Adventures in Babysitting

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie when they are in the kitchen, over on the TV you can see an episode of the Price Is Right, but it was Friday evening. The Price Is Right is on in the morning, so it could not have been playing live on the TV at that time of day.

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Suggested correction: The Price is Right did night shows in the mid 80's, specifically from 1985-86.


Either you're referring to "Nighttime" The Price is Right, which ran for one season from '85-'86 or "Primetime" The Price is Right from '86. Neither of these two are what is on the TV in the scene. "Nighttime" was hosted by Tom Kennedy and "Primetime", Bob Barker wore a tux. In the scene, we see Bob Barker in regular clothes.


Audio problem: As Pruitt is beating up the adulterer in the street, despite the sound effects, it's obvious that his punches are missing. (00:27:35)


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Brad: Where we gonna get 50 bucks?
Sarah: We could sell Daryl. You think?

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Trivia: Sara wears a backpack with a Gizmo on it. This refers to the film Gremlins, which director Chris Columbus wrote.

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