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Corrected entry: Chucky tells Tiffany that he was wearing the amulet the night he was shot and killed. In Child's Play, when Charles Lee Ray is looking for somebody to transfer his soul into, when he is walking along the bars it shows a good shot of his whole shirt and he is not wearing an amulet.

Correction: He was wearing the amulet under his shirt.

Corrected entry: When Tiff is killed and her soul transplanted into the doll, she changes out of the doll's wedding dress into a black skirt, leather jacket and boots which are more to her style. Where did she get those clothes in doll size? Did the doll just happen to come with them?

Correction: She has a ton of doll stuff, some of which she uses to repair Chucky, Makes sense she would have something like that lying around, ir she could have custom made it.

Corrected entry: When Jesse goes to pick up Jade to run away together, as they go back to the van he automatically opens the back door and then says he was sure the door was locked. If that was the case he would have tried to unlock it before trying to open it.

Correction: Not necessarily. I've had times where I was sure I locked my car, but still tried the handle first out of force of habit.


Corrected entry: Chucky kills Damien Baylock by ripping his lip ring out - it's not possible to lose that much blood from a relatively minor wound. (00:17:15)


Correction: Chucky killed Damien by smothering him with a pillow.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, when the cop is going down the stairs, there is a flag hanging incorrectly on the wall behind the stairs. The stars of the flag should always be on the left, but the flag was vertical. I think that the cops more than anyone would have the flag right.

Correction: This could be considered a decor disaster, but does not qualify as a movie mistake. It's very possible in reality. For instance, not everyone knows how to hang a flag properly.


Corrected entry: When Chucky is spelling woman as "B-I-T-C-H" on the spelling computer the computer voice is clearly out of sync with the letters he presses (saying "T" as he hits "I" etc.) (00:26:00)

Correction: No, it's all correct. The first three letters we see him press, and the sound is accurate. The last two are pressed while we are shown the screen, and they are also accurate. No audio problem in this scene.


Corrected entry: When Tiffany chants the chant to bring Chucky back to life, it's much shorter than the first 3 movies. Almost cut in half.

Correction: The chant read aloud by Tiffany is different compared to the first three films just because it is the awakening chant and not the trading bodies chant used in the first three films.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, after Tiff kills the police officer that supplied her with the Chucky doll, she takes his lighter and throws it into her bag, but when they show her walking away she has no bag.

Correction: Tiff actually slips the lighter into her right skirt pocket.

Corrected entry: While Tiffany is going through her whole "transformation" sequence as a doll, she applies her lipstick and it shows her beauty mark already there. Then it cuts away showing her reapply the beauty mark, when it was already there. (00:34:30 - 00:35:05)

Correction: Tiffany has just outlined the beauty mark, when we see her apply lipstick. She fills in the beauty spot in a later shot.

Corrected entry: Jesse, Jade and their gay friend are sitting are in the van driving to NJ in the middle of the movie. The gay friend notices a smell so he opens up the chest to find the body of Police Chief Warren. He gets scared and takes the chief's gun, aims it at Jesse and makes him stop the van. He opens the door and is about to get out when Chucky and Tiffany awake. Both dolls are aiming guns at him, Chucky a Glock .17 and Tiffanny a .22. Now The gay friend took Chief Warrens gun, a Glock .17, and Tiffany took the .22 off the thieves in the motel. That leaves Chucky holding a Glock .17 also. Where did he get the gun from?

Correction: In the audio commentary, they explain both Tiffany AND Chucky get their guns from the "swinging, thieving couple", so it makes sense they both have a gun. I believe you can see the second gun in some of the shots, it is just hard to see, because it is very dark in the room.

Corrected entry: In the first movie Gandalah (or whatever) is just a simple voodoo practicing man. Not nearly powerful enough to have a section of a "Voodoo For Dummies" book dedicated to him. And the amulet thing doesn't make much sense either, but I won't go into that.

Correction: "Damballa" (That is the correct spelling) is the god that Chucky worships, not the voodoo preist from the first movie. (I just watched them all the other day) It makes sense that a book on voodoo would have a chapter about different voodoo gods and such.

Corrected entry: If you have watched the whole series of Child's Play movies you will remember that Chucky has the amulet in the third movie. So how is it possible that Charles Lee Ray's body was buried with it in the first movie?

Correction: I just watched all five movies yesterday, and Chucky most definitely does NOT have the amulet in the third movie, it is first introduced in this (the fourth) movie. So what he says is true.

Correction: Chucky's palm is stitch due to the fact his right hand and the rest of the body was chopped up by the fan at the carnival. it's hard to believe Chucky's fragments are at large pieces when they should be alot smaller.

Corrected entry: Chucky knows the voodoo book well enough to direct Tiffany to the right page, but how? He wouldn't have had time to look at it - she locked him up minutes after bringing him back, and as soon as he broke out he killed her. The book says "New!" on the cover, so it's not likely it was around 10 years ago when he was last alive.

Correction: He might have read the book during "Child's play 3" because if you use your maths, you could more or less figure out that "Childs play 3" was set the same year as Bride of Chucky. Andy is 6 years old in CP1 and it's set in 1988. In CP3 he is 16 which means CP3 would've been set 1998. In BOC Tiffany tells Chucky that she had been looking for him for ten years because he died 10 years ago. What she was talking about was when he died as a man in CP 1, not as a doll. Tiffany never knew Chucky as a doll, so BOC would also be set in 1998.

Corrected entry: When Needlenose finds the drugs planted in Jesse's van, Jesse slaps them out of his hand. Needlenose pushes him against the van and holds the bag in front of his face, but he never picked it up off the ground.

Correction: He snatches it out of his hand and does not hit it away.

Continuity mistake: When Chucky kills the coroner there is a generous amount of blood splashing on the gravestone. But in the next shot we can see that he is standing next to the gravestone. Chucky shot the coroner in the back of the head since he was looking in the other direction and is falling on his face, so there should be no blood on the gravestone.

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Trivia: The "Voodoo for Dummies" book Tiff reads was a prop made for the movie. The apparent author is Don Mancini, the script writer. There is however a "Complete Idiot's Guide to Voodoo".

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Answer: Considering the voodoo involved, and the fact she got pregnant as a doll, this is not a normal pregnancy.


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