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It's the end of an era - The Big Bang Theory has finished its 12-season run. Love it or hate it, it made an impact, not least in terms of the sometimes appalling continuity....

Show generally

During the intro, as the timeline at the bottom of the frame scrolls, "91,0009C" is written instead of "91,000BC". Also, between 1200BC and 1000BC it reads 100100BC instead of 1100BC.

The Cooper Extraction - S7-E11

When Amy says that Penny never would have met Stan Lee, she draws a thick black line between "Penny" and "Stan Lee" on the board. The camera goes to Penny, and when it comes back to Amy, the line is blue and faint.

The Lizard-Spock Expansion - S2-E8

When the guys are in the Mars Rover test room, the time displayed on the large digital clock seen behind Howard jumps about inconsistently between each shot.

The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis - S2-E11

When Sheldon emerges with all of the bath item gift baskets for Penny, he drops them on the floor and chair. Between shots one of the baskets on the chair changes from being an upright green-ribboned basket, to a toppled-over white-ribboned basket.

The Hawking Excitation - S5-E21

The sign on Howard's laboratory door reads "RESTICTED area".

The Bad Fish Paradigm - S2-E1

In the laundry room when Penny is talking to Sheldon, Sheldon takes some time arranging a blue shirt on his plastic laundry folder. Then it suddenly turns into a pair of socks, which he folds and then picks up the blue shirt again. There was not enough time for him to switch out the shirt for the socks.

The Barbarian Sublimation - S2-E3

After Penny drops her bags of groceries whilst trying to unlock her door, the dropped items change their positions between shots (note the items against the wall.)

The Griffin Equivalency - S2-E4

When discussing what qualities their new friend should have, the container Howard has changes position instantly.

The Peanut Reaction - S1-E16

In the electronics store, when the man asks Sheldon which hard drive he should buy in the first shot he is holding the green box in his left hand. Next shot it is under his arm.

The Financial Permeability - S2-E14

When Sheldon asks Penny if he lent her enough money, the container he is holding opens on its own.

The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary - S3-E5

At the dinner, Howard's mom calls. Howard's wine glass refills itself between shots.

The White Asparagus Triangulation - S2-E9

When Sheldon is in Penny's apartment trying to get her to tell him why her relationship with Leonard failed, the yellow tee-shirt on the red pillow next to him keeps changing position.

The Bad Fish Paradigm - S2-E1

When Sheldon is undoing a pair of socks that Penny has paired, Penny is seen holding a single sock. Camera changes and she now has nothing in her hands. This is an instant cut. No time to drop it.

The Robotic Manipulation - S4-E1

In the ER, the glasses around the nurse's neck move instantly without her touching them. They go from angled to straight instantly.

The Bat Jar Conjecture - S1-E13

At the end, when Leonard is gloating over beating Sheldon, his position on the sofa keeps changing in relation to the arm.

The Barbarian Sublimation - S2-E3

At the start, after Penny has dropped one bag, there is an item in the top of the remaining bag. This item keeps appearing and disappearing.

The Bat Jar Conjecture - S1-E13

When Raj is talking about psychological warfare he has a fork in his hand in one shot and not in the next.

The Griffin Equivalency - S2-E4

In the opening scene, just after Howard says, 'Creepy good or creepy bad?', there is a shot where Howard is holding his food, even though Leonard hasn't given it to him yet and it isn't there in the shot before or after. After Leonard gives the food to Howard, the exact same shot is used after he says, 'I'm not necessarily talking about the food', so the shot was taken from there and it is shown twice.

The Russian Rocket Reaction - S5-E5

Bernadette holds her wine glass in her left hand, holding it from the base of the glass; in the next shot she's drinking from her right hand holding the top of the glass and in the immediate next shot she's once more holding the glass from her left hand.

The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification - S4-E2

In the first scene, on Sheldon's board are the words "D-D Fushion." This should be fusion. Sheldon wouldn't make a mistake like that.

The Killer Robot Instability - S2-E12

When Penny and Howard are arguing near the start, Penny has her arms crossed in one shot and down by her side in the next.

