10 Things I Hate About You

Bianca's Dad tells her that she cannot date until her i-don't-care-what-people-think-of-me sister Kat does. Kat is the prize bitch at school and is always kicked out of classes and everyone is kind of scared of her. Cameron, the new guy, fancies Bianca and puts together a plan to get Kat a date. Cameron and his friend Michael get Joey, the popular hot guy who fancies Bianca, to pay Patrick, a weird guy who apparently ate a live duck and sold his liver. Joey and Kat are worst enemies and Joey starts to go after Bianca and Cameron gets all upset because he really likes Bianca and wants to take her sailing.

Kat wants to go to Sarah Lawrence, a college on the other side of the country but her overprotective father won't let her. Patrick starts to hit on Kat and does all sorts of crazy stuff to get her because he's getting paid by Joey, including singing 'i love you baby' in the middle of Kat's soccer practice. Patrick tells Kat that he really hasn't done all this stuff people say he has. Kat and Patrick eventually fall in love and Joey tells Patrick to make sure Kat goes to the prom so Bianca can go so he can nail her. At the prom, Kat finds out about the bet and runs off. Bianca realises what a jerk Joey is, beats him up at the prom and hooks up with Cameron instead And they go sailing together. Patrick buys Kat a guitar, because she wants to form her own band, and they make up.

Ghetto Angel

Other mistake: In the scene where the kids are shooting arrows and the coach gets hit by one, they send a girl to call 911. If you look closely and follow her in the background, after she runs a few yards, she slows down and eventually stops and stands there playing with her hair. Talk about help... (00:57:05)

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Patrick: Don't ever let any one make you feel like you don't deserve what you want.

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Trivia: The film is a remake of Shakespeare's comedy play "The Taming of the Shrew".

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Question: When Michael tells Cameron that Bogie started that rumour at the beginning of the movie, what are Izods? Is it an American thing or something?

Answer: They are a clothing brand, long associated with the 'preppie' type and society's upper crust. Until the emergence of Polo in the mid 80's, 'Izod' (and their alligator logo) was virtually synonymous with 'knit golf shirt.' If one aspires to the silly conventions of wearing such labels for their status, one would never buy them from an outlet mall, only an exclusive high-dollar retailer.

Rooster of Doom
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