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I saw a scary movie many years ago. It could have been made in the late 1930's or 1940's. About a man that was given a shot in his neck and eventually grew another head. All I remember is that the first sign of the head was a eye on the victims shoulder. Would like to know the name of the film.

Answer: The film is called The Manster:


What is the name of the movie musical with the man eating plant in Greenwich Village with Steve Martin as the dentist?

I'm looking for the name of a film i saw in the 90's. It's about a man who pays a couple a lot of money to sleep with the woman. I remember the couple having money all over their bed once they were paid. Any idea what this movie is?

Answer: The movie is Indecent proposal:

Sacha Premium member

Around 1995 I saw a movie on TV that I simply cannot find anything on. I do not know the title, the actors, character names, or anything else but a few specific scenes and a general view of the plot. The movie is about a boy, who I want to say is named Toby, and I believe he is somehow mentally disabled. His elder parents, or guardians, care for him. The character has this ability to bring objects to reality from pictures using his mind. He consistently puts his hands in front of him and says, "bring," and the object appears. His guardians are on constant watch of what he sees and is able to "bring." In one particular scene, he somehow gets a hold of a book/picture of a human heart, which he brings to life, and is sitting on the floor playing with it, tossing it back and forth in his hands. When his mother/woman discovers him, in shock or by some connection to the heart in his hands, the mother dies. At the end of the movie, the father 'forces' Toby to bring fire through a picture and sets the house ablaze with them inside. Unfortunately this is all I can remember and I am unsure of how accurate I am, but if this rings a bell, please help.


Chosen answer: This is an episode from the second season of the new Twilight Zone, called "The Toys of Caliban."

I saw a docu-drama recently about Vlad the Impaler, but I've not idea what it was called or what channel it was. It was about three imprisoned priests who were about to face Vlad and were comparing stories about what he did to people. It was very gruesome and showed people being impaled. Can anyone help me out here?

Answer: Found it! Goto the History Channel for the info on that program:

Help me please to remember a title of this American (maybe Britain) criminal drama of the 90s about the murder of a girl. There are two students; one poor, but talented (I will call him Poor), other - rich, but dumb (I will call him Rich). Rich asks Poor to write an essay for him. Poor complies Rich's request and becomes Rich's family friend. Some time later, on the one of the parties, Rich rapes and accidentally murders a girl. When he realizes what he had done, he runs in the panic to the Poor and asks him to help to hide a body. I remember scene: Rich wipes blood from baseball bat by his clothes (he killed her by this bat). Soon after, Rich's dad comes to help and finally covers Rich's tracks. After this accident Poor, striking by conscience, makes a decision to end his friendship with Rich. And some time later he tries to make Rich to appear before the court. But Rich's dad (half-paralyzed at that time) hires woman-lawyer for $1000000 to protect his son. And she wins a case. Rich releases from a penalty. (No happy end) Some details, that I remember: Rich had a brother-invalid. In one scene Poor comes to murdered girl's mother and gives back to her some object (possibly he knew this girl and her mother before). Poor tried to find material evidence of Rich's crime: baseball bat. He knew the place where it was thrown away. He found this bat, but only after Rich was acquitted in court. And this evidence became useless, because Rich couldn't be judged twice for the same crime. At the end of the movie someone tries to wake up a Rich's father to tell him a good news about winning the case. Father, after awakening, suddenly yells terribly, drools and dies. Actor, who played a father, looks similar to Brian Dennehy: But I didn't find such description in his filmography.


I seem to remember a TV show, probably an episode from an Australian children's series aired in the UK sometime in the mid 1990s, but I would be grateful if anybody could shed any light on this, or at the very least identify which TV show it came from. In the episode in question there is a boy who, for whatever reason, is chained to a supermarket trolley that obviously follows him around. Said boy and trolley somehow end up in the sea and another kid's mother swims out with some cutters to cut the chained boy from "his" trolley before he drowns.

Neil Jones

Chosen answer: It may be part of the Paul Jennings Weird Storie episodes, also famous for the Aussie Series Around the Twist.

I was wondering if anyone knows the title to a TV series that was on in either the 1990's or early 2000's. It only lasted a few episodes. It was about a group of teenagers who suddenly have the power to see and talk to ghosts. I think the series was on the WB network.

Lori Kaminsky

Chosen answer: Dead Last. 13 episodes were produced, only 8 were aired on The WB in 2001. All 13 episodes have since aired on other stations.

Phixius Premium member

I am trying to find the name of this movie. It was made around the late 70's to mid 80's and is a horror movie about a giant swarm of bees. The only thing I remember from it was the final scene took place inside the Louisiana Superdome, and the bees were swarmed around a car sitting in the middle of the football field. The main characters figured out that they had to freeze the bees to death, so the had to lower the air temperature to below 39 degrees which killed the bees. But the final scene reveals one bee was still alive, hinting that the swarm would rebuild. I have tried and tried to find the title of this movie and I can't. Please help.

New Orleans Guy

Chosen answer: Based on what you've describe, this sounds like the 1976 TV movie, The Savage Bees. A swarm of South American killer bees escape from a foreign ship and invade New Orleans during Mardi Gras. It stars Ben Johnson and Michael Parks.

raywest Premium member

Sometime in the 90s, I heard a rumor about a much-anticipated movie being cancelled because a child choked on a toy/doll of a character from it. Does anyone know if this is true or what movie it was?

