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Can anyone help me with the title to this movie? I remember only the final scene, in which two boys (one from Cambodia) and a girl are riding in a train. The boy from Cambodia is really worried about his mother, who is still in their native country, so he says he's going to go home and marry her so he can take care of her. I don't remember anything else. I must have seen it in the mid-1980s. Does anyone know what this movie is?

Answer: What you are describing sounds like "The Emperor of Peru. It was on HBO back in the early 80's. It's a very obscure film and difficult to find on DVD.

I am trying to find out more information on a show that I vaguely remember from when I was a child approximately 20 years ago. I think it was on PBS and all I can remember is that there was a girl in a round room with many doors. I remember she opened the doors and I think that created a story. I also remember something about stairs and her running up and down open metal stairs. Does anyone know what I am describing?

Answer: There was an ongoing story on several episodes of Captain Kangaroo that featured a girl doing this - it was almost as though she were trapped in a dream. I remember her being on a subway with mist, and the last part of the adventure, an oracle-like creature was throwing daggers at her.

I remember watching a film about a boy and his dog and they are stranded in a jungle or island. They try to survive and the boy gets rescued by a helicopter but he leaves his dog behind.

Answer: I think the movie is "Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog"

Many years ago I saw a cartoon where an old animal was telling the story of what happened to mankind. He told of a world war and the last scene is one soldier left in each side's trench. The first soldier shoots the second, but the second shoots the first before dying, thereby ending the human race. I think the last shot was one of the soldiers sinking into the mud of the trench. What is the title or production company of the cartoon?

Answer: It was called "Peace on Earth" - here's the IMDb link:

James Rowell

I am trying to find the title to a movie I saw on television sometime ago. All I can recall was the ending in which a woman jumps off a cliff and climbs a railroad bridge and walks on down the tracks (all of this occuring in the woods). Also, it was about a father and son who kidnapped a woman and held her in their cabin. The father looked like grizzly adams and eventually killed the son because he kept trying to rape her. Could somebody tell me the name of the movie I am describing?

Answer: I believe the movie was "The Abduction of Kari Swenson" which was bases on a real incident.

I am racking my brain (and keep striking out on the internet) trying to remember a movie (TV show?) I recently saw that ends with the song called "Beautiful", a version, I think that is sung by Sarah Brightman (not the original by Nicola Hitchcock). It might be a scene that dealt with the death of a major character. It wasn't a German movie and I don't think it was an episode of Six Feet Under.


Chosen answer: It's played at the end of "Iron-Jawed Angels" from HBO Films.


I can remember seeing a film on TV ages ago (at least, I think it was a film, might have been a TV series or something, but I'm assuming it was straight-to-TV) where a coachload of people crash because the bus driver is watching a couple have sex in another car, or something, and all the people on the coach become attached to a baby (they're dead) and they can't stray out of a certain range of the person. Then I remember the baby grows up into a pretty nasty/arrogant businessman and the people aren't happy about it, and then I remember a bus (driven by the driver who got them all killed) coming to take them to heaven and apologising for being so late. Does anyone know what this film/show was called?

Gary O'Reilly

Are there any films which have ever been remade twice?

Hamster Premium member

I was just wondering, on this MovieMistakes website, what film has the most "Visible Crew/Equipment" mistakes listed? Is there someway you may find out for me please. Thanks very much.

Hamster Premium member

Chosen answer: There is a method that can figure out what film has the most visible crew/equipment mistakes. This can be done by clicking the "Top pages" button in the top left corner next to the "Movie Mistakes" logo, scrolling down to "Most movie mistakes" and clicking on it. You are then given a list of the movies with the most mistakes of all time. Above the list of the most mistakes are five options: MOST - GENRE - MOVIE - MISTAKES - YEAR. Click on MISTAKES and some options will appear. Scroll right down to the bottom and there is an option that says "VISIBLE CREW/EQUIPMENT". Click on that and the top 30 films with the most visible/crew equipment mistakes will appear. If you are interested, the film with the most visible crew/equipment mistakes is Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl with a visible crew/equipment mistake count of 42!

Casual Person

How are movies transferred from 35mm film to VHS/DVD?

Cubs Fan Premium member

Chosen answer: The film is projected from a regular projector into a mirror prism that reflects it into a special camera whose shutters are synched to the speed of the projector's. The signal is then sent to a video tape. Then the signal from the camera is sent to a computer where it is cleaned up and enhanced and then sent to the digital or recorded format.


I remember watching a couple of tv shows at school in the early 90's. The first was about a bird, I think it was a Kite, and a bloke was after it because he collected bird eggs etc, and a couple of young kids were trying to stop him. In one episode they found loads of eggs and stuffed birds in the back of his shop I think. The second was about some sort of alien, and I think he came out of the sea or lived by the sea or something. There was a computer involved somehow, again with a couple of young kids.

