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New this month Corrected entry: The baby can change into a demon and other things in the first movie, but that is forgotten in the second, along with the fact that he has powers, and he can now shoot lasers, and also turn into flame. (00:45:00)

New this month Correction: The demon ability is elaborately shown in the second movie. In the first movie he turned into flames as well, next to showing powers he doesn't show in the second movie. Jack Jack just has a lot of powers, triggered by different circumstances, which are experimented with in the second movie. It's not forgotten.


Corrected entry: Bob got a call that Helen was in danger so he called Lucius to watch the kids at the house. Void and the other screen-enslaved supers arrived and Lucius closed the door and then fought them before they got goggles on him. There was no way Lucius knew they were a danger to the kids. Bob didn't know either, and didn't know Evelyn or the goggles were bad.

Correction: Frozone heard Void say that they were sent to guard the house, but he was sent as well, so he immediately knew she was lying and thus understood they were a threat.


Corrected entry: The whole plot of the movie is premised on the fact that it has been 14 years since the last release with the movie "catching us up" on what has happened the last 14 years. The big problem is that none of the Incredibles have aged. "Dash" and Violet Parr (the kids) should be 20-something adults possibly with their own kids and Bob and Helen Parr (The parents) would be middle-aged grandparents.


Correction: "Incredibles 2" is not set 14 years later. It takes place 3 months after the first film. In fact, it's still 1962, the same year "The Incredibles" is set.


Yeah, pretty funny entry as I think odelphi is referring to the start of the first movie, with the interviews. Whilst this movie starts with showing exactly where the last movie ended.


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