Adventures in Babysitting

Chris is about to go on the best date of her life with her totally cocky boyfiend Mike. Mike shows up at her door and cancels their date claiming his little sister got sick and he needs to take care of her. Chris decides to accept a job babysitting for Brad(who has a huge crush on Chris) and Sarah, the kids who live down the street. All is going well that night until Chris' friend Brenda calls from a train station in Chicago, pleading with Chris to come and pick her up there. Chris agrees to take Brad and Sarah with her to go pick up Brenda. Brad's undersexed friend Darryl convinces Chris to let him tag along also. Chris blows a tire on her Mom's station wagon on a major expressway. The four wait to be towed back to a garage, when the garage owner catches his wife cheating on him. The garage owner fires a gun and the kids jump into an empty car. The car is then stolen with them in it and brought back to a "chop shop" where the kids are held captive. The kids escape from the shop, but Darryl has taken an issue of Playboy with some important numbers and contact information written on it. This causes the owners of the shop to chase the kids all throughout the city on a wild goose chase adventure.

Continuity mistake: When Chris, Brad and Sarah are watching TV in the living room you can hear a scene from the movie Halloween but there is something totally different on the TV. Also, as Chris starts to leave later on, there are several shots of the TV and Halloween is now on screen but the scene being shown is the same one that was heard earlier.

Tina Gilliam

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Dr. Nuhkbane: There you are, one stitch, all better.
Brad: One stitch?
Dr. Nuhkbane: Oh, yes, one stitch.
Brad: My only shot at ever being in a gang fight and all I get is one stitch? Chris is gonna think I'm a total failure.

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Trivia: Sara wears a backpack with a Gizmo on it. This refers to the film Gremlins, which director Chris Columbus wrote.

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Question: When the kids were coming out of the hospital, Pruitt was there and said that Dawson was going to charge them $50 for the tire, which he knew they didn't have. Earlier in the movie when he saw them on the expressway, he said he would treat them to a tire as a nice gesture. He paid for the window because that was his fault, but why did he suddenly decide not to buy their tire for them when he knew they were flat broke?

Answer: He's on the lam after shooting at his wife's lover. He probably needs whatever cash he has on hand.

Brian Katcher

Answer: He didn't decide not to buy them the tire. He said Dawson wouldn't let him buy it for them.


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