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Basic membership is free, and you don't have to be a member to read all the mistakes or submit new ones. Just click "submit something" in the navigation bar if you've got something to post. However, if you'd like a credit under your submission and other benefits, there are free and paid membership options:

Free membership

  • Get credited for anything you submit, correct, or answer
  • Get an email when your submissions are put online or your questions are answered
  • See all screenshots posted more than 6 months ago - 458 more pictures than if you're not a member
  • Keep track of how you've voted on entries and pictures
  • See the times next to relevant mistakes - jump straight to them on your own DVDs
  • Tag your favourite films, and you'll get an e-mail whenever they're updated

Premium membership - just $10 a year

  • All the benefits of free membership, plus...
  • No adverts!
  • Help support the site
  • Submissions get priority treatment
  • Keep track of your submissions - if any don't get online you'll find out why and can argue your case
  • Get full access to all of the screenshots. 439 more pictures than free membership
  • Access to the forum - a very friendly community!

Free membership

Usernames are shown underneath your entries - you can change it at any time. Whatever you choose must be unique - a red cross means someone else is already using that name, a green tick means it's available.

Your email address is only used to log you in and notify you when your entries are posted or questions you've asked are answered (and for the occasional newsletter if wanted). If you'd rather not provide one you can log in with Facebook instead.

Premium membership

If you want to become a premium member of moviemistakes.com, it costs just $10 a year (or the equivalent in your currency). Payment can only be taken via Paypal, I'm afraid (that said, if Paypal is the only thing stopping you, please let me know - if enough people would rather have another online payment option I'll look into it), but Paypal is free to use, and available internationally. Just click the button below to start the sign-up process, being sure to read the terms and conditions first. Paypal handles credit card transactions simply and securely, and is used by over 100,000,000 people worldwide. Payment via any major credit card will be automatically converted to your local currency - you'll be shown the equivalent amount before your card is charged.

Once the Paypal section is complete, you'll be able to log in straight away using the e-mail address you registered with (make sure Paypal's got your correct address!). The subscriber number Paypal will send you (which will also be listed as an active subscription in your Paypal account) is your initial password - once you're logged in you can change it via the member homepage, linked in the navigation bar under "site info". If you don't get a confirmation from Paypal very soon after signing up, contact me ASAP. If you're reactivating an old account, your password will not be changed - please use the lost password form if you can't remember it.

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