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Does anyone know the film about two children, a boy and a girl, who go on an adventure with nanny/babysitter. I can remember the boy sings at the table, "What do we want? Breakfast! When do we want it? Now.

Chosen answer: This sounds similar to "Adventures in Babysitting" (1987) starring Elizabeth Shue.

raywest Premium member

I'm looking for the name of a 1980s animated movie which I saw on TV when I was little about a young dinosaur whose mother dies near the start of the movie. He goes on an adventure with other young dinosaurs. I think it might be a Disney movie, but I'm not sure. I can't remember the exact plot. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what this movie is.

Chosen answer: The Land Before Time. (And there are several sequels, too.)


This has been driving me crazy! I want to watch a movie that I saw about 10 years ago, but don't remember the title or actors. Briefly, a man's wife and child have just been murdered, and the murderer commits suicide right after. During his grieving the man stumbles upon a home video of his child taping his wife driving. The man that murders his family is shown on tape jumping out in front of the car and saves them from an accident. Turns out that the man who killed his wife and child had gotten the ability to see when people were about to die, and they would be shown with a bright aura around them. However, anyone he saves from death becomes demonic and starts killing people. When the man realizes this he goes back and kills everyone he's saved, thus explaining why he murdered his wife and child. Sound familiar to anyone? I really hope so 'cause this has been driving me insane.


Chosen answer: White Noise 2.

Grumpy Scot

I'm looking for a movie about a boy who always dreamed of a circus in his backyard. As he gets older he becomes sick and is in a wheelchair. So his family gives him a present and surprises him with a circus in his backyard.


Chosen answer: That sounds like "My Life" with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman. He's been diagnosed with cancer, she's pregnant, and he's not certain he'll live to see the birth of his child. Throughout the movie we get flashbacks to moments from his past as he deals with his condition and makes peace with the skeletons in his closet.

Garlonuss Premium member

I would like to know the film where a well-liked teacher is giving a lecture, and while talking he sits on the edge of the stage. He then gets down and sits with the students, and tells them he don't feel well, before he collapses and dies. Can anyone help?

Chosen answer: I'm thinking you could be talking about Richard Gere's movie "Hachi - A Dog's Tale". In the movie, Richard plays a teacher/lecturer and in one scene, he dies in front of his class. Hope this is the one.

I'm looking for a TV movie, but I only remember certain parts. I think it might be a story set in the real world that parallels a fantasy world. I remember towards the end there is someone in the real world, possibly a mother, who is trying to drown someone in a bath tub. In the fantasy world, there is an evil queen who throws some sort of party and means to give all of the guests a potion that will kill them, but the potion gets switched out for a sleeping potion. I also vaguely remember a talking pearl at some point in the movie. I know it's not a lot to go on, but any ideas would be very helpful.

Chosen answer: The 10th Kingdom.

scaryterri Premium member

I am looking for a movie from the 80's. The movie begins with a family being chased in the woods. Each family member has a bracelet with multiple lights on it: one for each family member. When a member dies, the light goes out. I believe that both parents die. Any ideas?

Chosen answer: This sounds like the second of the made-for-TV Star Wars: Ewok Adventure movies - Battle for Endor. The bracelets appear in the first one and the kids use them to assure themselves that their parents are still alive, but at the beginning of the second one, the ewok village where they've been living is attacked and all but Cindel (the young girl) are killed and the lights go out.

Garlonuss Premium member

I've noticed that in some older TV shows where currency is shown, it's fake while on other shows the currency appears to be genuine. I've always wondered why this is and what the laws are regarding it, if any.

Jeff Swanson

Chosen answer: Keep in mind first that real money has a tendency to disappear. So a production is often not going to risk the loss of X amount of money by using the real thing (this is especially true in bank scenes or "raining money" scenes). So the property (props) department on the production will make fake, worthless bills. But... the fake bills can't replicate real bills too closely or they violate U.S. counterfeiting laws. This was especially true in older days when counterfeiting was much easier. Currently, the laws are less restrictive so it's not as obvious. But there are still guidelines (like color and size of bills) that film and television producers must comply with in order to produce fake money.

I am looking for an old black & white mystery movie about an old miserly woman whose family is fighting over money or a will or jewelry (pearls or something). She owns a house with a large walk in vault. There is a ventilation system inside the vault, but she has the vents closed up and the movie ends with her walking into the vault and the door accidentally closes behind her, trapping her, presumably suffocating her to death. Any idea the movie name?

Chosen answer: "Are you afraid of the dark."

I don't remember much of the movie or TV show that I'm looking for, just a friendly monster/s in a kid's tree house. Can you think of anything that sounds like this? Thank you.

Chosen answer: There was a movie called "The Monster Squad" where the Frankenstein monster was up in a treehouse and was not scary at all, only pathetic.

