Adventures in Babysitting

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, the boys wonder if Chris will acknowledge them in High School since she is a Senior(4th yr) and they are Freshman(1st yr). Earlier in the movie, the kids ages were established as 15 for the boys and 17 for Chris. So they should be 2yrs apart in school, not 3yrs.


Correction: Depends on when their birthdays are. My son was a year older, numerically, than everyone else in his class because his birthday is at the end of the summer, just before the school year starts. 15 year olds could be three grades behind a 17 year old for this (or the opposite) reason, among others.


Corrected entry: When the babysitter gets a flat tire you see her steering the car to the right side of the road to pull over. Yet, when they show the car being pulled over it's on the left side of the road. (00:19:10)

Correction: She pulls to the right of a "Y intersection" on the highway, and then pulls to the left shoulder of the right side exit she took. You can spot this for a second as the car first pulls over.


Corrected entry: After Chris gets the kitchen cleaned up before the parents arrive, she slings the washcloth across to the sink. When the towel hits the sink, the window breaks (just above the faucet) you can also hear the sound of glass breaking when the washcloth hits the sink.

Correction: How is this a movie mistake? Even if it were unintentional (which is pure speculation), it still happened, looked okay as it was shot, is never shown again to affect the film's continuity, and the audio matches perfectly. This is not a "movie mistake" at all.


Corrected entry: Right after finishing their song in the blues club, after getting off stage to make their exit, Chris Parker high-fives the people as she makes her way out, although she has mitten gloves on everyone she high-fives still makes a clap noise every time.

Correction: All the kids, including Chris, are high-fiving people on the way out, and they are all leaving together. What you are hearing is the clapping sound of one of the kids high-fiving someone, not Chris.


Corrected entry: In the part of the movie when the "babysitter" is in the passenger seat of the vehicle, her seat belt is on. When they flash away and then back to her the seat belt is off. They cut away and come back for a third time, she then has the seat belt on again.

Correction: She takes it off to turn around and tell Brad "No Chocolate" and Sara "Time for your cough syrup" and then buckles it back as she asks Joe Gibb to drop them off as soon as he can.


Corrected entry: In the hospital scene, Chrissy is mistakenly told by the overworked doctor that Brad is dead. As she begins to faint and fall backwards, you can see, for a split-second a crew-member's arm go around her shoulder to stop her from falling. (00:58:10)

Correction: It's Daryl's arm, not a crewmember's. You can tell by sleeve colour and their positions when it cuts to a wider shot.

Other mistake: The way 'Sara'/'Sarah' is spelled differs from the movie credits and the tag on the bottom of her roller skate shown near the end of the movie. (01:35:35 - 01:37:30)

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Daryl: Don't touch it! It could get infected, Jesus! He could get anything - Tetanus, rabies, scabies, emphysema.

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Trivia: When Christina and the kids are brought to the warehouse where the criminals are bringing stolen cars, one of the gangsters says, "Take the Brady Bunch upstairs." In the next scene we see Brenda waiting at the bus stop, and we can hear the Brady Bunch song being played on TV.

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Question: When the kids were coming out of the hospital, Pruitt was there and said that Dawson was going to charge them $50 for the tire, which he knew they didn't have. Earlier in the movie when he saw them on the expressway, he said he would treat them to a tire as a nice gesture. He paid for the window because that was his fault, but why did he suddenly decide not to buy their tire for them when he knew they were flat broke?

Answer: He's on the lam after shooting at his wife's lover. He probably needs whatever cash he has on hand.

Brian Katcher

Answer: He didn't decide not to buy them the tire. He said Dawson wouldn't let him buy it for them.


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