn't they just use that 2 minutes to say they are under attack or something and to land elsewhere? They could have said it quickly and the bad guys wouldn't have had enough time to turn their communications off.

Answer: Because then the movie would be over. The filmmakers have said that they included deliberate mistakes in the plot so that actual terrorists would not be able to "recreate" the scenario in real life. This is one of those instances where, in reality, the control tower WOULD do what you say, but in an action film, it's a deliberate deviation from reality in order to advance the plot.

Answer: Because the Control Tower employees would have been murdered or some innocent person. The Terrorists could have taken over given the wrong landing coordinates to crash a plane as punishment, as they did later on in the movie.

That's not how it would work. If the tower tells all the planes that someone has taken over their systems, and they've lost all control, then the terrorists wouldn't be able to crash any planes because the pilots would already be aware of it. It's simply because like the other reply said, if the tower warned the planes during the time Stewart gives them, then there would be no film.

Grilled - S2-E2

Question: How did the DEA not find Walter's information and pill bottle in Tuco's house after Hank kills Tuco? I think a shootout between DEA agent and drug dealer would have all kinds of investigators at the crime scene. They would have asked what Walter was doing there. They probably would have found the cell phones Tuco threw in the yard too.

Answer: Having just watched this episode, Tuco asks Walt and Jesse to empty their pockets shortly after entering Hector's house. They are there for an extended period of time as Tuco cooks lunch, arranges for his cousins to come and collect them, he's then seen shooting at the animal through the window. So a few hours have passed. Enough time for Walt and Jesse to put the items back in their pockets. In regard to the DEA searching the property, they may have searched briefly but not overly hard as Tuco was a drug dealer and unfortunately some agencies won't put in as much effort to find out what happened due to their lifestyle. With the mobile phones, again the DEA may not have searched very hard or very far. Tuco is walking a short distance back to the house after throwing the phones. So who's to say they would have searched that far out.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Why can't Mr and Mrs Parker go next door to the Bumpus and tell them to control their dogs, so they won't bother them?


Answer: Who's to say they didn't? Ralphie describes the Bumpuses as 'hillbillies' so they might not care too much about controlling their animals or what they neighbors thought, and apparently the old man was the only one the dogs ever bothered so it would be hard to prove they were a general nuisance. Of course, the turkey incident might have tipped the scales.

Brian Katcher

Question: Why did Mary's parents have an arranged marriage? If her father is around the same age as the actor who plays him, then he was born in the 1930s. Probably got married in the '50s. Were arranged marriages still common in Italian families?

Answer: In the early-to-mid-20th century, arranged marriages were not uncommon in immigrant families. Ethnic groups tended to prefer marriages within their own culture to preserve religious beliefs, old traditions, and way of life, especially as immigrants became increasingly dispersed and the American population grew more blended through inter-marriages. While a family could not legally force their children to marry, they could exert tremendous pressure to do so. Also, people did not always marry for love but for more practical reasons and relied on families to help arrange a suitable match. For women, it was often about finding a good provider and having a certain social position. Men wanted a wife from a suitable family, who was a good homemaker, provided children, and supported them in their careers.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why can't Glenn understand anything Cole signs, leaving Iris to translate? Glenn knows and uses sign language when talking to Cole so it seems strange that he doesn't know anything that Cole tells him when Cole uses sign language.

Answer: Iris knows and understands sign language much better than her husband. Glen can communicate on a basic level, but when Cole is ready to tell off his father, he wants to make sure Glen understands exactly what he's saying. Remember how Glen didn't know the sign for 'a***hole'.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Glenn was passionate about music and wanted to be a great composer, something relatively few people are able to attain. At least initially, taking a part-time music teacher position was not what he wanted to do or be - but it provided the resources to support himself/his family while giving him enough time to pursue his dream (music composition/opus). Glenn had an on-again/off-again (mostly "off") relationship with his son Cole, perhaps sometimes due to his lack of commitment, time constraints, frustration, sense of failure, and emotional pain over his belief that he could not successfully nurture the love of music in his near-deaf son. (Glenn was aware of the difficulties Beethoven had.) In some ways, Glenn (selfishly) was saying, "I don't have time for this" (communicating in sign language or providing the fatherly devotion and sacrifice necessary to understand and develop a good rapport with his "special needs" son).


Show generally

Question: Was there an episode in which Jerry dated a very beautiful woman, and the subject/issue was that people would do anything for her? She could get almost anything she asked for, wherever she went? I think she had blonde hair. I might be confusing this with another series.

Question: When Alex met the Uber Morlock in his sanctuary and saw the time machine running... why was it running? Did Uber use it to go back or forth in time... if so... why and what were its effects? Alex went forward after the fight with Uber and saw the devastation that Uber had warned him about if he were not present to stop the Morlocks by controlling their urges. Then, Alex went back in time, save the girl... then used the machine as a time-bomb and destroyed the Morlocks thereby changing the future.

Answer: The Uber Morlock told Alex to use his machine and go back to where he came from. The morlocks were rulers of the world, they felt Alex was a nuisance. A man who doesn't belong is upsetting the status quo.

Question: Why did the inside of his cabin look like a tornado hit it, was the maid at the beginning just another one of his hallucinations?

Answer: Towards the end, the townspeople had shunned Mort and refused to provide him with any services, believing he killed Amy and the others. The maid probably quit for the same reason and was likely afraid to work for him. Mort, dysfunctional and sinking further into madness, was unconcerned about keeping the house neat.

raywest Premium member

Question: Bitsey Bloom and Zach Stemmons are sharing a motel room together. There are two separate beds in that room so why is Zach sleeping on the floor? (01:35:13 - 01:35:40)


Answer: Perhaps to give her more privacy. Bitsey would be less visible to him from the floor.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Cooper's role was a cameo. And often, when well-known or well-respected actors appear in surprise cameo roles like this, they go uncredited. Usually to either try to maintain the element of surprise, or try not to overshadow the rest of the cast.


Show generally

Question: In the episodes where Hogan or the others tell Schultz what they're planning, why doesn't Schultz report to Klink immediately and tell him? Why claim he sees nothing, hears nothing or knows nothing?

Answer: Essentially, because if Schultz reported what he saw, it would mean admitting that Hogan and his men's very elaborate schemes were happening on his watch, which would get him into very serious trouble. His greatest fear is being sent to the Russian Front, and he's in far too deep with Hogan (e.g, accepting bribes of food) to escape punishment if it all came to light. What may have started as small acts of "looking the other way" (Schultz is a generally friendly person, who may have let things slide a bit early on) has become self-preservation. For their part, Hogan et al. try to avoid getting Schultz into trouble, because if a stricter guard were to replace him, they'd come under much greater scrutiny, which they want to avoid.

Question: How many years is Disenchanted set after the original Disney Enchanted movie? 15 or 10? Also, (connected to this), how old is Morgan now? 16 or 21?

Answer: Disenchanted is set 10 years after the original movie. Also, Morgan is 16 years old since it's set 10 years later and Morgan was six in Enchanted.

Answer: Children are often told that they can grow up to be anything. As Mr. Adler says "You may someday be doctors or lawyers or scientists." However, many children in an average school will have more common, "blue collar" jobs. These jobs matter, but society often views these workers as inferior. Mr. Adler is being realistic.

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