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Trivia: While a sequel was rumored for years, series creator Brad Bird has stated that he would only make an "Incredibles 2" if he could come up with an idea that he felt was just as good as the original. It took 14 years for the film to finally be released - the longest gap between a Disney/Pixar film and its sequel.


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Trivia: The painting in Helen's hotel room illustrates her separation from her family.


Trivia: Due to the long time between the first installment and Incredibles 2, two actors had to be replaced; Spencer Fox, who played Dash, was replaced by Huck Milner due to Fox's voice breaking and being unsuitable for the role, while Jonathan Banks replaced Bud Luckey as Rick Dicker, due to Luckey's passing.

Trivia: The film shows the first use of a gun by a lead character in any Pixar film, when Elastigirl shoots the door lock.

Trivia: The film "Dementia A-113" on the theater is a Pixarified reference to the Francis Ford Coppola film "Dementia 13".


Trivia: When signing the International Superhero Accord, all the Ambassadors, save Henrietta Selick, are name of various crew members that worked on the film. For example, Alan Broiler was the supervising animator. That said she's clearly a reference to Henry Selick, a graduate of California Institute of Arts like director Brad Bird, who went on to direct The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline.


Trivia: Mr Incredible's coffee mug is from Insuricare, where he worked in the first film. You can see it when he is learning Dash's maths homework.

Trivia: The number A-113 is seen on a license plate where Tony was hiding, and also on the train and on the yacht.


Trivia: The jar of bullets which bounced off Bob from his study in the first movie are visible in the boxes of saved junk from the old house.

Trivia: Jack-Jack's crib mobile is made of the abstract character shapes from Inside Out.

Trivia: The film opens with the entrance of the "Mole man" digging up of the city as reference to Fantastic Four #1 from a 1961 Marvel comic book.


Trivia: At the theater the billboard has the number A-113, that's the iconic Pixar number, referring to the classroom used by graphic design and character animation students at California Institute of the Arts.


Trivia: There is a "hidden Mickey" in the Screenslaver's apartment. A clock on the wall is made up of three circles with hypnotic spirals, arranged in the shape of Mickey's famous silhouette.

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Trivia: The red telephones used by Winston's dad to call the superheroes are very similar to those used by commissioner Gordon in the 60s Batman TV series.


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Other mistake: When Elastigirl is chasing the high-speed train, as she is in the middle of making her second final jump to reach the train, if one were to look closely, the train actually drives right past her before she lands. (00:31:40)


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Winston Deavor: Help me bring supers back into the sunlight. We need Elastigirl.

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Question: Evelyn in this movie immediately struck me as looking exactly like Roxanne from Megamind. Seriously, look at each character. Is there some sort of hidden connection between them? Or is this purely coincidence that Evelyn and Roxanne look like twin sisters? Or... possibly Roxanne being a descendant of Megamind considering Incredibles 2 is set in the past.

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Answer: I think the fact that Evelyn from Incredibles 2 and Roxanne from Megamind bear some similarities is purely coincidental. The idea that there may be a hidden connection between the two is unlikely and the idea of them being related is even more unlikely. It should be noted that Incredibles 2 is a Pixar production, and Megamind is a Dreamworks production, so the two aren't even made by the same company. Perhaps, her design was inspired by some features of Roxanne, but the idea of the two being connected or related is pretty doubtful.

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Answer: It seems to just be a coincidence, or more likely the limitations of the 3D animation style used. Of course, in real life there are unrelated people who look-alike. However, it's unlikely the characters are suppose to be related since "Megamind" was created by DreamWorks, which is a subsidiary of Universal, which is a division of NBCUniversal (formed by the merger of GE's NBC and Vivendi Universal). Since 2011, NBCUniversal has been controlled by Comcast until they owned it outright in 2013. "The Incredibles" films were created by Pixar, which is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, which is owned by The Walt Disney Company. Plus, I don't think there's been any significant individual who worked with both animation studios who would have influence on the character development and hundreds of people are involved in the animation processes.


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