The Beach

Corrected entry: Thai is a tonal language, which means that each syllable must be stressed in a specific way in order for the word to make sense. In the scene where Richard demonstrates his knowledge of Thai, several people repeat the same sentence, but each person stresses it differently. Only one person actually gets it right.

Correction: In the scene where everyone repeats the same sentence, they aren't speaking Thai, they are speaking Serbo-Croatian. It is true that not everyone pronounces it right but Richard says it most accurately.

Corrected entry: When Richard goes back to the community after his brief stay in the jungle, Francoise acts as if she has never seen him before in her life. Why? It's not as if he was gone for decades and suddenly re-appeared out of the blue. And it's not as if he made some radical physical transformation. In fact he looks exactly the same as he did on the day he was first sent to the jungle, clean-shaven and a perfect haircut.

Correction: The change was not physical, it was mental. Richard "went mad". Francoise was afraid of him because he was mentally unstable when he left he community but when he came back he was thinking but she didn't know that.

Corrected entry: Sal tells Richard that they value their privacy, yet still they send up huge glowing lanterns as part of their welcome ceremony. Surely these would be seen and investigated?

Correction: The lanterns would have burnt out only minutes into the air. As no one is around for hundred of kilometers, the lanterns would not have been seen. Perhaps the drug dealers may heve seen it but they already know the backpackers are there.

Corrected entry: In the first scene between Richard and Daffy, Daffy calls Richard by name, even though Richard has never told him his name.

Correction: Richard would have signed his name in a book when booking a room. Daffy, when entering the hotel, could have easily looked in the book to see who his neighbours were.

"Easily"? No hotel allows you to look other guest's names. Plus, it would be totally off character of him to do it, and not something they would add to the plot and never disclose. It was obviously a plot hole.

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Continuity mistake: When Richard and Francoise are making love on the beach. They begin kissing deep under the water and continue all the way to the top. When they reach the surface they can stand up in the water which appears to be waist-level.

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Richard: I just feel like everyone tries to do something different, but you always wind up doing the same damn thing.

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