The Rothman Disintegration - S5-E17

After Amy returns to the apartment for the Grease DVD and discovers Penny doesn't like the painting, she then exits the apartment with the painting and the DVD with her. When Amy says to Penny she doesn't need her pity, the DVD is placed above the hanging string of the painting. In the next shot, as she walks into the hallway, the DVD is suddenly almost half below the string.

Pilot - S1-E1

When Leonard, Sheldon and Penny are eating lunch for the first time, Penny sits on Sheldon's spot, Leonard then tells him to "Just sit somewhere else." He then walks over to his desk chair and contemplates sitting there and in the bottom left of the shot there is a chair with 4 false legs, and one large leg running down the middle.

The White Asparagus Triangulation - S2-E9

When Leonard is helping Sheldon open the jar, the red napkin which he left on the couch where he was sitting changes position or vanishes in every shot.

The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis - S2-E11

When Leonard gives Penny her christmas gift, as she unwraps it she tears the paper off so that most of the box is exposed. In the next shot much more of the wrapping is back intact and differently positioned.

The Grasshopper Experiment - S1-E8

When Raj is drinking with Lalita in the bar Penny works at, in one shot he raises his Grasshopper drink to his lips with his left hand. In the next shot it's in his right (this is just before he says "Oh my God, you've lost so much weight").

The Tangerine Factor - S1-E17

Penny throws a black iPod out the window, but when Raj comes in having found it on the ground outside he has a silver one.

The Proton Displacement - S7-E7

During the jewelry-making session, when Penny is making a mess, there's a black piece stuck to her left hand. The piece is stuck on different parts of her hand throughout the scene.

The Lizard-Spock Expansion - S2-E8

When Leonard is talking to Penny in the laundry room; as he walks forward to ask her about whether him dating Stephanie is wrong, the box of washing powder on the machine behind him alternately has its lid closed or open.

The Fuzzy Boots Corollary - S1-E3

When Sheldon, Howard and Raj play Jenga, there is one block sitting at the top of the tower. When Leonard walks in, there are now two blocks at the top, before we actually see Howard place the second one on the top.

The Grasshopper Experiment - S1-E8

When Raj's parents tell him to put his laptop down and gather his friends, they all huddle around the one-seat sofa. Sheldon is crouched to the left of the seat with his hands on the sidearm, yet in shots angled at the left he has disappeared from his place (as to not obstruct these particular angled shots.)

The Pancake Batter Anomaly - S1-E11

When Sheldon walks out his bedroom wrapped in a comforter, he drops it on the higher level before the drop down to the kitchen. In the next shot as he walks away from the fridge, half of the comforter is now spread over the lower level without anyone moving it.

The Peanut Reaction - S1-E16

When Penny asks Sheldon "What trauma?" in the electronics store, Sheldon holds two boxes - one with an orange side on top of one with a black side. In the next shot the black sided box is on top of the orange one. The boxes then continue to swap places during the whole scene.

The Luminous Fish Effect - S1-E4

When Leonard and Sheldon are walking downstairs, Sheldon stops and pins back up the caution tape that is in front of the elevator. Between shots, the other strip of caution tape untwists itself.

The Luminous Fish Effect - S1-E4

When Sheldon's mom is saying the prayer, the bread roll that Raj is holding swaps hands, and then it disappears in the shot where she tells them they don't have to join in with the end of the prayer.

Pilot - S1-E1

When Leonard and Sheldon are sitting in the sperm bank waiting area, the position of Sheldon's bag strap keeps changing.

Pilot - S1-E1

When Penny sits in Sheldon's seat, the cushion on the other side of the couch rotates itself; evident by the buttons sewn on it.

The Dumpling Paradox - S1-E7

When Leonard and Sheldon are talking with Penny during the scene where she is being allowed to sleep on their couch, the pullstring on her hooded jacket keeps alternating from hanging loose to being caught inside the top of the jacket.

Pilot - S1-E1

During the scene where Penny, Sheldon and Leonard eat takeaway and converse, the blue throw hanging over the couch behind Penny continually changes from neat and uncreased, to messy and creased up.

Pilot - S1-E1

After Penny gets in the shower and throws her towel to the floor, the towel changes position in the next shot, as well as her boots and clothes on the counter as well.

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