The year is drawing to a close, and the box office results are in. As ever though, no matter how many millions of dollars have been spent and earned, you can't buy your way into a blooper-free existence. Here are the biggest goofs from the biggest movies of the year...

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

In New York after Bruce tries to become Hulk, in one shot there's a minor mud stain on his shirt, then the angle changes and it's suddenly a massive brown splat.


Black Panther (2018)

When M'Baku challenges T'Challa, the decorations near his neck are in a different position between him facing the crowd, and him turning to face T'Challa.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

When Ken Wheatley is pointing his tranquilizer gun at Zia after he shot Owen, he puts the gun in his left hand and uses his right hand to wave his men down, but mid wave, the camera cuts to a different angle and he is waving with his left hand while holding the gun in his right hand.


Incredibles 2 (2018)

At the end of The Incredibles, when the Underminer shows up, the Parr family don their masks but are still in their civilian clothes, though Bob is about to take off his shirt. At the beginning of Incredibles 2, in the flashback, as soon as the Underminer appears, they appear in their super suits. Also, the Underminer leaves out "I hereby declare war on peace and happiness! Soon all will tremble before me!"

Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

During the getaway in the 4-door olive-green BMW, in one shot, the driver's headrest is bent forward; in the next shot, it is shown back in the straight-up position.

Deadpool 2 (2018)

In the final fight, Deadpool says to Cable "did you feel that too?" and there's no-one behind them at all. Cable moves forwards to kill a guy on the ground, and a fraction of a second later, as Deadpool says "only best buddies execute paedophiles together" an orderly has appeared in the background, who gets shot.


Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

When the shrunken car is surrounded by pigeons, it's an all-glass roof, or black. When the shrunken car drives through a pipe later, its roof is silver. It changes back and forth again, just before/after Hank shrinks it.


Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Towards the end, Chewbacca and Beckett have walked some distance from the landed yacht. They come up a small slope and are faced with Han, waiting for them. But an aerial shot shows that slope is very short and just runs down to a cliff. There's no way they could have got to the base of the slope to walk up it in the first place.

Ready Player One (2018)

Right in the beginning, Wade hops out a window from his home and starts walking beside it to the edge to climb to the next level down. As he starts walking he passes by another window with a curtain. It then cuts to a closer angle and suddenly the window no longer has a curtain. Also a wire appears on the wall in front of him. And you can tell it is the same house, not a time jump, as the rust at the top of the window frame is exactly the same.


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