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Other mistake: When Elastigirl is chasing the high-speed train, as she is in the middle of making her second final jump to reach the train, if one were to look closely, the train actually drives right past her before she lands. (00:31:40)


Continuity mistake: At the end of The Incredibles, when the Underminer shows up, the Parr family don their masks but are still in their civilian clothes, though Bob is about to take off his shirt. At the beginning of Incredibles 2, in the flashback, as soon as the Underminer appears, they appear in their super suits. Also, the Underminer leaves out "I hereby declare war on peace and happiness! Soon all will tremble before me!" (02:00:00)

Phillip Seals

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Continuity mistake: After the old lady thanks Dash for saving her from getting crushed by the flung blue vehicle, that vehicle suddenly has been moved slightly to the left from its original landing spot. Also, another wrecked light blue vehicle was visible as the aforementioned blue vehicle hit the ground, after the old lady thanks Dash, it has suddenly been replaced by a white wrecked vehicle instead. (00:05:45)


Other mistake: Violet's date with Tony was on a Friday evening. But the next morning, Mr Incredible sends his kids to school.

Factual error: When Elastigirl receives her new bike she discovers it's electric. Later, when she is rescuing the train, the bike hits a mountain and is destroyed in a fireball. What is making the fireball? It's electric so there is no gasoline/diesel to make a fireball, and a lithium explosion doesn't look like that. (00:33:30)


Continuity mistake: Bob has lost a lot of sleep and looks dead tired when he's apologizing to his daughter. He's got noticeable five o'clock shadow around his chin and mouth. He falls asleep, and then later he is woken up and Violet informs him he has slept for 17 hours. But now Bob seems clean shaven, or at least no longer has the stubble.

Quantom X

Bob Parr: Why would they change math?

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Trivia: Due to the long time between the first installment and Incredibles 2, two actors had to be replaced; Spencer Fox, who played Dash, was replaced by Huck Milner due to Fox's voice breaking and being unsuitable for the role, while Jonathan Banks replaced Bud Luckey as Rick Dicker, due to Luckey's passing.

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Answer: The writer and director, Brad Bird, wanted to wait until he came up with a story that he deemed worthy of telling. This wait would ultimately take fourteen years.

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