Three's Company

Diamond Jack - S7-E3

Character mistake: At the roller skating rink, Jack looks at the menu on the wall in the snack bar while ordering two sodas and says "What are they... 50 cents a piece?" However, only food items and candy are listed on the menu and drinks are not mentioned at all. How did he know the price?

Strange Bedfellows - S2-E4

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Roper tries to explain to the girls and his wife what he was doing in Jack's bedroom, watch over Mr. Roper's left shoulder on the shelf. The number of yellow cans on the shelf keep alternating between one and two cans throughout several minutes.

No Children, No Pets - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: After Jack brings the puppy over to the girls, the box he brought the puppy in was placed on the back end of their couch. At one point, it is knocked over, and you can see it falling down to the floor (past Janet). In a few shots, it's back on the table, and none of the characters were in a position to pick it up to place it back there.

Handcuffed - S4-E18

Plot hole: Chrissy's policeman cousin informs the roommates that there was a complaint from a neighbor about her husband on his roof watching the girls dance in The Apartment with binoculars. However, when the girls were dancing, the front door was fully closed and the very thick drapes were fully closed so how could such a complaint exist?

Friends and Lovers (1) - S8-E21

Character mistake: In S5-E15 "In Like Larry", Larry gives Cindy and Janet gifts to thank them for letting him live with them, so Janet gives him a kiss. Larry also kisses both Janet and Terri on the lips at the end of S7-E6 "Opening Night" after showing them Greek dancing. However, in this episode Janet kisses Larry at her wedding, to which Larry says "Janet, that's the first time you've ever kissed me."

Up in the Air - S6-E25

Revealing mistake: During Jack's dance scene, the old lady that he dances with spins away from him and knocks off a man's toupee. The actress was supposed to knock it off as she went by, but it's obvious that she misses and instead quickly reaches over to snatch it off his head instead.


And Now Here's Jack - S6-E23

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jack, Janet and Terri are on the air for the cooking show, Janet holds up the silver bowl but there is no parsley in it. Then in the next shot the bowl is instantly full of parsley.

Gigolo Jack or Professor Jack - S6-E4

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Terri admits to Jack that she mistook his cooking lessons for lovemaking lessons, look at Terri's bangs. They go from on her forehead to brushed back then back to on her forehead then back to being brushed back.

Strangers in the Night - S6-E12

Character mistake: The whole idea of the serenading scene was Larry was supposed to hide and sing for Jack while Jack would be shown in the yard alone and pretend to be the one singing, but the yard was brightly lit and Larry was right behind Jack and both were very shown with nothing to hide Larry.

Going to Pot - S7-E14

Continuity mistake: After Furley tells Jack about picking up the pot, he says, "Of course, it'll cost you." Later, when the cop listens to the recording of the conversation, the tape has Furley saying, "Of course, it's gonna cost you."

The Not-So-Great Imposter - S5-E9

Revealing mistake: In Angelino's kitchen, when Mr. Angelino comes in and mentions steaks for eight people are needed, look behind him at the door's window. Janet is briefly seen watching (as if waiting for her cue to enter), then quickly ducks out of sight. A second later, she's seen again while Angelino asks Felipe to help him in the freezer. She then runs in the door with Furley as if they first arrived at that moment.

Handcuffed - S4-E18

Continuity mistake: When Jack is eating cake and Chrissy is under the table her the sleeve of her right arm is down. When Jack and Chrissy exit the kitchen into the living room, both of her sleeves are down.

It's Only Money - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: While Jack is talking to the police officer about the missing rent money, they are standing in front of the TV set and the front door is open. When it cuts back to Jack and the officer, over Jack's shoulder the front door is closed, but when the officer turns to leave the door is open again.

Grandma Jack - S8-E7

Visible crew/equipment: Notice the scene when Terry comes out of the kitchen. As the kitchen door begins swinging shut, a mysterious hand (which belongs to a crew member) suddenly appears from offstage to keep the door closed. (00:07:10)

Good Old Reliable Janet - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Janet and Mrs. Roper are found nude behind the bushes, Larry leaves to get towels. However, the yellow towel suddenly appears briefly on screen several seconds before Larry returns.

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Suggested correction: Although it's not stated in the show, theoritically speaking, it WOULD be accurate if Jack and Lee were HALF-brothers (with same father since both last names are Tripper) and Fremont was the brother of Jack's mother, then Jack COULD be his only nephew as Lee would have NO relation to Fremont.

I submitted the above correction based on a theory that would make it possible, although in reviewing one of the scenes involving Jack's Uncle, I realise this would not be the specific case. Uncle Fremont most likely is the brother of Jack's father (not mother like the theory) due to the fact when he tells Mr. Roper that Jack's father is happily married but that doesn't stop him from having "fun" with a friendly nudge. He most likely would not say that if it was against his own sister. So yes, the theory didn't apply in this specific situation. Instead, the situation here is during the Roper early seasons, the episode came out with the Uncle and a year or two later (during the Furley era) Lee was intruduced. Neither were ever mentioned in any other episode so it could be simple inconsistent screenwriting.

Out on a Limb - S8-E4

Revealing mistake: In the episode "Out on a Limb", Jack leaves Terri in Mr. Townsend's office lobby to keep the secretary busy while Jack is supposed to climb a tree outside up to the window and move from window-to-window to get to Townsend's office. If you look at the window behind Terri and the secretary, you'll see Jack magically walk through the brick wall to get set up for the tree climbing scene.


Stanley Roper: What's the cake for?
Helen Roper: We're celebrating.
Stanley Roper: Celebrating what?
Helen Roper: The tenth anniversary of my new spring outfit.

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Question: What is the picture of women on the walls of the set? Not the butterfly picture, the others.

Answer: I believe you are referring to the artwork of Alphonse Mucha. On the wall next to the front door was "Feather" (which is one half of "Primrose and Feather"). Above the telephone in early episodes was "Zodiac". Also seen through The Apartment was "Spring" and "Autumn".

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