Kayleigh Green

Chosen answer: It sounds a lot like you're talking about an old staple of school programming called. "Look and Read". The first story is Skyhunter and the bird in question was a peregrine falcon. I can't recall the second one, but the first is definitely Skyhunter.

Blue Phoenix

I am a huge Jim Henson nut and there is one movie I cannot remember. All I remember is the ending where a boy is talking to a giant mechanical dragon. It turns out this guy was playing the dragon's voice but when they leave the room, the dragon's wings move slowly. Any ideas?

Answer: This was shown on Channel 4 in the UK at Christmas Time about 10 years ago. It was called Monster Maker. Check out this link for more info:

There is a very old movie I saw as a kid. It is about a robotic grandmother who is delivered to this family to help them out. The biggest scene I remember is her shooting milk from her fingers. Anyone know what movie this is?

Answer: Probably "The Electric Grandmother" or some other movie or TV episode based on Ray Bradbury's short story "I Sing the Body Electric". A Twilight Zone episode was called that.


I remember an animated movie that I saw in the early/mid 1980's. I believe it aired on the Disney Channel (though I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Disney production) and the animation style vaguely reminds me of The Hobbit animated movie. Here's what I can remember about the plot: a young child (a boy?) watches everyone he knows, family, friends, etc., get turned into odd wooden-block-like marionettes. He follows them on a long journey, always evading detection of the evil force turning all people into these block-monsters, searching for a way to return humanity to normal. He journeys along, trying to save his family from their good-as-dead fate, meeting with little success. The marionettes are being marched toward the ocean, and when they arrive, they all begin assembling themselves into buildings or boats or something. Near the end, the boy, who is the last person alive and the only one who can save the day, gets captured/infected/etc. and becomes one of the mindless wooden block marionette creatures as well. I seem to remember that after this, the viewer is shown the marionette's long (10-15 minute?) death-march to the sea, in complete silence. So, evil wins and the long marching lines of wooden block creatures assemble themselves into structures in a terribly disturbing and quiet scene. I sincerely hope someone can name this movie, because I can't find information about it on IMDb or the general internet, and it's driving me crazy.

Answer: The name of the movie is "Unico in the Island of Magic". It's been driving me crazy for the last 15 years too but finally found it.

In a couple of films and TV shows I've watched, the saying "Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny" has sprouted up a couple of times. What film was this first mentioned in?

Answer: It's actually originally from "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson. The announcer would say "Heeeeeeere's Johnny!" at the beginning of the show. It was most famously made use of in The Shining.

Nick N.

I remember seeing a movie in the summer of 1985 (probably June)on HBO. What I remember about the movie is two guys are in a private plane and they crash and are presumably dead. Then one of the guys is a ghost and only one girl can see him. I believe they meet on a bus. The "ghost" accompanies his mother to identify his body. In the end, it turns out that the girl who can see the "ghost" was also in an accident, either a car wreck or thrown from a horse.and they were both in the same hospital, both unconscious. Does anyone know the title of this movie?

I recall seeing a movie as a child that scared the Dickens out of me. It was probably the early seventies, and it involved a lot of scenes where people were walking in grassy fields and every few hundred yards were large holes in the ground leading down to a network of tunnels where monsters lurked. It was supposedly set in the future. The premise was similar to the Sleestacks (?) from Land of the Lost, however, it was a theatrical release originally and was fairly well done. Does anyone have a clue as to what movie this is?

Answer: Sounds like the original Time Machine. The holes led to the realm of the Morlocks.

Grumpy Scot

I watched a movie on TV about 25 years ago where a woman and her little girl are trying to get away from her husband. I think the woman was a blond actress. In the movie the man catches up to them and he steals the little girl then begins to dig a hole to bury her in. The little girl doesn't act scared and I think she calls him Daddy. The woman runs around the whole time frantically searching for her and pleading with him. I remember a lot of the scenes took place after dark. I apologize for not having more info, anything would help.

Answer: This is "Bunny Lake is missing" with Carol Lynley. The man is her psycho brother played by Kier Dullea.

Answer: That's not the answer. In "Bunny Lake," Carol Lynley drops off her daughter at a British school. When she comes to pick up, everyone says they've never heard of her. She calls the police and they don't believe her.

I'm looking for the name of a film about a couple who agree to meet in one year at the Eiffel Tower, and the woman is hit by a car on her way there.

I'm looking for the name of a scary movie. What I remember is that there is a trapdoor in the floor and something/someone is trying to get out. There are two children who are sitting on a table on top of a rug over the door. I believe there was also an old man with the kids.

Answer: I think that this movie is "The People under the stairs".

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