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Saw a movie from sometime in the 90's. A woman and an Asian man are travelling down a road apparently lost. The Asian doesn't speak English at all so the woman can't understand him. He makes sexist remarks towards her and even places a fifty dollar bill in between her bikini which she assumes is his way of offering some help but, in truth he's actually giving it to her in exchange for sexual favors.

Answer: There is an Australian (2003) movie "Japanese Story." It has the plot you described but I'm uncertain of the money for sex scene.

No. It's not this movie.

I am looking for an older movie with the plot of a high profile guy gets betrayed into thinking his loyal wife is having an affair with his best friend, and he kills them only to find out later that it wasn't true.

Answer: The episode was titled, "Three's a Crowd." Season 2 Episode 5 of Tales from the Crypt.

Answer: If memory serves, that's a subplot from the 2004 "Punisher" movie.


Answer: Sounds like a Tales From The Crypt episode.


Can anyone tell me the name of a TV series from the UK, it was screened in the late 90s and used as educational material. It followed a family living in Victorian England and if I remember correctly it featured the death of the youngest sibling called Anne.

Is there an archive of any information about location photography from specific movies? 1937's Captains Courageous contains scenes of large fishing schooners speeding downwind, heeled over so far that the edges of their decks are under water. Impossible to simulate. James Stewart's The Spirit of St. Louis has nearly five minutes of period aerial photography of the actual city of St. John's, Newfoundland, Lindbergh's last contact with North America as he headed east. It's a rare visual record.


I remember seeing an action movie, probably from the 90s, and at one point a henchwoman was beating up either the hero or a supporting character, during which she says something like "Oh, did that hurt? Want mommy to kick it better?" Anyone know what movie this is?

Phaneron Premium member

I remember seeing part of the premiere of a show about 10 years ago. I don't know how long the show went on, but the scene always stuck with me. I think it was a show about court judges (maybe supreme court) and their associates. And there was a scene where an older judge said a cute rhyme about justice/court to a new person. There were also a group of judges in the scene, and they kept referring to each other as "Justice so-and-so." The scene was also set outside if IIRC. Ring anyone's bell?


Answer: There was a movie titled, "The First Monday in October," about the Supreme Court. It shows what happens behind the scenes. If it's a TV series, there are two, "First Monday," a spin-off series. The second is "The Court," also about the Supreme Court. Both premiered in 2002. They were dramas and both were cancelled after half a season.

It very well could be one of those. Unfortunately, I can only find a few clips from "First Monday" and can't find any clips from "The Court," so it's hard to tell if it's either of them.


I am trying to find the name of a cartoon movie that I watched a scene from when I was about four years old. I remember going over to the neighbors house with my mom and the kids were downstairs watching a movie. I only remember one scene out of the whole movie. I remember that a bad guy had snakes on his shoulders, and he turns one of them into either a sword or a dagger, and he goes to stab someone but another man gets in front of him and gets stabbed himself. What movie is this scene from?

Looking for the name of a racing game. Can't remember what system it's for but, it had different characters from different Sega games and the vehicles could transform into different vehicles depending on the terrain.

Answer: Sounds like "Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed", released on PS3, XBox 360, Wii U, and various other platforms. The vehicles could transform into cars, planes, or boats.



I once saw part of a movie I think from the 1980's that featured Christopher McDonald, and I believe he was in a club looking for his son, and I think there was also a man in the club that had a really tall mohawk. Anyone know the name of the movie?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: Maybe "Conflict of Interest"? That came out in 1993.

Heather Benton Premium member

That's the one. I looked up the movie on YouTube, and luckily the entire thing was uploaded, and I was able to find the scene I was describing, though it appears the guy with the mohawk didn't have it styled straight up, but was parted. Interesting that it came out in 1993, because the hairstyles and wardrobe for the film definitely have an 80's vibe to them.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Could you be thinking of "SLC Punk!" (1998)? McDonald plays the father to Stevo, a punk with a huge mohawk.


No, this seemed like more of a horror or crime thriller movie. I also live in Salt Lake, so watching SLC Punk! Was almost required viewing for me.

Phaneron Premium member

I saw an ad on Facebook for a reading app and it had a video clip that was obviously not for the story. I'm trying to find out where it came from. It takes place in a college classroom. A girl is sitting writing something in a book. Then a guy comes in, sits next to her, steals her pen and starts a game of tic-tac-toe in the holes of her fishnet leggings. The guy also has a tattoo across his neck, if that helps.

