The Beach

The tourists Richard (DiCaprio) gave the extra map to, eventually find the island. Richard begins to go insane, consistently thinking about Daffy (Carlyle) and how much he had in common with him. Richard is asked to get the map from the tourists, but they discover the marijuana field and get shot by the farmers. Richard asks Etienne and Francoise to leave the island with him, but the farmers travel to Sal's little town and hold everyone their. The Head Farmer orders them to leave, but Sal (Swinton) won't. The Head Farmer hands Sal a gun and says she has to shoot Richard if she wants to stay, because he made the extra map and got the tourists killed. She pulls the trigger and Richard's head but finds out the chamber isn't loaded. The Farmer smiles as the idea was to scare them off, rather than kill them. Sal and Richard start crying, while everyone else leaves. They leave Sal there as she believed in what they created so much that she couldn't adapt to any changes. Richard leaves Thailand. The last shot is of Richard looking at an e-mail of a picture of all his old friends on the beach that they took earlier.

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Revealing mistake: When they are burying the Swede on the beach, you can see him blink when they throw sand into grave.

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Richard: I had nothing left to offer but pure reflex. Pure reflex and mankind's basic drive for survival, that somehow shouts, "no - I will not DIE today!"

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Question: Where did the filming for this movie take place? I assume there are many different areas, but the place I'm most interested in is the lagoon, where we see the brothers fishing, and where Richard has his encounter with the shark. Also, is this a populated area? It looks like it could be a good tourist attraction.


Chosen answer: It's Ko Phi Phi Leh island off the coast of Thailand. It's a protected area, off the beaten path, and tourism is discouraged. There are resorts on nearby islands.


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