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It's been a cinematically-deprived year for sure, but there were still plenty of movies released, both before and during the pandemic, with plenty of eagle-eyed viewers giving them an even closer look than ever before! Here are 10 of the biggest mistakes this year:

Tenet (2020)

The protagonist, Neil and Kat are in the back of the yellow ambulance in the parking garage. Neil checks on Kat, after that he removes plastic gloves from his hands and throws them into the trash right next to him, 2 cuts later he again crumples a pair of plastic gloves.

The Gentlemen (2020)

When Pierce's wife is walking in her auto shop they pan down to show her red Louboutin heels, then they cut to her walking in her office, and when they show her shoes again they have a tan sole.


Hamilton (2020)

Angelica has flowers on her dress. During the wedding, they disappear and reappear between shots.


Bloodshot (2020)

When Ray leaves his wife Gina and his car is hit by the truck he should still be in England, but when he is being chased through the streets he is in South Africa, the cops in the car are not in English police uniforms or vehicle, police livery is incorrect, and all vehicles have South Africa plates, not English number plates.

The Old Guard (2020)

Nile checks the gun Andy gave her and realises it's empty, which in turn leads her to realise that Booker was setting them up, because he gave that gun to Andy in the first place. No way that Nile, a marine, and Andy, a timeless warrior, somehow both missed the noticeable difference in weight between a fully loaded pistol and an empty one.

Enola Holmes (2020)

At the end of the movie Enola rides a bike on the right side of the street. The shot widens and two horse-drawn buses come into view, also on the right side of the road. The movie is set in exactly 1884 (votation). It became mandatory to drive on the left side of roads in England in 1835 (Highway Act).

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020)

During the performance by Sweden there are 7 people on stage, meaning this entry would be disqualified due to the rules of the contest which state no more than 6 people are allowed on stage.

Bad Boys for Life (2020)

When the Captain, Detective Lowry and Rita walk to the elevator, she is wearing black boots. When they exit into the ops room, she's wearing high-heeled shoes.

My Spy (2020)

Speed limit signs in France don't look like the one shown when the uncle is supposed to be in Paris. You can see that it has been filmed in Montreal, and they just added the Eiffel Tower in the background.

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