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How to Stop an Exploding Man - S1-E23

Question: At the end of the episode, when Peter starts to glow, why doesn't he just fly or teleport away to a safe location instead of having to rely on Nathan to fly him away?


Chosen answer: Peter doesn't have perfect control over any of his abilities - he has to be able to focus on certain mental keys to be able to use them with any degree of certainty. With his acquired radioactivity power beginning to run out of control, any possibility of focus is gone - he's scared, he's in considerable discomfort if not outright pain. He's simply not able to do it, so Nathan has to step in to help get him clear of the area.

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Season 1 generally

Question: Before contracting The Shanti Virus, just how many powers did Sylar acquire?


Chosen answer: Confirmed powers prior to that point were telekinesis, freezing, kinetic projection, eidetic memory, liquification, enhanced hearing, precognition and radioactivity. There may have been others as well, but those are the definites.

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Question: In the Trivia section for this movie, there is an entry that says that all of the characters are named after prisons around the world, and it gives some examples. Can someone identify all of the prisons and how they relate to the character?


Chosen answer: Quentin is named after San Quentin State Prison in California, notorious for a high-level of brutality. Holloway is a women's prison in London, leading to a female character. Alderson Prison is in West Virginia and uses isolation as a major punishment, thus Alderson never meets the other characters. Rennes Prison in France pioneered many modern prison policies, so the character Rennes appears as a knowledgeable mentor to the other characters. The Kazan prison in Russia is disorganised, tying in to the autistic Kazan character. Finally, Leaven and Worth are both named for Leavenworth prison in Kansas, which is corporately built and run, relating to Worth, the corporate architect, and runs on a very rigid set of rules, which ties in to Leaven's mathematical ability.

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Question: What did Magneto mean when he said, "I've heard these arguments before"? What arguments?


Chosen answer: He's talking about the government proposals to register mutants "for public safety" and so forth. He's comparing them to the Nazi programmes to weed out "undesirables" that ultimately led to the Holocaust and the deaths of Erik's family in the concentration camps.

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Question: What exactly are the limits to Wolverine's power of regeneration?


Chosen answer: Hard to be exact, as his ability level has varied a fair bit in the comics over the years and it's impossible to know which particular level the moviemakers have chosen. Generally speaking, Logan can heal wounds in a matter of seconds and has been shown to regenerate large quantities of destroyed soft tissue in a few minutes, but certain writers have taken it further. At the very extreme end of the scale, Logan has been shown to swiftly recover fully from the effects of a nearby nuclear explosion and also return to life after having all his flesh stripped from his skeleton, leaving him with just his brain within his adamantium-laced skull. Probably the best way to look at it is that Logan's healing factor operates at whatever level the writer needs it to operate at for the story that they're trying to tell.

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Question: What's the name of the song at the final credits?

Chosen answer: The name of the song is "Bible Belt" and it's sung by Travis Tritt.


Question: When David uses his power to see into people's lives, what exactly does he see? They go by too fast.


Chosen answer: When he touches someone who has or will commit an evil act, he sees the act. For example, he sees a racist man throw something at a black woman for no reason, he sees someone buying drugs, he sees a woman kill another woman.

Jason Hoffman

Question: When Susan grew after being affected by the Quantonium meteorite, why do no other life forms, such as insects in the grass, not also grow?

The Yeti

Chosen answer: Well, it's a fiction movie; some suspension of disbelief is always needed. There could be a number of explanations: for instance, lifeforms such as insects on the grass, bacteria inside them or even grass itself, being unable to absorb quantonium. It might affect only sentient beings. Or Susan might even be the first being to get in contact with the substance - this would be possible depending on the shape of the meteorite container, the exact means by which quantonium touches her body - which isn't shown... but, first and foremost, this happens because its not happening would leave the filmmakers with a plot issue to be dealt with - so, other beings don't grow simply because they don't.

Show generally

Question: I was younger when the show ended, so I have mostly watched re-runs and I am wondering: were Monica Reyes and John Doggett generally well-received by the show's fans, seeing how they were sudden new characters in a series that already had established favorite/popular characters (Mulder, Scully, Skinner, etc.) for the past seven seasons?

