Adventures in Babysitting

Other mistake: The way 'Sara'/'Sarah' is spelled differs from the movie credits and the tag on the bottom of her roller skate shown near the end of the movie. (01:35:35 - 01:37:30)

Audio problem: As Pruitt is beating up the adulterer in the street, despite the sound effects, it's obvious that his punches are missing. (00:27:35)


Continuity mistake: When Chris, Brad and Sarah are watching TV in the living room you can hear a scene from the movie Halloween but there is something totally different on the TV. Also, as Chris starts to leave later on, there are several shots of the TV and Halloween is now on screen but the scene being shown is the same one that was heard earlier.

Tina Gilliam

Continuity mistake: As the four kids flee the car thieves, Chris and Brad change positions between the chase shot and the front shot where they hit the chain link fence. (00:41:00)


Continuity mistake: When Daryl kicks Mike in the restaurant, the table he falls onto is strongly shadowed during the kick, but well lit when Mike actually falls on it. (01:19:15)


Visible crew/equipment: In the factory where the kids are escaping from the office by climbing up through the ceiling and onto the rafters, if you look down into the office you can see a sound technician complete with boom mike crouched down trying to make an unobtrusive exit from behind the desk. Original video only.

Stuart Green

Visible crew/equipment: When Brad is in the hospital because he got his foot stabbed, Chris and the other kids come to see him. When they are standing in the hallway, you can see a microphone hanging down a good foot from the top of the screen.

Audio problem: When the gang member throws the knife into Brad's foot, not only is the sound of the impact half a second late, but it's a completely wrong sound - more like a book hitting the ground than a knife edge slicing anything. (00:54:45)


Continuity mistake: While Chris is flirting with the college guy and she admits she's still in high school, his arm flits from his side in the wide shot to against the wall in the closeup. (01:04:25)


Continuity mistake: While Graydon is pulling Sara up from the side of the building, shots from outside show the rope rising evenly, but inside Graydon is pulling it up hand-over-fist in spurts. (01:23:55)


Continuity mistake: After Chris and the kids storm the jazz stage, in one shot the guitarist has his back to Chris and in the next he is facing her and looking curious. (00:41:55)


Continuity mistake: As they are first driving into the city and Daryl asks whether Chris knows Mike Toddwell, Daryl is sitting up straight with his arm raised. Two quick cuts later, he is slumped down with his arms crossed. A few shots later, he's sitting up again. (00:16:30)


Continuity mistake: As the tow truck rolls up to hook up the car, watch the way the four are standing. Daryl is behind Brad by a good foot or so and Chris is just in front of Brad. In the closeup for Chris' line, she and Brad are shoulder to shoulder and Daryl immediately behind them. Cut back to the long shot and they're as before again. (00:22:40)


Continuity mistake: When Sarah is on the top floor of her parents' building (which is under construction), the camera view from behind her shows her holding a mallet by her side, when the camera switches to the front she is holding the mallet in front of her with her elbow bent. (01:21:55)

Other mistake: This takes place during the scene when Chris, Sarah, and Brad are in the living room. Darryl shows up in one window and Brad quickly shuts the curtains on him. Within a few seconds Darryl shows up at the window at the other side of the room. The direction in which he appeared in the window signifies that he ran all the way around the house. I don't see how that could be done in a few seconds. (00:11:30)

Brad: Where we gonna get 50 bucks?
Sarah: We could sell Daryl. You think?

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Trivia: Sara wears a backpack with a Gizmo on it. This refers to the film Gremlins, which director Chris Columbus wrote.

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