Trying to remember a movie (possibly a TV movie) I saw parts of as a kid in the 90s. All I can remember is a woman is attacked in her home and loses her memory after the incident, later on she goes to some kind of fair (maybe state fair) and has a panic attack/flashback after seeing a police office on horseback. Any ideas?

Is there a movie in which a couple chase a pig around their home together? This movie was mentioned on an episode of "King of the Hill", but the title was never said.

Answer: The movie referenced by Bill in "King of the Hill" (I Remember Mono) seems made up just for the plot. The show isn't referring to any actual movie.


There was a movie that I think had Jeff Daniels in it. In the movie, I believe he is pretending to be a lawyer and is in a court room. A guy sitting next to him is holding cards that would tell him what to say on it to help Jeff with his case. A female lawyer asks a man on the stand for his age and the guy sitting next to Jeff has a card that says "irrelevant" on it so Jeff immediately objects and repeats the word irrelevant.

Answer: It sounds like "Trial and Error" (1997), the film not the TV show, starring Jeff Daniels and Michael Richards. In it, Daniels' character is the lawyer but though a comedy of errors, Richards' character pretends to be Daniels' character. But then he has to keep pretending to be the lawyer and Daniels' character has to tell him what to say, including writing it down.


On movie and TV sets, what position is typically the "boss" - who has the final authority on decisions or changes?

Answer: That would be the director. Although technically the boss of the director is the producer (who pays the bills) but they are hardly on set.


I remember seeing a "Star Wars" knockoff on TV years ago. I believe it was from the late 70's or early 80's. I don't remember much about it other than a scene that was copying the Death Star trench-run scene, where a couple spaceships were flying down this sort-of mechanical tunnel with really iffy special effects. I seem to remember the scene being overly red/orange tinted. I also think this may have been a foreign film (like Japanese), but I'm not 100% sure. Ring anyone's bell?


Answer: There is a Japanese one called Message from Space.

I looked it up on YouTube. This is the closest answer at this point because there is a somewhat similar scene, but I'm still pretty sure that's not it... it doesn't really match up perfectly with what I remember.


Answer: In 1978 there was a short film parody titled, "Hardware Wars," made on a very low budget and used carpenter tools as space ships.

Answer: OP here. Another detail of the scene that I remember is that the scene looked kinda like it was done with cut-outs. Like pictures of the spaceships instead of models, if that makes any sense. Like the ships all looked "flat." And most of the camera angles seemed to be either POV's of the "hero" ship, or shots from behind. If memory serves, there were also some enemy ships. The tunnel was more of a cylinder than a trench. Like it went completely around all the ships. And like I said, the entire scene had kind of a red/orange tint.


Answer: If it was blue light instead of red/orange, you may be thinking of Starcrash. Although I would think you would have remembered Caroline Munro wearing what the Mystery Science Theater crew described as "vampire lingerie."

I don't believe it was "Star Crash." I scanned through a couple movies looking for the scene in question before posting this and couldn't find it in that movie.


Answer: There is a, I believe, Turkish version out there as well.


Definitely not "Turkish Star Wars." I've seen a fair bit of that movie.


Answer: This could be "Spaceballs," the 1987 Mel Brooks film that parodies "Star Wars."

raywest Premium member

Definitely not "Spaceballs." This movie was probably made before it and wasn't a parody from what I can remember.


I once read about a film about an immortal woman that the townsfolk thought was a witch, so they sealed her in a barrel and threw it on the ocean. The ending showed her coming back to life, drowning and coming back to life. Does anyone know what this movie is called?


I remember seeing part of a movie or TV show in the 90s, and it showed a boy and girl on the Haunted Mansion ride at either Disneyland or Disney World. When they got to the part of the ride featuring the wedding, the girl started crying and said it's because she always cries at weddings. Anyone know what movie or show this was?

Phaneron Premium member

What sketch comedy show had a bit I believe titled "American History As told By The British"? I don't remember much except for 2 guys talking and saying,"America is boring".

What is the name of that made-for-TV movie in which there is a scene where a woman is whipping children out in the rain before she is pulled apart from them?

Answer: The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood.

There was a music video that had scenes from the movie Silent Fall, but I no longer remember the song or performer, and have had trouble finding either on Google - can anybody help?

Answer: "Healing" sung by Wynonna and Michael English.

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