Chosen answer: From what I remember, yes they were generally well recieved...I think it's because they didnt try to replace Mulder or Scully, and the evolution of Scully being the believer and Doggett being the non-believer just as Scully used to be, with reyes being the in between.


Question: How is Ryce supposed to have got out of the room at the party when Beethoven causes the front of the house to collapse? Taylor fell in the water holding the key.

Chosen answer: Although a little dangerous she could have lowered herself down to the level below her and just walked out the house.


Question: During the course of the movie, Magneto is shown to be using a form of flight in the presence of metal, such as the train and Statue of Liberty. Could he perhaps, be able to sustain flight without the presence of metal, such as manipulation via the Earth's magnetic field? Also, what are the limits of such flight?


Chosen answer: It is never fully explained in the movie, however in the comics he is shown to be able to use Earth's magnetic field to engage in high speed flight.

Question: Why are certain areas of the Earth irradiated? What happened?


Chosen answer: It is residual radiation from atomic weapons used in an attempt to fight off the Psychlos.

Fallout - S1-E11

Question: How is Sylar able to resist Eden's power of persuasion, when she tells him to kill himself?


Chosen answer: We don't know the extent of Sylar's powers. It's possible he's taken powers from someone that allows him to resist Eden, or maybe his willpower alone is strong enough.

Ambush - S1-E1

Question: Why did the king think that Yoda didn't get a fair fight? He agreed to see if Yoda could fight the droids, so why did he think Ventress broke her word after she sent out a bunch of droids?

Chosen answer: I guess that 1) the King assumed that Ventress' droids were meant to capture the Jedi, not kill him outright. When she yells at OOM-224 to shoot Yoda, she evidently failed that expectation. 2) Sending out a bunch of Droidekas after it is plain that Master Yoda has clearly won is not a sign of good sportsmanship, either.

Question: Does anyone else think it strange that we don't see a crucial scene with Jamal applying to be on the show, but just a passing reference to the fact that he knew exactly when you would need to dial in? All I saw was the conversation with the Scottish woman. Did I miss something? Was this bit cut?

Chosen answer: We are told (and shown) that Latika watches Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Jamal's co-workers talk about getting on the show so he knows how to do it. Additional information is given in a deleted scene on the DVD.

Show generally

Question: Has Dooku ever officially made Asajj his apprentice? I know he is still Sidious' apprentice, but Sidious secretly trained Maul before he killed Plageous (according to the SW Wikipedia), so Dooku could secretly train Asajj. In "Ambush" he calls Asajj his apprentice when talking to the king of Toydaria, but then in "Cloak of Darkness", he tells Asajj that she has to prove she is worthy.

Chosen answer: Dooku never accepted Ventress as his apprentice, as far as I know; he just kept her as his devoted personal assassin. In Phantom Menace, it is stated that there can be only two Sith at a time, to prevent a power struggle in the lower ranks. To accept Ventress as an apprentice, Dooku would have violated that rule.

Question: This is actually a few questions about the same thing: Why did Matt Damon say 'the nose played' so often? What was so important about his fake nose? Also, here's another question: why was he wearing a fake nose in the first place?

Chosen answer: Linus was trying very hard in all three movies to prove himself to Danny, Rusty, and his parents. The nose is obviously his innovation, and he wants to show that it's a great disguise entirely of his own creation... even though it's pretty obviously superfluous, as it seems that no one recognizes him anyhow.

Answer: The "nose plays" relates the size of a man's nose equating to the size of their genitalia.

Question: If Pahud thinks that Paul Blart is with his girlfriend, why does he make him his "homie"? Wouldn't he hate Paul for taking his girlfriend?

Chosen answer: Paul explains to Pahud that it's a misunderstanding, and Pahud then makes Paul Blart his homie.

Question: What is meant by the film's MPAA rating which states, rated PG for "mild cartoon language"?

Chosen answer: Some parents might not be comfortable with the language the cartoon characters use, as some of what they say is akin to swearing.

My Occurrence (1) - S1-E22

Question: What's the name of the song that's played just before JD gives Ben the bad news at the end of the episode? It's when he's having a flashback about retesting Ben's sample.

Chosen answer: I believe it is Hold on Hope. The only artist I have seen for it is Guided by Voices. but you may find Various Artists as the artist title. It is on the Scrubs soundtrack.

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