CCARNI Premium member

I am looking for the name of the film I saw a long time ago. It is some sort of drama which is set almost entirely in an apartment of one guy, who apparently has two girlfriends and a sick mother, whom he has some sort of psychological, incestuous relationship with. At some point, his girlfriend visits him, and after a while of talking, another girl comes, and this unusual trio starts talking about various things, and at some point, talking about sexual intercourse (which only happened between him and one of the girls ultimately). I don't remember the end, but remember him talking to his mother on the phone, and one of the girls left, and the other stayed to the end consoling him about the death of his mother.


Chosen answer: Two Girls and a Guy, starring Robert Downey Jr., Heather Graham and Natasha Gregson Wagner.

I hardly remember the movie and it maybe came out in the 90's or early 2000's but I think Anthony Hopkins was in it. He was like a strange man in a small town who might have been boarding at this little boy's house. It's narrated by the boy, and he helps the boy overcome the bully. The boy's mom (subplot) is single and is falling for a coworker/boss. They went on a trip somewhere for business but he ended up getting drunk and beating her. I'll get back to that later. Anthony Hopkins calls out the bully on watching his mother change, and the bully lashes out on the little boy's friend (a girl) by beating her with a bat by the river. Her books float away, and she is taken to the boy's house where Anthony Hopkins helps her put her arm back in her socket. Now enters the mom who had just been beaten and she's bitter/mad and thinks Anthony is molesting the girl. That's all I remember.

Chosen answer: That's "Hearts in Atlantis".


I'm trying to remember the name of an 80's movie where the guy is at a stop light, and a car with two Asian guys in suits pulls up beside him. The driver doesn't say anything but the passenger has a microphone and is announcing via a set of speakers on the roof.


Chosen answer: "Better Off Dead," starring John Cusack and David Ogden Stiers. (

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

I'm looking for a french movie about a guy who doesn't fit in and no one cares about him except for his counselor. They decide to move to Ireland to start a new life and a lot of trouble happens. I think the movie is fairly new and on the cover of the DVD there were two skinheads.

Chosen answer: I think the movie you're looking for is "our day will come" (notre jour viendra).

Can anyone tell me the name of a golf comedy movie involving a black person referred to as the ethnic. One character was asking "where is that ethnic".

Chosen answer: I believe that it is called "Who's Your Caddy?"


I watched this movie maybe 10 years ago but I can't remember the name or any of the actors. The only two scenes I remember is in the beginning there are a lot of people in this big warehouse/laboratory type room and in the middle is this circular glass room with a little blond girl inside and she seems frightened, I think she may have been crying. And off to the side these two men are looking at the glass room and talking about how the girl is a fantastic scientific discovery or something like that and one guy seems to be worried that the room isn't secure enough and the other says the glass is reinforced super glass and there's no way in Hell she can escape. At that moment the girl punches a hole through the glass and escapes, killing or injuring a few people along the way. The girl ends up outside and she sees a train but I can't remember if she gets on it or not. The other scene I remember is the girl is an adult and she's kissing this guy and her tongue some how busts through the back of his head killing him. If someone knows this movie or knows where I can find it I'd greatly appreciate it, It's been killing me for years.


Chosen answer: Sounds like the 1995 film, "Species," starring Ben Kingsley and Natasha Henstridge.

raywest Premium member

I'm looking for title of American comedy I've seen few years ago in Polish TV channel called "Polsat". I'm pretty sure it's from 1990 (or early 2000). I remember that two main heroes were black guys who wanted to visit their girlfriends to have sex. Unfortunately they forgot to buy condoms so their girlfriends send them to a store. Something happens which prevents them from buying the condoms. Later they decide to have "French sex" but their girlfriends send them to purchase protective "plastic sheets" (or something like that). They walk around all night and have many adventures. I also remember that in the end one of them finally has sex in hospital and uses a plastic glove as a condom. Anyway it's kind of dumb little comedy but I'd really like to know the title. Thanks in advance for help.


Chosen answer: That sounds like the movie Booty Call (1997) starring Jamie Foxx, Tommy Davidson and Vivica A. Fox.

Chris Skoglund Premium member

What is the name of the movie where one of the main characters has the ringtone on his cell phone set to the wicked witch of the west when his wife calls? The only other thing I remember about this movies is that one of the characters is completely bald except for a blonde ponytail on his forehead.Hope somebody can help me out.

Chosen answer: The Heartbreak Kid - It has Ben Stiller in it.

I been looking for the name of a romantic comedy about a man who creates a perfume that attracts people and he gives it to a girl who begins use it and eventually they fell in love.what the name of this movie?


Chosen answer: "Love Potion No. 9," starring Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan. (

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

My brother and I have been trying to remember the name of an animated children's movie we saw that was made possibly during the late 80s or early 90s. We can't remember the protagonists. However, we recall the antagonists being a man who I believe dressed in black and his daughter, who I think was named Ivy and wore a green dress. She was able to control vines. I also think they lived in a castle or at least a similar dwelling.

Chosen answer: I might be wrong, but this awfully sounds like it could be an episode from any Batman animated show featuring Poison Ivy as the villain. I don't know about her working with her father, but she does collaborate with other villains and often has henchmen, and usually lives in a castle/greenhouse/remote laboratory. See

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