Blast from the Past

Question: What is the joke about girls from Pasadena? (00:32:50)

Question: Can anyone translate what Adam and his dad are saying when Adam is a teenager and they are in the classroom?

Answer: Adam: Tempus fugit (Latin) = Time flies. Dad: Que les bons temps roulent! (French) = How good times roll! Adam: Geradeaus, dann links (German) = Straightforward, then left. Dad: Sorgen Sie bitte dafür, dass die [das] Gepäck sorgfältig behandelt werden [wird] (German) = Please make sure that this luggage will be treated carefully. Adam: Haben Sie etwas Nettes in Leder? (German) = Do you have something nice in leather?

Question: At the end they talk about how Eve was from Ukraine, wouldn't Calvin still be pissed since that was part of the USSR?

Answer: Not necessarily. Most Soviet bloc states were not members by choice. The Ukraine especially was grievously harmed by Russia and the Soviets.

Greg Dwyer

Question: When the transvestite is propositioning Calvin, he says "I'll even throw in some lawn furniture." Later, when Calvin tells his wife about the encounter, he says "they offer lawn furniture as a come on!" I have been puzzled by what they were referring to for years! Urban Dictionary has been no help at all! Does anyone know what s/he was referring to?

Captain Defenestrator

Chosen answer: I think this is a reference to two things: home shopping networks (which often offer free inducements such as lawn furniture or steak knives to shoppers who "call now" or "act now"; it's also probably a reference to Calvin's age - elderly people liking lawn furniture.


Years ago, there were TV commercials of used car salesman that would throw in lawn furniture or other desired household items when you buy a car from them. Pretty sure that is the reference here.

Answer: He is talking about what he thinks is the sub race of people created by the atomic blast. The "new human race" that he was telling his wife about.

Question: Can someone translate the French from the bar scene with Sophie? I caught a bit with the "together" near the end. Practicing French together? (01:11:00)

Answer: "You speak French?" "Yes." "Me, I speak a little French." "I lived in Paris for a year." "Paris! It's the city of light, is it not?" "Yes!" "And of love! It's good to speak French, because I haven't had the chance to practice speaking it much." "If you'd like, we can practice many things together." "Y-yes? Goodbye, remember my name is Adam Webber!" "Goodbye!"

Answer: Jackie Vernon, the voice actor, known for "Frosty The Snowman." He started out as a comedian, appearing on Ed Sullivan and Jack Parr Shows. That line was written by Arnie Kogen, who wrote most of his material.

Answer: "I seemed to have lost my Congressional Medal of Honor." It was an inept attempt at a pick-up line.

There was a comedian in the 1960's did that line.

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Troy: I love sushi.
Adam: I love Lucy.
Troy: Who doesn't? She's hilarious.

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Trivia: All the vintage baseball cards in the film are actually modern reprints from the 80's and 90's that were aged by the prop team to look more vintage.


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