Bride of Chucky

chucky and tiffany reveal themselves to jesse and jade, and ditch the van for a mobile home. In the mobile home, jesse and jade end up getting tiffany and chucky into a fight, until jade kicks tiffany into the mobile home's oven, and jesse throwing chcuky out the window. The home is wrecked after it crashes, and explodes as jesse dives out the door. Chucky basically takes jade hostage by riding on her shoulders with a gun as she runs for the cemetary. jesse grabs tiffany and runs after them, eventually arriving at the cemetary, and jesse gets jade back and chucky gets tiff back. Finally, chucky kisses tiffany, but she stabs him in the that breaks a big dual out with shovels. In the end, chucky kills tiffany, but jesses hits chucky into the tomb. a detective comes and jade takes his gun and riddles chucky with gun fire. tiffany gives birth to a baby doll, she dies, and then it attacks the detective. the end.The Cops finnaly believe Jesse and Jade. Tiffany and Chucky Kill each other. Tiffany Gives birth and then dies.

James McManus

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