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-70/10. Seriously, this is the best they could come up with in 14 years?. A retreading of the original mixed with the plot of that lame 80's movie Mr Mom starring Keaton and Garr?. The whole thing's an utter mess, watch the video made about it by Youtuber NitPix, it's well done. Here I would say it was made out of greed and desperation on Pixar's part as they seem to be running out of ideas. Watch it if you want, it'll probably make you annoyed that now feminist propaganda has infiltrated kids animated movies.


14 years later, the Incredibles sequel brings back the amazing super-heroic family in an action-packed adventure that picks up right where the first film ended. "Supers" are still banned, and it seems up to Elastigirl to help restore their right to fight crime openly and regain the public's trust with the help of a pair of media-savvy wealthy siblings. Things quickly get complicated when a hypnotic high-tech villain called Screenslaver uses mind control to endanger the public and enslave super-beings to destructive ends, including the heroes. Can the good guys save the day before trust in heroes is lost forever?! What role will Jack-Jack's newly manifesting multiple powers play? Who's behind this dastardly plan to end superheroes and why? Watch the movie and see familiar faces and some new characters battle their way through to the answers using an array of abilities and working together! Once more, there's action but there's also a lot of heart in this fast-paced movie and Brad Bird's holding off on developing the movie seems to be a good call as the story is well written, the action intense, the CGI artwork stunning, and the whole thing lovingly crafted to be a memorable homage to the superhero genre. Welcome back, Incredibles! You were missed, but your return is spectacular.

Erik M.

I saw this in theaters.

It's been a long wait. 14 years since the first film and at long last we get the continuation of the story. This movie picks up right where the first one left off. Supers are back in the light and the public opinion is mixed as always with the law not taking too kindly to the Incredibles' efforts.
Honestly with how the movie goes, I can see that their really wasn't much else they could do with the story or where to take it and it still feel like Incredibles and carry the same spirit as the first film. It could easily have just become just another super hero movie with the family stopping some big threat or some other. They went deeper with this story and kept the similar tone of the first, and it works wonderfully. It may be more of nostalgia talking, but the first film still seems to hold up better. Then again I've only seen the sequel once in theaters so far. I was not disappointed and think the movie was wonderful.
Just hopefully we won't have to wait another 14 years for part 3... if we ever get a part 3.

Also. Whats up with the girl Evelyn looking almost identical to Roxanne in Megamind?

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Quantom X Premium member

The Incredibles is one of my favourite animated movies of all time, so I was extremely anticipating this movie, and Incredibles 2 delivers enough. It's nowhere near the quality of the first movie; the animation is great and I was entertained for most of it, but the themes, clever writing and freshness weren't felt as much here. The characters are given many humourous moments, but they lack a resonant character arc that made watching them in the first movie so endearing to watch. The action scenes are fun, but what made the action is the first movie so good is that each action scene felt like it built on the previous one, whereas here every action scene is presented with the exact same amount of intensity and lacks the stakes the first film established much better. It's an easily enjoyable movie, but not one that I'm going to hold to my heart anywhere near as much as the original.

Casual Person

Incredibles 2 mistake picture

Other mistake: When Elastigirl is chasing the high-speed train, as she is in the middle of making her second final jump to reach the train, if one were to look closely, the train actually drives right past her before she lands. (00:31:40)


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Bob Parr: Why would they change math?

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Trivia: Due to the long time between the first installment and Incredibles 2, two actors had to be replaced; Spencer Fox, who played Dash, was replaced by Huck Milner due to Fox's voice breaking and being unsuitable for the role, while Jonathan Banks replaced Bud Luckey as Rick Dicker, due to Luckey's passing.

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Question: Evelyn in this movie immediately struck me as looking exactly like Roxanne from Megamind. Seriously, look at each character. Is there some sort of hidden connection between them? Or is this purely coincidence that Evelyn and Roxanne look like twin sisters? Or... possibly Roxanne being a descendant of Megamind considering Incredibles 2 is set in the past.

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: I think the fact that Evelyn from Incredibles 2 and Roxanne from Megamind bear some similarities is purely coincidental. The idea that there may be a hidden connection between the two is unlikely and the idea of them being related is even more unlikely. It should be noted that Incredibles 2 is a Pixar production, and Megamind is a Dreamworks production, so the two aren't even made by the same company. Perhaps, her design was inspired by some features of Roxanne, but the idea of the two being connected or related is pretty doubtful.

Casual Person

Answer: It seems to just be a coincidence, or more likely the limitations of the 3D animation style used. Of course, in real life there are unrelated people who look-alike. However, it's unlikely the characters are suppose to be related since "Megamind" was created by DreamWorks, which is a subsidiary of Universal, which is a division of NBCUniversal (formed by the merger of GE's NBC and Vivendi Universal). Since 2011, NBCUniversal has been controlled by Comcast until they owned it outright in 2013. "The Incredibles" films were created by Pixar, which is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, which is owned by The Walt Disney Company. Plus, I don't think there's been any significant individual who worked with both animation studios who would have influence on the character development and hundreds of people are involved in the animation processes.


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