Answer: Partially true: 1995's "Toy Story" had a mini-Woody PVC figure sold in the Disney stores. The base of this figure separated from Woody's feet and a child DID choke on the star-shaped piece. I bought one just before they pulled it off the shelves and replaced it with a another Woody figure that had an attached base. The movie, however, was obviously never pulled from release.

CCARNI Premium member

I have a very vague memory of what I think is an episode from a British TV show. One of the main characters is transporting a criminal of some sort, via car, to somewhere else. The criminal (I think) is a nice man, I think he's a con-man, and he's friendly to the main character. After a while the criminal guy finds out the main character is having some kind of relationship or other social problem, and helps them out. I'm pretty sure this happens on a motorway service station. The episode ends with the criminal guy escaping but leaving behind a note saying he's sorry that he had to. I also remember something about the criminal guy conning someone out of the proper amount of change after buying something from a shop. I'm positive this is a British TV show, and I'm almost positive it was a comedy. All I know is that it's not "The Detectives".

Gary O'Reilly

Chosen answer: This sounds like an episode of "The Bill" from 1999 called "On the Road". DC Duncan Lennox and DC Liz Rawton travel to Salisbury to transport a conman back to London. From what I remember all the events you mention took place in the episode: Lennox having a problem, a scam involving an amount of change and at the end he leaves a note apologising for absconding.

Sierra1 Premium member

Today (9/29/10) I caught a little bit of a movie or show on TV, and I would love to know what it was. It was about this neighborhood where one house was a mental hospital or something; multiple "ill" people had recently moved in. The neighbors threw rocks at the house, and discussed that it was dangerous to live near those people. A few of the neighbors started interacting with the "ill" people, specifically, a neighbor-woman was friendly with one of the ill women at a supermarket, and only later realized she lived in that place.


Chosen answer: I believe it is an episode of 'Highway to Heaven' - the episode 'Normal People'.

I saw this movie in late 90s, but I'm not sure that's when it was filmed. Story was about a woman who gets into a car accident and after it she can't remember anything about her past life. She tries to start her life over. After a while a mysterious man starts to follow her: a man which she saw in a picture made the night of her car accident. After a while she remembers something about her past life, and the man tries to kill her. This movie is some kind of thriller. Any guess?


Can anyone tell me the movie where the closing scene is of a character leaving a hotel in Washington in the 1920s, looking up, and seeing a four biplane fly past that dissolves into a squadron of jets?

Answer: Sounds similar to an episode from the original "Twilight Zone".

I saw this movie recently on TV. The only thing I remember is a bunch of guys dressed up as workers, and one of them was up a pole as a construction worker and another was a cop. They were on some sort of stakeout, and when they were spotted they ran into a club. The guys chasing them ran in after them, but couldn't find them as they had taken to the stage and were performing as the Village People. Any ideas?

I'm looking for the name of a movie that was released in the 70s. A man and his wife are in a car accident and her wicked mother-in-law wants him to believe his wife has died. The mother-in-law has his wife's identity altered with plastic surgery and makes the daughter-in-law believe that her husband died in the accident. The son believes his wife died in the accident, but later sees a finished painting that his wife had not finished prior to the accident. He discovers that his mother had deceived him and his wife. I believe this movie was being played around the same time that Cabaret was released. Thank you.


Chosen answer: I can't be absolutely positive, because I didn't see the movie, I only read the book adaptation of the screenplay, but this sounds very much like The Promise, starring Kathleen Quinlan and Stephen Collins, and released in 1979.


I am trying to figure out the title for a movie I saw quite some years ago. I am positive the film was a kind of horror/drama flick. If I remember right it had Ashton Kutcher in it. The base line for the story was this couple (I don't remember if they were married or dating) went to stay at this cabin in the middle of a lake, and the only way to get to or from it was by boat. The guy ends up going kind of crazy and tries to keep the girl there forever to start a family with him. He ends up hiding her birth control from her and chaining her up and stuff. Any ideas what this movie title was?


Looking for the title of a comedy, but am unsure of the year, maybe in the late 90s or later. A man witnessed a murder and after the murderer left, he went to try and help the guy. While he was standing over the dead body he realized he looked guilty of the murder. He spends the movie running from the cops, but everywhere he goes the killer and he are taking the same route. The killer thinks he is following him. It is really funny, but can't remember any more details. Hope you can help.


Chosen answer: Sounds like 'The Wrong Guy', 1997.

I'm looking for the name of a movie (it probably came out in the early to mid 90s) about two kids that steal a car and go on a joyride. If I remember correctly, they were young, like 8-10. I could have sworn that the title was two names like Sam & Mike, or something like that. I've just about given up hope of finding the name of this movie. Thanks for your time.

Answer: There's a film called "Josh and S.A.M." ( that could be the one. Another film with a similar premise called "Big Shots" came out six years prior. (

Captain Defenestrator

I'm looking for the title of a movie I saw on TV in the mid-90s, which must have been produced in the late 80s or early 90s. The film is set in California and is about a man who rescues a woman who is being pursued by some kind of cult (satanic I think). In one scene the man has a strange encounter in an occult bookshop. The twist is that the woman is in fact a member of the cult and the man is the sacrifice; the cult's ritual requires that the sacrifice arrives at the sacrifice site voluntarily, which the man does thinking he is helping the woman. In the final scene, the woman approaches another man for help, and the cycle is about to repeat itself. Does anyone know this movie?


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